Which Brand Of Printer Is The Best

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Buying the best possible printer is not easy when there are so many different factors to consider.

Which Brand Of Printer Is The Best

Which Brand Of Printer Is The Best

Some printers are great for printing documents, while others are better suited for photos. And while a cheap printer may seem like a bargain at first, you may be better off with a more expensive option that has lower running costs.

The 8 Best Home Printers Of 2023, Tested And Reviewed

To help you find the printer that best suits your needs, we’ve compiled this list of the best printers that our team of experts have tested and reviewed over the past few years.

Every printer we review goes through a rigorous testing process, as we measure various factors such as print speed, print cost, and print quality. We also make sure to test all available features, especially if the printer has scan and copy capabilities.

Don’t see any printers that catch your eye? Then be sure to check back later as we’ll update this list as soon as we review more rated printers.

Every printer we review goes through a series of consistent checks designed to measure important things like print quality, speed and cost. These include initial setup, replacing the appropriate cartridges, and measuring key factors such as print speed and quality on a variety of paper types, including plain and photo.

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We also compare features with other printers at the same price to see if you’re getting good value for your money. We’ve also calculated how much it would cost to replace a cartridge or refill ink to see how much your printer will cost you in the long run.

The HP Smart Tank 5105 is the most popular multifunction device for several reasons. It can print, scan and copy (although it lacks fax capabilities), its small size is easy to fit into a home office, and its affordable printing makes it a great value option in the long run.

HP often uses cartridges in its printers, which are known for their high running costs. But the Smart Tank 5105 uses highly efficient ink bottles, resulting in an ink cost of just 0.7 cents per color page. few printers have better operating costs. HP supplies its printer with up to 6,000 pages of ink, so you may not even need to buy more ink.

Which Brand Of Printer Is The Best

Our tests showed a decent print speed of 10.9ppm, and we were very impressed with the print quality on plain paper. This printer is not recommended for photo prints with imperfect color accuracy and loss of detail in dark colors. Canon PIXMA G650 and Instax Square Link are better options for those who want to print photos.

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But if you’re happy with document printing and want an affordable all-in-one home printer, the HP Smart Tank 5105 is our top recommendation.

The Canon PIXMA TS7450 is a great all-round printer that offers good value for money if you’re looking for something versatile.

We found document quality to be excellent, with no noticeable distortion or bleed in 10-point text documents, and color graphics on plain paper looked vibrant and sharp. Photos printed on glossy paper look detailed and brilliant at the same time, although beware of some tones that wash out a bit on plain paper photos.

PIXMA costs around 9p/page with standard cartridges. These running costs are relatively high, especially compared to ink bottle printers like the HP Smart Tank 5105 and the Epson EcoTank ET-1810. But the Canon makes up for this with a low upfront cost, available for under £100.

Hp Deskjet 4155e Wireless All In One Inkjet Printer With 3 Months Of Instant Ink Included With Hp+ White Deskjet 4155e

Its printing speed is fast. During testing, we measured individual text pages in nine seconds, while a longer five-page document took just over thirty. Wait less than a minute for a full color photo for a standard A4 photo. All in all, with this offer from Canon, you won’t have to wait too long to print.

Although this is also an attractive printer weighing around 8.2 kg, it is also heavy and large. That means it’s only a printer for those who have the space for it, but if you do, in our eyes there aren’t many better printers for the money than the Canon PIXMA TS7450.

If you’re looking for affordable printing costs, the Epson EcoTank ET-1810 is a great printer for you.

Which Brand Of Printer Is The Best

The main appeal of this Epson comes from the fact that it uses the EcoTank system, which allows you to refill the ink cartridges yourself instead of buying a whole set of cartridges. The printer comes with a full set of EcoTank bottles that can print 4,500 black or 7,500 color pages, which is 20-30 times more than a cartridge printer. As a result, the cost of printing is around fifty per full color page, which is about as cheap as you can get by printing.

Don’t Let Your Printer Get The Best Of You

We also noticed the ET-1810’s print quality for its price. Printing on plain paper produced dark text and perfectly usable colors. Using photo paper provided decent color accuracy and shadow control, as well as an excellent glossy finish when using Epson’s own paper. The ET-18120 may not be a printer specifically designed for photography, but it should be great for those who want to print the occasional postcard-sized snapshot.

The ET-1810 isn’t the fastest printer, but it’s fine for most jobs. During testing, we saw that it took about 46 seconds to complete a five-page text document, and 18 seconds for one page. Color documents took a bit longer to print, with five graphics pages taking just over 90 seconds to print. It may not be the best printer for those in a hurry, but the ET-1810 can be used for long distances due to its low printing costs.

The £150 printer’s design and interface may seem dated, as the ET-1810 doesn’t have a screen or any kind of visual interface. There is also no automatic two-sided printing. For those who want an all-singing, all-dancing printer, we say look elsewhere, but if you want something simple, functional and with low printing costs, the Epson EcoTank ET-1810 is a fantastic choice.

We think it’s a useful all-in-one, as it can not only print, but also scan and copy. Conveniently, the ET-3850 includes an automatic document feeder that made scanning and copying documents relatively easy, allowing you to use all of this printer’s features at once.

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As an EcoTank printer, this Epson can benefit from the incredibly low printing costs made possible by its refillable tanks. That’s probably one of the main reasons why it looks like such an expensive printer. The ET-3850 claims to be able to print 14,000 black pages or 5,200 color pages before needing a full charge. Compared to a standard cartridge printer, the money saved for such a large print volume is ridiculous.

For an inkjet printer, the ET-3850 is ridiculously fast. We found that it delivered a five-page text document in 31 seconds, while a 20-page document completed about 10 pages per minute and printed in just under two minutes. Color printing speed was equally impressive: a five-page Sample Print took the same 31 seconds as a monochrome document.

There’s no touch screen available here, but the color display with button control ET-3850 is well made and practical. If you’re looking for a compact printer, this option from Epson should be more than enough.

Which Brand Of Printer Is The Best

The Canon PIXMA G650 is one of our favorite printers for producing photos. This is largely due to its six-ink configuration, which means it has two more ink bottles than the average printer, resulting in better tonal control and a wider range of colors. In our tests, the Canon printer gave excellent results, making it a great option for those who want a photo printer at home.

Canon Pixma Tr4720 Wireless All In One Inkjet Printer Black 5074c002

We also found that this printer excels at scanning, as it reproduces colors very quickly and accurately. If you need a quality scanner for your home at a reasonable price, there isn’t much better out there.

Normal document printing is also decent thanks to the low print costs, although we wouldn’t recommend this Canon if you only want a printer for these kinds of workloads. Our tests showed it to be one of the slowest document printers we’ve reviewed in a long time, while the printer’s color inks are better suited for photo paper than plain paper. It also loses useful features like duplex printing and faxing.

However, if you’re more interested in printing photos than documents and also need a fast scanner, the Canon PIXMA G650 is an excellent option to consider.

The Canon PIXMA TS5350i won’t win the competition for the best general purpose printer

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