What Is The Best Thing To Use To Kill Fleas

What Is The Best Thing To Use To Kill Fleas – The holder is made of a porous material that can absorb whatever you use to wet or clean them. As a result, the cleaning product becomes part of the retainer and inevitably ends up in your mouth.

I used to recommend effervescent tablets to soak the retainer in, until I realized that this method is actually toxic.

What Is The Best Thing To Use To Kill Fleas

What Is The Best Thing To Use To Kill Fleas

Persulfate is a known allergen used in many detergent tablets such as Palident and Efferdent, which can cause allergic reactions and other symptoms in consumers.

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In 2008, the FDA issued a warning about the use of cleaning solutions containing persulfate and advised consumers to rinse retainers and dentures thoroughly before placing them in the mouth.

But as I said, persulfate gets into foam retainers, making it almost impossible to wash out completely. Perhaps this is why the FDA recommends that consumers consider persulfate-free alternatives.

You may have considered switching to mouthwash to clean or wet your container. Mouthwash definitely doesn’t contain persulfate, but it’s still not a good choice.

Most mouthwashes contain alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate, which dry out the retainer and the mouth at the same time. And the powder won’t just damage your retainer; It causes bad breath and leads to tooth decay.

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Now that we’ve talked about the worst ways to clean retainers, let’s see how to make them clean and fresh without harmful substances.

Before we get started, I’m often asked how to clean different types of retainers. The good news is that whether you have clear braces (like Invisalign or Essix) or metal brackets, acrylic or porcelain versions, the cleaning process is the same.

Always keep moist. Jaw retainers are made for wet weather and moving them from your mouth (wet weather) to the bathroom counter (dry weather) is a terrible idea that could cause premature aging of your teeth.

What Is The Best Thing To Use To Kill Fleas

My best advice? Never let your retainer dry out as this can cause tartar and biofilm to stick to it. Hold in mouth or dip in liquid.

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I recommend filling with distilled water and some baking soda or a drop or two of castile soap. If you don’t have both, it’s just distilled water.

Using distilled water is important because minerals in tap water can create plaque (also known as “gravel”) in your container.

Once a week, soak in white vinegar. Every week, soak your retainer in white vinegar for about 15 minutes to make sure it’s bacteria-free. Then rinse and soak in distilled water as usual.

Do not brush. Brushing can tear down your retainer material, creating space for bacteria to live and multiply. Bacteria = dirt, so dip your toothbrush in water.

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Take it to your dentist. If you need to disinfect your retainers or if you feel more build-up than usual, you should bring them to your dentist. Your dentist has ultrasonic cleaners and special cleaning solutions that can disinfect the retainer and remove any build-up without using harmful chemicals.

As I mentioned earlier, the best way to keep your container clean and moist is to soak it in a soaking solution when it’s not in your mouth. All you need is distilled water, but the following tips will boost your bacteria-fighting efforts.

Baking soda is not only a safe way to clean your container, but it does a much better job than the cleaning products you find at the grocery store. Here’s why:

What Is The Best Thing To Use To Kill Fleas

Baking soda naturally stabilizes the pH of the mouth, helping to prevent bacteria that cause problems in the mouth. Generally, the bad guys that cause problems in the mouth thrive in a more acidic environment, and baking soda combats this problem by neutralizing the mouth’s pH and rebalancing the oral microbiome. Similarly, baking soda also disinfects retainers due to its high pH.

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Braces and other dental appliances start to smell like rotten fruit after a while, and baking soda is a natural, safe, and effective deodorizer. With regular use, the smell disappears.

I keep a stainless steel parmesan cheese shaker filled with baking soda on my bathroom shelf so I can easily add a few shakes to my container of distilled water.

After some people stop using dangerous cleaning tablets, they no longer smell the “clean” smell they produce. Fortunately, castile soap is an effective and safe way to achieve such freshness: Add a drop or two of castile soap to the water in which you soak the holder.

The main ingredients of castile soap are olive oil and coconut oil. This means it can do a great job of cleaning and moisturizing your retainer without exposing yourself or yourself to harmful ingredients like persulfate.

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However, castile soap may contain essential oils that have antibacterial effects on the mouth and are therefore not ideal. Try to avoid these oils or at least wash them thoroughly before putting them in your mouth.

Using white vinegar to soak for 15 minutes once a week will keep your container clean and sanitized. After soaking your aligners in vinegar, whether they are metal brackets, acrylic ceramic brackets or clear, place them in a stainless steel container with distilled water.

My answer to this question is, “You shouldn’t.” While many dentists recommend UV sanitizers and actually have one in their office, UV rays can cause cellular oxidation and damage acrylics. Avoid this method.

What Is The Best Thing To Use To Kill Fleas

This is a completely different process than the ultrasound method I mentioned above. Ultrasonic cleaners generate high-frequency sound waves that generate powerful cleaning bubbles.

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If you remember nothing else from this article, remember this: You should never use hydrogen peroxide as a cleaner for your retainer.

Although it is often recommended, never use hydrogen peroxide in your mouth. It causes free radical reactions and those free radical reactions age us.

If that’s not enough, hydrogen peroxide is also toxic and kills all kinds of bacteria in the mouth, many of which we need for the oral microbiome to function properly. Additionally, there has recently been a link between the use of hydrogen peroxide and oral cancer.

Keeping your retainers clean and odor-free is important, but many common cleaning methods can actually harm your retainers and your oral microbiome.

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Chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and persulfate (found in effervescent, polident, etc.) should never be part of your cleaning routine. Do not use bleach, boiling water or even regular toothpaste.

Instead, soak the retainer in distilled water (with baking soda and/or castile soap). Soaking your container in white vinegar once a week or taking it to the dentist for a cleaning can also help.

Avoiding the use of harmful chemicals will help you look after your retainer longer and keep your mouth healthier in the process.

What Is The Best Thing To Use To Kill Fleas

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What Is The Best Thing To Use To Kill Fleas

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