What Is The Best Type Of Mattress For A Bad Back

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Body temperature changes during the different stages of the sleep cycle. Lowering your body temperature improves sleep quality, while higher temperatures can disrupt cycles. Mattresses made from cool, breathable materials maintain a cooler temperature, which can help you sleep longer, while heat-trapping bedding can warm you up and potentially disrupt your sleep.

What Is The Best Type Of Mattress For A Bad Back

What Is The Best Type Of Mattress For A Bad Back

For people who sleep in overheated beds, a cooling mattress can be of great importance. When selecting our top picks, we evaluate each mattress for durability and temperature control, but we also consider other factors like build quality and life expectancy.

How To Choose A Mattress: Sleeping Position, Body Type, And More

Some mattresses have materials that allow them to sleep at more comfortable temperatures than others. We named the Helix Midnight Luxe our best cooling mattress of 2023. Layers of breathable foam, a breathable cover, and rollers that promote even airflow help this hybrid model sleep cool year-round.

Below, we’ve organized a detailed breakdown of our top picks for the best cooling mattresses. We’ve selected a large selection of mattresses from a pool of over 1,300 mattresses tested by our team to showcase a wide variety of cooling bedding, from latex to memory foam. Our temperature control tests incorporate multiple technologies, including the use of a heat gun to detect heat retention on the mattress surface. If you would like more information on how we test mattresses, you can consult the methodology section below.

Next, we’ve put together a buying guide that outlines which mattress is the best warm bed based on a variety of factors, from materials to your primary sleeping position.

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The Best Mattress For 2023 Tried And Tested, Including Hybrid Mattresses For A Better Night’s Sleep

“Midnight Luxe sleeps very well for a hybrid pillow. The lining is breathable and the coils circulate plenty of air to keep the foam from trapping too much heat. Our side sleeper field tester slept on the Midnight Luxe for 2 years and found the mattress to be very supportive, with just the right amount of cushioning to reduce pressure.

If you’re looking for a new mattress but aren’t sure about your ideal firmness level, Helix Sleep offers a wide variety of hybrid memory foam models designed for specific body types and sleeping positions. We consider the Midnight Luxe one of the most complete models of the brand. The mattress is designed with a coil system that promotes even airflow and helps the mattress maintain a comfortable temperature.

We found Midnight Luxe transition layer support to keep the tester body from sinking too deep into the bed. Between this and a comfortable layer of memory foam, the mattress relieves pressure while retaining some bounce, making it a perfect match for our team of side sleepers who suffer from pressure build-up on their shoulders and hips. The coils of the bag provide a base of support and also allow for constant airflow, reducing the heat retention that can be associated with foam layers. As a result, the Helix Midnight Luxe slept quite well.

What Is The Best Type Of Mattress For A Bad Back

While the standard Helix model might appeal to budget-conscious shoppers, the Luxe series consists of a thicker pillow-top hybrid that comes with additional features to enhance your sleeping experience. Midnight Luxe is a midrange option that our testers rated as moderately stable (6). The mattress includes two layers of memory foam under the pillow top to give the surface a luxurious feel. Polyfoam transition layer provides additional fit and support. The support core consists of zoned pocket rolls, followed by a base layer of high density foam.

Best Mattress For Heavy People, 10 Amazing Models For Overweight Person

The Midnight Luxe and other Luxe hybrids cost a little more than the standard Helix models, but are all reasonably priced compared to the average hybrid. Helix Sleep also offers free shipping to all 50 states. Midnight Luxe comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty.

“Although this is an all-foam model, the foam in the Nectar Premier has cooling properties that help prevent the bed from overheating. Mattresses give you a lot to gain, too, thanks in part to generous sleep tests that offer plenty of time to determine if they’re really for you.

Nectar offers a range of mattresses, but the Premier stood out to our testers for its higher profile and better cooling properties than other all-foam models we evaluated in our lab. Thick layers of comfort make this bed an excellent choice for couples who appreciate a luxurious and comfortable bed surface with strong insulation from movement.

The top layer of memory foam closely resembles our tester’s body, providing excellent pressure relief. The mattress also performed well in our motion isolation tests, making it an attractive option for anyone who needs a bed that reduces sleep disturbances caused by partner movements. Meanwhile, the denser foam layer provides adequate reinforcement, especially compared to other foam pads we’ve tested. The balance of contour and support appeals to the side sleepers on our team who weigh at least 130 pounds, because they need support in their shoulders and hips, but they still need support in their lower back.

Best Mattress For Hip Pain Of 2023

The 13-inch-thick mattress with all-foam frame was rated Moderate by our testers (6). The top layer consists of cooling gel-infused memory foam and phase change materials, both intended to maintain temperature neutrality on the surface of the bed. Then comes a thin layer of firmer transition foam, followed by a base layer of 7-inch high-density foam that stabilizes the mattress.

Nectar ships free in the contiguous United States. Premier comes with a generous 365-night trial and a lifetime guarantee.

“Three of our field testers have been sleeping on the WinkBed for over a year and they are all raving about the excellent support of the stiff coils. Other members of our test team agreed that the adaptive foam cushioning excelled at rocking without allowing for uncomfortable bottoming.

What Is The Best Type Of Mattress For A Bad Back

Choosing the right cooling mattress can be a challenge for side sleepers. We’ve found that people who use this position often experience increased stress along their spine, so they need an adaptive mat that also supports alignment and supports the shoulders and hips. Thanks to the combination of foam layers and breathable components, we think the WinkBed is a good compromise for side sleepers looking for a cool, comfortable and supportive mattress.

Best Mattress 2023: 24 Best Mattresses, Tried And Tested

We found the WinkBed soft and firm, a rare combination for mattresses our team tested. Layers of foam form close to the body while the rollers create a strong support system to keep our testers from sinking too deep. Thanks to a variety of stiffness options, sleepers in most weight categories of our test team found a model that felt comfortable.

Motion isolation is another area where the WinkBed does well compared to other hybrid models. The top layer effectively absorbs movement and rolling doesn’t produce too much reaction. At the same time, the edges felt secure thanks to the zone coil system and none of us dived excessively as we moved across the surface. Stable airflow through the coils and a breathable Tencel cover also earned the WinkBed high marks during our temperature control tests.

WinkBed is available in four levels of firmness: medium soft (4), medium firm (6) and firm (7), as well as the WinkBed Plus option in touch firm (8). The standard WinkBed model begins with a layer of foam placed in the cover, followed by an additional layer of foam in the medium-soft, medium-firm and firm models. Plus it has a latex zone layer instead of a second foam layer. We saw a gentle fit of the layered foam material, resulting in even weight distribution and reduced pressure build-up. A foam transition layer provides moderate cushioning while acting as support between your body and the supportive core. The medium-soft model includes an extra layer of foam for extra cushioning.

As a hybrid model, the WinkBed uses roll-up pockets for stability. The coils are designed to move independently of each other, creating a solid support system without creating too much bounce or motion transfer. Additional reinforcement around the perimeter helps prevent deep collapse as our testers get in and out of bed.

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WinkBeds offers free ground shipping in the contiguous United States and a 120-night trial period. All WinkBed mattresses have a lifetime guarantee.

“We did not find excessive heat retention in Brooklyn Aurora Luxe bedding when we ran temperature tests in the lab. I have personally slept on this model for about 4 years and recommend this bed to anyone who loves foam cribs but still needs solid support to turn over.

The comfort level of a mattress is a matter of subjectivity, but some beds are designed to be comfortable for many sleepers. We have found that Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe is one such mattress. It comes in three levels of firmness to suit different types

What Is The Best Type Of Mattress For A Bad Back

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