How To Pick Out Paint Colors For Your House

How To Pick Out Paint Colors For Your House – Choosing the right paint color is not an easy task. Every home is different. Your decor is different from the picture you pinned on Pinterest, your window faces a different side than the room you saw in the magazine, and your boyfriend’s perfect gray makes your living room look like a depressed seagull. I see… I’ve been there. However, there are some things you can do to make the process easier.

I’ve found Pinterest to be a very useful tool when it comes to setting decor colors. I have a Pinterest board for each room (ie: bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen) and a board just for color. I pin pictures of rooms that inspire me, as well as rooms with colors that I like. When I’m finally ready to decorate the room, I go back to my board and see what jumps out at me. More than once I found myself pinning many of the same color types. Once you’ve found some color names you like, you can also search for that particular color on Pinterest to see other rooms where it’s been used. The color in your room won’t look exactly like it does online (we’ll talk about what you can do about that in tip #5), but it can still help you narrow down your search. Also, when I’m at the paint store, I always have my phone with me so I can look at photos on Pinterest that I’ve linked to.

How To Pick Out Paint Colors For Your House

How To Pick Out Paint Colors For Your House

Neutral colors are the most versatile and can be matched with almost any color scheme you choose for your furniture and decor. White opens up the space, beige feels warm and cozy, and gray gives a cool atmosphere to the room. You can also use soft shades of blue and green as soothing neutrals. I actually do this in my master and guest bathroom.

Tips On Choosing Exterior Paint Colors For Homes

Neutral colors are great because they allow you to leave the room as a kind of blank canvas. Then you can easily change your mind by adding/subtracting bold colors in your decor.

If you don’t mind repainting, don’t be afraid to be bold. I actually said green light. Remember that bright and bold colors can often feel very energetic and exciting when used as a dominant paint color. In our home, I decided to use a variety of neutral colors so that I could easily change the decor when my tastes changed. It turned out to be a good decision because my tastes change faster than a toddler eats Cheerios.

I chose a few similar colors that complemented each other and then used them many times throughout the house. It gives the whole house a really cohesive feel and just keeps everything flowing and making sense. Some of our rooms are beige, some are gray, some are blue and some are green. Even though I use different colors in almost every room, the whole house feels calm and cohesive.

I use this tip every time I choose a paint color for a room. I suggest taking paint chips home and putting them on the sofa, curtains and floor. Then find the ones with similar colors. Using similar paint colors on the walls helps tie everything together. This makes the space feel open and peaceful. You can create contrast with other decor such as curtains, bedding, rugs, accent furniture, pillows and accessories.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Interior Paint Color

That is the most important tip for me. If you’ve read my painting tips posts, you know I really like to buy paint samples before committing to buying the whole cow. It saved me a lot of money and really helped narrow down the options. These little swatches are only about $3 each and I usually pick a few colors to try on the wall. I just drew a big pattern right on the wall and stared at it for days. This is to make sure I can see it in all different lights throughout the day. A reader also recently gave me a great tip. If you don’t want to paint directly on the wall, you can paint on a piece of poster board and stick it on the wall.

So those are my 5 tips. I hope they help you narrow down your additional paint color options. I love it when you share your tips with me, so if you have a tip that really works for you, please leave it in the comments section. I learned a lot from you! Choosing the right color for your home can be a difficult task. With so many paint colors to choose from, how can you choose? One of the many benefits of working with a professional house painter is the free paint color selection service included in your painting project contract. So, if you’re wondering how to choose the right color for your interior or exterior walls, the free service below will help you narrow down your options.

Choosing the right color can completely change the look and feel of your home. If you need help choosing the perfect color scheme, our team at Sharper Impressions Painting offers in-home color consultations, large color swatches, color testers and Photoshop photos of your home – all free with a signed contract. You can also request a free quote for house painting. We will help you transform your home into a place where you will love life!

How To Pick Out Paint Colors For Your House

“This is my third time using Sharper Impressions Painting Company. They did our exterior finishing, painting and staining the garage door. They have done a great job every time. Their exterior wood repairs and replacements are done with care and done over existing wood. The painting is clean, with no brush strokes, no spots or stains. I highly recommend them for your next project. sit back and pull the blanket over your head, you are not alone. Choosing a color for your home can be stressful! How can anyone make the right choice?!? Luckily, we’ve learned a lot of great interior painting tips over the years that we’re happy to share!

My New Book: How To Choose Perfect Paint Colors For Your Home — Designed

The most commonly used finishes are flat, oval, satin and semi-gloss. A semi-gloss finish is usually used. In the bathroom, I would do an eggshell finish because of the higher humidity. Flat paint minimizes drywall imperfections and is easy to repair – most commonly used on walls and ceilings.

When choosing a paint color, remember that the same color can look different in different lighting. Lots of natural light is great for darker colors and whites, but we recommend avoiding white in spaces with little or no natural light as it can feel like a dungeon. (In my experience, this is true. I definitely paint the office white – and it has no windows.)

Benjamin Moore paint colors are better in my humble opinion, but I’ve also picked up some Sherwin Williams interior colors since we started our upside down house adventure.

** One of the most important interior painting tips: you should never use latex paint over oil paint.

Living Room Paint Colors

Each brand of paint has its own level of quality. Of course, higher quality paint is generally more expensive, as is its lifespan. We usually use the “middle of the road” option for our remodeling projects.

Here are some popular interior colors that we have used in various projects. Maybe it will inspire you to use it in your own projects! See the first three for examples of using different neutral colors to create a consistent palette throughout your home. Nothing is the same, but neither is it a contradiction.

Only 50% pigment was used in the bedroom (we used 25% in the hallway) but 100% Perfect Taupe in the living room.

How To Pick Out Paint Colors For Your House

As a final shade, we used Linen Bleached, the perfect complement to Perfect Taupe: a soft off-white that isn’t too yellow. As seen above in the living room and below in the dining room.

How To Choose Paint Colors: 7 No Fail Tips + 1 Thing Not To Do

I painted the base cabinets in the kitchen this true gray. (See more kitchen reno ideas here)!

We used this modern gray color in this flap bathroom. It looks best with crisp white trim and lots of windows.

A complementary color to French gray, used in the same style in the interior of the house. Make sure you buy this polish directly from Sherwin Williams or it will take on a purple color.

It’s a beautifully muted color for a front door or porch ceiling. I have used it several times, including the fruit pebble flip.

How To Choose Paint Colors For Your Home & 8 Common Mistakes

If you use any of our recommended colors or interior painting tips, be sure to take a picture and

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