What Type Mattress Is Best For Lower Back Pain

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Side sleeping is a popular position known for its many health benefits, such as improved breathing, better digestion, and reduced back pain. However, an uncomfortable or unsupportive mattress can lead to shoulder and back pain for side sleepers. To mitigate this issue, our test team analyzed hundreds of mattresses to find mattresses that conform to the body and relieve pressure points. Our testers evaluated each mattress across different weight groups, taking into account key criteria such as neutral temperature, pressure relief, edge support, and motion isolation.

What Type Mattress Is Best For Lower Back Pain

What Type Mattress Is Best For Lower Back Pain

Side sleepers often appreciate mattresses with heavy padding, which can help reduce pressure built up in the hips and shoulders. We’ve found that the Helix Midnight’s thick foam comfort system provides excellent contouring, while the firm coil system helps you maintain a healthy sleeping position.

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Choosing the right mattress can be overwhelming due to the variety of types and features available. To help you decide, we’ve narrowed down the best side rail mattresses based on our review team’s ratings. To learn more about how mattresses are rated, see our process below.

We also provide you with a buying guide to help you choose the best mattress for your habits and preferences. Our guide covers different mattress compositions, firmness levels, materials, and how they affect the side rails. We even touch on factors like price, warranty, and life, and discuss the pros and cons of side sleeping and how this position can affect your sleep.

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“As a side sleeper, I really appreciate the Helix Midnight for its adjustable comfort layer on top. The deck provides exceptional contouring for my shoulders and hips and the coils are very supportive for my back and don’t collapse.”

Mattress Firmness Guide: Which Is Right For Me?

Many mattresses are made with materials that make side sleeping comfortable, but the Helix Midnight is one of the few on the market designed specifically for this position. If you often alternate between your right and left sides while sleeping due to shoulder pain or stiffness, the Midnighter provides a balance of compliance and support to ensure you stay comfortable in one position.

Our testers found the Helix Midnight mattress to be medium firm (6) with impressive pressure relief. Adaptive foams conform to our bodies, relieving our intense tension and preventing pain. Midnight’s blended foam construction provides the best combination of cushioning and support for sidebars up to 230 lbs.

We found that corner braces are another area where midnight is good. The base of the coil has a reinforced contour that gives us good support when sitting and lying close to the edges. This increases the sleeping surface on the bed and prevents the bed from sagging over time.

What Type Mattress Is Best For Lower Back Pain

The comfort system begins with a layer of Memory Plus memory foam, followed by a second layer of premium foam that provides ergonomic support. Individually wrapped coils form the core of the support, reducing sag in the middle and cushioning the edges. A DuraDense foam base layer works in the background to improve overall support and durability. A polyester cover for improved cooling covers the mattress.

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Helix offers a 100-night 30-day midnight trial. The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and Helix ships for free to customers in all 50 states.

Nectar offers the famous pressure relief of premium memory foam, but with an above-average level of firmness so you don’t feel like you’re sinking too deeply into the mattress. And the one-year trial period and lifetime warranty are unbeatable. Our field tester has been using the mattress for three years. years and raves about how comfortable the bed still feels, especially for the price.”

Nectar is a premium quality foam mattress at an affordable price. This makes it suitable for budget buyers as well as high-end buyers.

We found the nectar to offer a very balanced sleep experience. The thick comfort layer of memory foam adheres to our body and caresses our sensitive pressure points, but the medium-firmness (6) layer and stable support layer keep us from squirting too much or feeling “huddled up.” As such, we think the Nectar should feel comfortable for anyone who sleeps on their side and enjoy the cloud-like feel of sleeping “in” — not “on” — their mattress. If you don’t like that “in bed” feeling, we recommend looking for a spring mattress with the Latex Comfort System.

Tips To Reduce Sleep Related Back Pain

Since nectarines are medium hard, we think they are best suited for people weighing at least 130 lbs. Thanks to the foam that does not sink too deeply, the mattress ensures good air circulation for our bodies and does not store much heat. The mattress also contains phase change material designed to regulate temperature during the night. We found the Nectar foam layer combination to provide the best motion isolation and pressure point relief, and the mattress passed all of our motion isolation tests.

The nectar starts with a comforting layer of gel-infused memory foam that conforms to the body to relieve pressure. A transitional layer of foam provides additional support under the molded memory foam and ensures even weight distribution. The polyfoam base layer provides stability and support to the midsection to prevent uncomfortable sagging. Polyester, nylon and polyethylene cover covers the entire mattress.

Nectar ships FREE for customers in the contiguous United States. The company also offers a generous 365-night sleep trial, so you can try the mattress out for an entire year. The mattress is guaranteed for life against structural damage.

What Type Mattress Is Best For Lower Back Pain

“I can safely say that the Saatva Classic is an excellent choice for a supportive bed. The coil-on-coil design sets it apart in terms of temperature regulation, angle support, and responsiveness.”

Best Mattresses For Back Pain In 2023 — Starting At Just $699 For A Queen

Side rails generally don’t feel as comfortable on an inner mattress as they do on other types of mattresses. This is because most inner springs have thin layers of foam that provide little or no cushioning for the shoulders, lower back, and hips. We found that unlike these traditional inner springs, the Saatva Classic uses a layer of small coils and pockets to relieve pressure. If you’re looking for a high-end model with thoughtful design, we recommend the Saatva.

The mattress comes in three levels of firmness, including the soft option (3), which was popular with our side sleepers under 130 pounds, and medium-firm (6) for those who weigh more. If you sleep on your side and need extra support, you can choose a firm bed (8) instead. You can also choose an 11.5-inch profile with a 4-inch coil base or a 14.5-inch profile with a 7-inch coil base. We found that the latter offered more reinforcement and spring on the surface, making it a better option if you need a little more support or someone who appreciates a little bounce.

The double layer of coils reinforce the perimeter to prevent you from sinking in when sleeping close to the edges or climbing on top of the mattress. We found a responsive feel that moved easily, which should appeal to couples who prefer a feeling of freshness during sex. The coils also allow air to circulate throughout the interior to keep the mattress cool, while breathable organic cotton wicks nasty moisture away from our bodies. We found the Saatva Classic to be exceptionally cool, even by inner-spring standards.

The mattress features a euro top with soft foam and fibers that give the surface a soft and comfortable feel. Below is a memory foam lumbar pillow that soothes your lower back and hips, relieving built-up pressure. A transitional layer of micro-profile cushioning pressure points support the body and increase responsiveness. The support core and recycled steel hourglass coils provide excellent support no matter the design you choose. Breathable organic cotton sheet covers the mattress.

The Best Mattress 2023

Saatva offers free White Glove delivery across the United States. This service includes the planned delivery date and agreed delivery time, assembly of a complete mattress in the room of your choice and removal of your old mattress and box spring, free of charge. With every purchase, you get a generous 365 night sleep trial to try out the Saatva Classic and decide if it’s right for you, and a lifetime warranty if you decide to keep the mattress.

“We found that DreamCloud foam layers and coils provide comfortable support and pressure relief for a variety of sleep types. Our field tester attributed less back pain and fewer restless nights to the mattress after a year of use.”

The DreamCloud mattress is a hybrid foam mattress that performed well in several performance categories in our tests. We’ve found that the good balance between contour and support makes this mattress a comfortable choice for many people

What Type Mattress Is Best For Lower Back Pain

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