What Is The Largest Christian Religion In The World

What Is The Largest Christian Religion In The World – Christianity is still the largest religion in America; More than three-quarters of Americans identify as Christians. More than half of us identify as Protestant, about 23 percent are Catholic, and 2 percent are Mormon.

But what about the rest? In the American West, Buddhists are the largest non-Christian religious community in many states. In 20 states, particularly in the Midwest and South, Islam is the traditional non-Christian culture. And in 15 states, especially in the Northeast, Judaism has the largest number of followers after Christianity. Hindus are second in Arizona and Delaware, while Baha’is are more numerous in South Carolina.

What Is The Largest Christian Religion In The World

What Is The Largest Christian Religion In The World

All of this data comes from the Association of American Religious Organizations, which conducts a census of American religions every 10 years. Here’s what their map of the second most popular religions looks like:

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According to the ASARB, which is published every 10 years: Members of any religion, meaning those who attend religious services, make up more than half the population in 28 states. Utah has the highest percentage of members at 79% of the population. And more than a quarter of Mainers are members. North Dakota, Alabama and Louisiana are at the bottom of the list while Oregon, Vermont, Alaska, Nevada and Washington are at the bottom.

Catholicism predominates in the northeast and southwest, while Southern Baptists have a strong foothold in the south. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints dominates Utah and parts of the surrounding states of Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada. Lutherans have a large following in Minnesota and the Dakotas, while Methodists appear in parts of West Virginia, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas.

A new book on corruption by Prof. The Association of American Religious Organizations did some digging, revealing the largest Christian denominations and the number of members of each religion in every state in the United States.

The US Census of Religions was released two years ago based on the 2010 census. data (religious censuses have been done every decade since 1980, the same year the US census was taken), but ASARB maps in 2010 have recently been appearing in card-made media. Here are some great ways to find the largest Christian community in your area:

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Catholicism (purple) dominates the map, except in the south, where Southern Baptists (red) dominate. Mormons (gray) are large in the Mountain West, while Lutherans (orange) and Methodists (green) have large pockets in the Midwest and Northeast. Perhaps most interestingly, the ASARB indicates that Christianity is the largest religion in every state:

According to the map, Buddhism (yellow) is (relatively) larger in the West, Islam (light blue) is larger than you might think in the Midwest and South, Judaism (red) has a strong foothold in the Northeast and pockets of the Midwest. Hinduism is prominent in Arizona and Delaware (dark orange), and South Carolina has a strong Bahá’í community (green). “In the beginning, let’s face it, it didn’t take long for South Carolina to become the second largest religion,” Bahá’í historian Louis E. Venters told NPR.

Hillary Cale, an expert on North American Christianity at Concordia University in Montreal, also points out: “These numbers, while interesting when placed on a map, represent a very small percentage of the population in all the states listed. , it’s fun. Free newsletters delivered to your inbox in real time Sign up for instant newsletter Subscribe to free newsletter

What Is The Largest Christian Religion In The World

According to a Pew Research Center report, the world is becoming more religious, with a percentage of the world’s population saying they have no religion.

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Changes in the number of religious members depend mainly on the birth rate and the relative age of the majority of young believers. Christianity, currently the dominant religion in the Western Hemisphere, is expected to remain the dominant religion in the world. By 2050, if current trends continue, four out of ten Christians will live in sub-Saharan Africa.

But Christianity is expected to decline in America. Although they make up three-quarters of the population today, it is expected that by 2050 two-thirds of Americans will be Christians.

Judaism, now the second largest religion in the United States, is also declining in the United States, but is expected to increase by 2050. The number of Jews worldwide will increase.

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What Is The Largest Christian Religion In The World

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What Is The Largest Christian Religion In The World

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What Is The Largest Christian Religion In The World

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