What Is The Best Cord Blood Bank

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What Is The Best Cord Blood Bank

What Is The Best Cord Blood Bank

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Cord Blood Bank

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A complete guide to understanding what cord blood is, its potential benefits and why it should only be stored in a certified bank.

We have selected only cord blood banks that have been properly certified by the FDA, AABB and CLIA, the organizations responsible for regulating cord blood banking.

What Is The Best Cord Blood Bank

Cord blood storage can be very expensive. So we preferred private banks with affordable rates and flexible payment plans that offer excellent service.

Cord Blood Banking Legislation

This is the crux of the matter. All banks included in this review use the best industry standards for cord blood collection, processing and storage.

From tissue banking and direct courier to DNA testing, the best cord blood banks offer a variety of services.

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Cord blood has been shown to be effective in treating about 80 diseases, including some types of cancer, anemia, genetic diseases, solid tumors, and bone repair. But this is just the beginning; Clinical studies are currently examining the benefits of cord blood in conditions such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and autism.

Odds Of Using Cord Blood Stored In A Family Bank

However, before we get into the details of umbilical cord blood, a distinction should be made between the two main ways of storing it: public and private.

Apart from the prices and regulations (which we will explain in more detail below), the main difference between a private and a public blood bank is very simple: when you donate to a private bank, only the donor and his immediate family have access to cord blood. , while donating to the public in the cord blood bank By doing so, it will be available to anyone who needs it and “to match”. In other words: while one method only benefits some, the other can benefit everyone.

Many cord blood experts, researchers, regulators, and related organizations—including the American Academy of Pediatrics, BeTheMatch.org, the Health Resources and Services Administration, the American Academy of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the American Medical Association— they agreed on the blood of the community thread. . Banking is the way many families get married. There are several reasons for this:

What Is The Best Cord Blood Bank

First, community banks donate umbilical cord blood not only to the donor and his immediate family but to anyone who qualifies. “Public banking units are kept in the registry and are available when the patient needs them,” said Katie Loper, AABB’s executive director of mobile medicine. “More than 25,000 patients worldwide have received cord blood transplants because parents have chosen to donate their baby’s cord blood to public cord blood banks.”

Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Australia And Stem Cell Storage

Second, there is the fact that many donors (private or public) do not use their cord blood. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the chance of a baby using cord blood cells ranges from 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 200,000. And if it requires cord blood, there is no guarantee that it will still work. Bad storage conditions.

Third, the rules have a standard. While the FDA strictly regulates all aspects of public blood banks, its control over private blood banks is less strict. For example, the FDA does not require approval of cord blood intended for personal use by the donor and/or his or her first and second degree relatives.

Finally, there is cost, which is a major factor in determining whether cord blood is stored in a private or public bank. In short: While donating to a public blood bank is completely free, private banks require a deposit of between $1,350 and $2,300, and a storage fee of $100 to $175.

If you want to donate cord blood at a community bank, make sure the hospital you donate to is affiliated with the National Marrow Donor Program Network, the only way to donate publicly. The list is available here. If your hospital is not listed, Cord for Life accepts blood donations by mail.

Community Cord Blood Banking Emerges As A Life Saver

As we mentioned above, when you donate umbilical cord blood to a private bank, only the donor and his immediate family can access it. With an initial payment and an annual maintenance fee, cord blood will be frozen indefinitely until the donor is no longer needed or the payment is stopped.

According to the American Pediatric Association’s policy statement, the family or donor must choose private banking if “the family shares a known genetic defect” that cannot be treated with stem cells. In all other cases, the AAP statement advises parents not to use a private blood bank as “biological insurance.”

Another argument in favor of private banks is pricing. It is not the cost of donating and storing umbilical cord blood – which is freely available in public banks – but the cost of obtaining umbilical cord blood – which is freely available in private banks and very expensive in government ones. According to Donna Regan, director of BetheMatch.org, “Depending on the bank, CBUs (cord blood units) can range from $37,500 to $55,000.

What Is The Best Cord Blood Bank

If you decide that private banking is the right choice for you, here is our list of companies that have made it big.

In The Spotlight: Is Banking Cord Blood A Good Investment?

In business since 2008, Americord stands out in the cord banking industry with its graft guarantee. If your transplant fails, Americord will reimburse you $110,000, which you can use to purchase cord blood from another source. This is very important because there is no guarantee that the stored blood will remain intact after the transplant, even if it is your own.

With more than 500,000 cord blood samples in storage and an 80,000 square foot laboratory in Tucson, Arizona, the Cord Blood Registry (CBR) is the largest cord blood bank in the world.

One of the main reasons we chose CBR as “Best Overall” is its 99 percent return rate, the highest of any private bank. In cord blood storage, the term “recovery rate” refers to how many stored cells can actually be used or “restored” after years of freezing and storage. The CBR level means that if you store cord blood with it and need to use it in the future, there is almost a 100 percent chance that the cells are not only available, but in perfect condition.

Engraftment is the process in which the transplanted cord blood cells begin to transform into healthy blood cells. Fast healing, fast recovery time, necessary in some cases. This process usually takes 30 days or less, although it can take longer.

The Best Cord Blood Banking 2023: Secure Stem Cell Storage And Collection

We include Cryo-Cell on this “best of” list because it uses portable PrepaCyte®-CB technology, which is proven to reduce implantation time. According to the company’s website: “This means patients can feel better faster, spend less time in hospital and are less likely to develop infections. The ability to get better faster and with less chance of infection can be important in certain situations.”

The ViaCord 5-Chamber Cord Blood Storage Bag, VC5X, is unique in the industry because it allows for multiple uses without compromising the quality of unused blood. This technology allows families to maximize investment, especially when compared to industry standard 2-room bags. With the last ViaCord bag, 5 different treatments can be done at different times.

While most cord blood banks are public or private, StemCyte stands out

What Is The Best Cord Blood Bank

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