What Country Has The Most Gold Reserves In The World

What Country Has The Most Gold Reserves In The World – Can you imagine that the richest country in the world – the United States – has the highest concentration of the most popular metals in the world?

Maybe other European countries will show up? Many European countries are close to the United States on a per capita basis.

What Country Has The Most Gold Reserves In The World

What Country Has The Most Gold Reserves In The World

Could it be China, the country that will soon become the world’s largest economy? Take your guess – because the answers are below.

Ranked: The Countries With The 10 Largest Gold Reserves

Perhaps surprisingly, the top gold holding country with a central bank is the United States, at 8,133 tons. The second place after America is the Central Bank of Germany, which has 3,370 tons of production. Third, interestingly, it is not a country. This is the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which has 2,814 tons of gold. The fourth place is Italy with 2452 tons, France with 2436 tons, Russia with 1944 tons, China with 1843 tons, Switzerland with 1040 tons, Japan with 765 tons and the Netherlands with 612 tons. These institutions include the top 10.

Among the 20 central banks of gold, India has 562 tons, European Central Bank (ECB) has 505 tons, Taiwan has 424 tons, Portugal has 383 tons, Saudi Arabia has 323 tons, and Kazakhstan has 322 tons. England 310 tons, Lebanon 287 tons, Spain 282 tons and Austria 280 tons.

Perhaps the most surprising result is that the UK is not in the top 10. The Bank of England is different from other central banks.

Another view of the information is below. Each fund represents one institution’s gold holdings relative to the holdings of all other institutions.

Could China Be Secretly Building Up Its Gold Reserves?

It’s amazing how the top six banks (and the IMF makes up the seven) own almost three-thirds of the gold.

Countries certainly have their own views on the benefits of gold, and this is clearly shown in the graph below.

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What Country Has The Most Gold Reserves In The World

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China Finally Says How Much Gold It Has, But Nobody Believes It

Once you have chosen your favorite option, you will be able to see the price and shipping costs in your local currency and language, and you will be able to shop easily. During the gold standard of the 19th and early 20th centuries, national governments had to buy back the national currency for gold at a certain rate. At the time, each country’s central bank used gold reserves to meet this promise, backing some or all of its gold reserves. In addition, gold reserves were accumulated by governments to cover the costs of war.

Today, gold reserves are a valuable tool for governments, which buy large amounts of gold to target rising inflation. Also, the country’s import and export prices are tied to the national currency. If imports exceed exports, the currency depreciates and vice versa. This indicates that a gold exporting country has more gold reserves and the strength of the currency increases manifold.

The International Gold Council estimates that total gold mining will reach 200,000 metric tons by 2020. The total value of all gold, if considered, would exceed $7.5 trillion at this price.

The United States still has the most gold, with more than 8,000 tons in its warehouses, valued at more than $373 billion. This was twice the gold reserves of Germany and three times the gold reserves of France and Italy. China has the sixth largest gold reserves, but China produces more gold than any other country. By 2020, gold will account for 79% of US central bank reserves, compared to 3.5% in China.

Gold Reserves By Country

On the other hand, Australia is home to the largest gold reserves and the second largest producer of gold after China. In the early 2000s, the Bank of Canada sold gold reserves. Canada is currently the only G7 country with no official gold reserves. Although gold no longer serves as a medium of exchange and proof of value, in many countries, gold is still an investment asset for governments and can protect against inflation or deflation.

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What Country Has The Most Gold Reserves In The World

“You’ve heard of the golden rule? He who has the gold makes the rules.” It’s old cotton, to be sure, but the countries with the largest gold reserves actually followed their rules at a time when few countries were still on the gold standard.

Gold Demand Up As Countries Hedge Against Inflation

Governments and central banks hold gold for many reasons. They may not fully believe in money, or they may get into financial trouble. Finally, gold has a good record of holding value during periods of high inflation.

Gold does not carry the same risk as money and bonds (the possibility that the other party to the transaction will not meet its obligations). Also, gold can help diversify national wealth.

If gold prices rise significantly in the coming months and years, the balance of economic power will shift dramatically. So, there’s nothing shocking about the countries that stockpile gold, but the amount — and the countries on the gold list — might surprise you.

Ironically, the country that ended the gold standard in 1934 now ranks first among the countries with the largest gold reserves. According to the International Gold Council, the US Federal Reserve has held 8,133 tons (sometimes called metric tons) as of July 28, 2022.

The Largest Gold Reserves By Country

. The gold is held at various locations, including Fort Knox, Kentucky; West Point, New York; and Denver, Colorado

Central banks usually hold national gold. However, in the United States, gold is held in the Treasury, not the Federal Reserve.

In Europe, some commodities, including oil and natural gas, are lower, as tensions between Russia and Ukraine and sanctions have significantly reduced flows. Some E.U. Nations do not lack one particular commodity, of course, and that is gold.

What Country Has The Most Gold Reserves In The World

Germany ranks second among countries with 3,355 tonnes of gold, while Italy and France are equal with 2,452 and 2,437 tonnes respectively.

This Map Shows The Top 10 Countries With The Largest Gold Reserves (in Tonnes)

Although before the tensions and sanctions in Russia and Ukraine, of course, the E.U. He already wanted to increase the supply of gold. In 2021, after two decades of gold in the EU, the European Central Bank announced that gold “is an important element of international monetary reserves, as it continues to provide asset diversification benefits.”

Today, there is no doubt that Germany’s Bundesbank, Italy’s Banca d’Italia and France’s Banque de France cover gold as a reliable asset.

The Russian Federation owns 2,299 tons of gold, making it one of the top five gold producing countries in the world. This is an interesting case, as Russia is said to have been hoarding gold for years before the invasion of Ukraine.

Russian gold, which was stored in Moscow and elsewhere in the country during the early stages of the invasion of Ukraine, was worth $140 billion. One can imagine that the Russians built up gold supplies years ago in anticipation of an invasion of Ukraine. The idea, apparently, is to protect Russia from the effects of sanctions that would reduce the value or use of the ruble.

Central Banks Add More Gold In November As China Joins The Fray

The question then is how Russia can sell its gold if it does. It was believed that despite some countries embargoing Russia, the country could sell its gold to China, India and/or Kazakhstan.

China may not make the top five on this list, but the country’s 1,948 tons of gold is nothing to sneeze at. It is one of the two countries in East Asia with large gold reserves. However, it is difficult to justify China’s place on this list because the country does not have a good record of transparency in the publication of economic statistics.

However, it is not unreasonable to assume that China actually has large gold reserves.

What Country Has The Most Gold Reserves In The World

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