What Are The Effects Of Land Pollution

What Are The Effects Of Land Pollution – The release of pollutants into the environment due to increased concentrations of pollutants or the expansion of agricultural and industrial activities poses a threat to human health and is a global environmental health concern.

Soil pollution is considered to be one of the most common types of pollution caused by human efforts to satisfy their needs, which are observed in both production and consumption culture.

What Are The Effects Of Land Pollution

What Are The Effects Of Land Pollution

Soil pollution is said to be caused by improper disposal of compost, garbage and other toxic materials.

Land Pollution Definition, Causes, Effects And Prevention

These are caused by human activities, such as oil spills, industrial waste, waste, garbage, mining, agricultural activities, cities, nuclear waste, etc.

The impact of soil pollution on human health cannot be ignored, as soil pollution kills rats, mosquitoes, flies, etc. can create breeding grounds for

Therefore, land pollution is defined as the degradation or destruction of subsurface, surface, and subsurface resources.

If these pollutants are contaminated in the soil, they deteriorate and come into contact with humans, which can cause many curable and incurable diseases.

Solutions To Land Pollution: How To Improve Soil Quality?

Pollution harms the human body in many ways if not removed. Toxic wastes, defined as toxic wastes and other pollutants, can be directly or indirectly ingested by humans, causing short-term and long-term effects on human health.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, 3.2 billion people worldwide are affected by soil pollution, which is 40 percent of the world’s population. , infants and children are more sensitive than healthy adults.

Soil contamination can enter the body directly through inhalation of dust or unpleasant odors, through skin contact, or directly through consumption of agricultural products such as vegetables grown in contaminated soil or direct exposure to harmful vapors from burning chemicals. he polluted the world.

What Are The Effects Of Land Pollution

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide; In 2018, one in five people was diagnosed with cancer and one in six people died in 2018. .

How To Prevent Land Pollution

Regular exposure to benzene causes irregular leukemia, menstrual cycle anemia in women, and too much benzene is harmful as it can be fatal.

Benzene is a liquid chemical found in petroleum, gasoline, and cigarette smoke. People living in oil spill areas are at risk of cancer because oil spill fumes are carcinogenic.

Humans also experience kidney damage when exposed to lead in soil.

The situation is worse for the poor who are forced to live in the harsh areas near landfills, factories and landfills every day.

Land Pollution Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

The ability of various wastes (physical, chemical or biological) to cause defects in the “fetus” after exposure during pregnancy.

Soil pollutants identified as teratogens, such as arsenic, ionizing radiation from radon and its decay products, organic mercury compounds, PCBs, other pesticides, and industrial solvents are known to cause harm to human health.

Abnormalities in fetal development can result in developmental disabilities, functional impairment, neurological disorders, or fetal death (prenatal death).

What Are The Effects Of Land Pollution

Children are exposed to harmful effects of soil pollution in places like playgrounds and parks, and lead-contaminated soil affects brain and neuromuscular development.

What Is Land Pollution: Causes, Effects, And Prevention

Malaria is not only caused by mosquito bites, but dirty water or raw water can mix with soil in high rainfall areas, which is defined as land contamination.

The protozoa that cause malaria and other diseases in us thrive in such conditions; As a result, the abundance of protozoa and mosquitoes found in contaminated areas such as garbage dumps leads to periodic outbreaks of malaria.

Land pollution is closely related to water pollution, because when land is polluted with careless waste and unwanted waste, the soil can leach into surface water and underground, causing contamination of drinking water and when such water is discharged. diseases such as cholera and dysentery.

If a person comes into contact with contaminated water, they are at risk of contracting cholera or dysentery or both.

Land Pollution: Causes, Effects, And Solutions For The Future

Human skin, especially the upper part of the epidermis, plays an important role in protecting the interior of the body as a barrier.

For example, skin rashes, melanoma dermatitis, and other skin-related diseases can occur if a person walks barefoot in oil-contaminated soil.

These compounds disrupt the hormonal (endocrine) system. The endocrine system secretes various hormones involved in regulating metabolism, growth, and reproduction in the body and nerves.

What Are The Effects Of Land Pollution

Humans can be exposed to endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) by eating contaminated food or through direct contact with contaminated surfaces.

The Effects Of Landfills On The Environment

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals disrupt human reproduction, and advances in molecular technology are providing information on causative mechanisms, including gene mutations, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, cognitive and brain development problems, DNA methylation, chromatin permeability, and mitochondrial damage.

Studies have shown that many people are depressed due to the loss of land used as wasteland or oil spills affecting the soil because they cannot grow crops on agricultural land. their primary means of subsistence or yields little.

Land-dispersed pollutants, such as municipal solid waste, create strong odors in the environment that are harmful to human health.

People exposed to such odors are at risk of nose and lung irritation, respiratory tract infections, shortness of breath and irritation.

The True Impact Of Landfills

People who suffer from respiratory diseases such as asthma can have worse health conditions or even die if these people are exposed to the smell of garbage or the environment where oil and other toxic chemicals are disposed of. .

This affects the ability of any pollution to damage the genetic information in the cell, causing changes in chromosomes or DNA and gene mutations.

Exposure to contaminated soil poses a risk of genetic damage. Genetic damage can occur in somatic cells that are responsible for the formation of tissues and organs, or in embryonic cells that are responsible for the formation of gametes (ie egg and sperm cells) that are stored. genetic information is transferred to the fetus.

What Are The Effects Of Land Pollution

Among the three main types of pollution (air, water and soil), land pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems facing any country in recent times.

Land Pollution & Degradation Causes, Effects & Prevention

These range from large amounts of waste to harmful or toxic chemicals, rapid urbanization, agricultural activities such as grazing, and the indiscriminate use of fertilizers and pesticides, all of which affect the soil. It directly or indirectly affects the human body by various direct or indirect effects.

The world is a treasure given to mankind by God. It is therefore suggested that management against excessive pollution or land damage is required.

We can recycle or reuse products like cloths, plastic bags and glasses instead of throwing them away.

This is to reduce the amount of solid waste deposited in the soil, as well as the amount of waste collected in agricultural fields; It is important to use organic methods to improve the soil.

Effects Of Land Pollution On Human Health

The government should adopt and implement laws dealing with excess water waste by people or enterprises, which will help to solve the problem of soil pollution to protect the environment and improve the standard of living of the society.

Ahamefula Ascension is an architect, data analyst and writer. He is the founder of the Flames of Hope Foundation and majors in environmental management at one of the country’s most prestigious colleges. She especially enjoys reading, researching and writing. Land pollution can be defined as the contamination or destruction of land through direct or indirect human activities.

It is a serious threat to animals, plants, marine life, as well as our people and the entire environment.

What Are The Effects Of Land Pollution

The rate of consumption has increased significantly, which leads to a large increase in the amount of products to be disposed of, which leads to global pollution.

Causes And Effect Of Land Pollution

As our growing population tries to increase their food intake and demand more meat and vegetables, farmers must increase their productivity to meet this demand.

But the farmers with this work

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