What Young Living Essential Oil Is Good For Eczema

What Young Living Essential Oil Is Good For Eczema – The Young Life Starter Kit is one of the best investments we’ve made in our family’s health – over 3 years ago I had no idea what I was getting into when I picked up the kit.

It comes with a diffuser, 11 oils and bonus items – it really changed our lives. It sparked a new desire to live well, and it didn’t take us long to realize that we had to complete the starter kit to enjoy the benefits of essential oils.

What Young Living Essential Oil Is Good For Eczema

What Young Living Essential Oil Is Good For Eczema

Many people are very interested to know which oils/supplements are good to buy other than starter kits. While it’s hard for me to narrow it down, below are 25 favorites that are life-changing additions to your boot device.

Diy Facial Moisturizer With Young Living Essential Oils

Price and quantity of oil included – to fix the price shown you must be a full sales member. With a general membership you get a $160 starter pack + redeem your bonus items and get a 24% discount *for life*.

1. Orange (15 ml – $10.75): Orange is an uplifting oil that is great when paired with other scents like Joy, or Stress Away, or even Northern Lights Black Spruce. Not only is it uplifting, it’s high in antioxidants and can support overall wellness.

2. Cedarwood (15 ml – $11.25): Cedarwood has a warm, balsamic, woody scent. It is relaxing and comforting when used in massage, but is best used for health relaxation. We like to use lavender and a night diffuser to help us sleep.

It is native to Brazil and is known for its beta-caryophyllene content and aroma. Copaiba has traditionally been used to support the body’s natural response to injury or irritation and aids digestion.

Deep Relief Essential Oil By Young Living. — Willow Creek Salon

4. Oregano (15 ml – $27.75): Oregano is my #1 winter wellness oil for supporting my immune system. A must for anyone wanting to find another option to take care of themselves during cold and flu season.

5. Thyme (15 ml – $33.75): Thyme is one of the 3 main oils that support healthy hormones in women. It contains thymol – a substance that can support a healthy immune, nervous and digestive system.

6. Lemon (15 ml – $11.25): Lemon is an affordable essential oil that should be in every home. Not only does it support healthy muscles and joints, it can also help support digestive health and is great when combined with DIY cleansers.

What Young Living Essential Oil Is Good For Eczema

7. Eucalyptus Globulus (15 ml – $14.50): Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil is fragrant and known to cleanse and uplift the skin. It is also an effective oil to support a healthy respiratory system, especially as the school year begins.

Young Living 10 Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit Our Fields To Your Family New

8. DiGize/DiGize Vitality (15 ml – $32.75): DiGize/Vitality contains essential oils that support the digestive system. It’s nice to have your bags with you when you travel or eat out often.

9. Relaxation (10 ml – $28.75): This is a powerful blend that works well underfoot to promote healthy relaxation – especially for kids!:

10. Progessence Plus (15ml – $37.50): A natural balancing oil made with essential oils and wild yam extract that aids female hormone support.

11. EndoFlex (15 ml – $27.50): EndoFlex is a blend of spearmint, geranium and other pure essential oils that support the endocrine system. It also comes in the form of Vitality that can be taken internally.

Brain Power™ Essential Oil Blend

12. Peace and Calm (5 ml — $34.75): Peace and Calm is great for relaxation and relaxation — great for moms and dads with busy kids. If you have pets, it’s very useful for them too – everything from lightning to fireworks and more.

13. Valor (5ml — $24.75): Valor is the #1 oil of choice if you want to bolster feelings of confidence and courage in the face of adversity.

14. RC (15ml – $22.75): Everyone loves R.C. — which is great for airway congestion. Use it to support your throat and chest when you feel you need that extra support. This is my #1 favorite oil to diffuse at night as we start the school year.

What Young Living Essential Oil Is Good For Eczema

15. Baby Soft (5ml — $21.25): Baby Soft is great for small breasts — or those expecting. It is soothing when used and can be added to DIY ingredients to support healthy skin.

Can You Ingest Essential Oils?

16. Deep Relief Wrap (10 ml — $26.75): Apply to problem areas that need support or relief after a hard workout or when you have tired muscles.

17. Breathe Again (10 ml – $25.75): Breathe Again is great for supporting healthy breathing — whether through the nose or chest, when the seasons change, or when you find yourself needing extra support .

18. Thief Household Cleaner (14.4 oz — $22): This powerful cleaner is safe, effective and great to use on all surfaces around the house — from mirrors to counters, bathrooms and more. Add a small cup of water to 15-20 oz of water.

19. Christmas Spirit (5ml – $10.25): A blend of Cinnamon, Orange and Idaho Blue Spruce, this oil isn’t just for the holidays (or all year round), it’s an oil of JOY to lift your mood to change.

Essential Oils For Kids

20. NingXia Red (2pk – $71): An essential oil drink, NingXia Red is packed with antioxidants and is a great addition to support your fitness goals. It helps with cell and immune function, blood sugar control and eye health.

21. Aromabright Thieves Toothpaste (4 oz – $10.25): Unlike regular commercial toothpaste, Aromabright Thieves is free of fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate and other ingredients. It is natural with herbal ingredients.

22. Life 9 Probiotic (30 ct – $28.75): Life 9 is a proprietary, potent probiotic that combines 17 billion live cultures of 9 types of digestive bacteria. generally support a healthy immune system. Your immune system starts in your gut – this is a great way to start your wellness efforts.

What Young Living Essential Oil Is Good For Eczema

23. Dragon Time (15 ml – $48.75): Dragon Time is similar to Progessence Plus, but it has a difference – it is a great option to help women of the month period (heavy periods, mood swings, stomach , etc. . ) Dragon Time is a blend of Lavender, Clary Sage, Fennel, Jasmine, Marjoram and Yarrow.

New! Young Living Essential Oil Set Of 3 Peace & Calming Loyalty Lot Relax Calm

24. Helichrysum (5ml — $85): If you have kids, Helichrysum is a must. I have relied on this oil several times!

Essential oils support skin, liver and metabolism health. Perfect for those times when your kids need extra help with their mischief.

25. Tea Tree (15 ml – $26): Tea Tree essential oil has many benefits, including cleansing and aromatic properties, and this versatile oil can be used in everything from household cleaners to hair care. We use it to make our DIY cleanser, but we also use it as a facial cleanser. Essential oils have made a difference in my family over the past few years. We use it for stress relief and more!

We started to see what the surfaces of our homes were like, full of cleaning chemicals, synthetic products in our food and in our body care. Not anymore! Let’s clean up the mess!

Young Living Essential Oils — . — The Willow Field

I used to eliminate much of my family’s use of chemicals. Essential oils I replaced with home perfumes (later candles), household cleaners (I love Thieves household cleaner), and personal products (lotion, hand sanitizer, etc.).

We love how comfortable we feel with fewer chemicals in our home, and I want to share our love of oils with you, hoping you will too!

Are you ready to start? 1. Go to the Youth Life page here and fill in your details. 2. Make sure the “Wholesale Membership” option is selected so you don’t end up paying retail prices. 3. Make sure the “Sponsor ID” and “Registration ID” say 2271768. Double check and make sure the number is in both fields.

What Young Living Essential Oil Is Good For Eczema

4. If you don’t feel comfortable entering your social security number (it’s tax only if you decide to turn it into a business), then here’s how to get an EIN from the IRS in seconds and get that instead number (the IRS should only be able to link the number to you for tax purposes). They need your social security number or EIN because if you make $600 or more a year selling Young Living products, you will receive a 1099 form in the mail (which is required by law). Young Life will never share this information with anyone. 5. Select the boot device you want. My recommendation would be the Premium Starter Kit (and you should get that from my learning pack). The oil in the Daily Oil box (10 – 5 ml bottle) is the oil I use almost every day! You can get the kit for $160, or you can get the kit for $170 plus a variety of essential oils!

How To Order Young Living Essential Oils

6. Sign time

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