Who Are The Richest People In America

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Who Are The Richest People In America

Who Are The Richest People In America

The combined wealth of the five richest people in the United States is $435.4 billion. This is more than 2% of US GDP.

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Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are the three richest people in the USA. AP Footage, AP Footage, Reuters

According to Forbes’ 2019 list of the 400 richest Americans, the five richest people in the United States are worth $435.4 billion, and all but one are rich in the technology industry.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tops the list with $114 billion, followed by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates ($106 billion), Berkshire Hathaway investor and chairman Warren Buffett Buffett ($80.8 billion), Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ($69.6 billion) and Oracle. follow. Co-founder Larry Ellison ($65 billion), according to Forbes.

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Their combined wealth is more than 2% of America’s GDP, which was $21.34 trillion in the second quarter of 2019. (Exactly 2% of $21.34 trillion is $426.8 billion.)

A Business Insider analysis found that for a billionaire, buying a vacation to Bali is like buying regular American fudge. And that’s based on $2 billion, the median net worth of the billionaires on the Forbes list.

Although these five people are the richest people in the USA, the European millionaire removed Ellison from the list of the five richest people in the world. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, French businessman Bernard Arnault, who controls LVMH, is the third richest person in the world, after Bezos and Gates, with a fortune of 91.9 billion dollars . Forbes estimates his net worth at less than $91.4 billion, which is still higher than Zuckerberg and Ellison.

Who Are The Richest People In America

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The Richest Person In Each State Of America, Visualized

As Business Insider’s Hillary Hofower reported earlier, the US, home to nearly 705 billion people, is the nation’s leading billionaire. New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles have the highest concentrations of billionaires in the country.

China is second with 285 billion, but may catch up with the US. According to a recent PBS report, China is producing billionaires faster than any other country.

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Today’s map comes to us from HowMuch.net and it shows the incredible disparity in super wealth from state to state.

Below is the complete list of the richest people in each U.S. state, as calculated by Forbes in early March 2020.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos leads the list with $117.1 billion in Washington state, while Alaska is the lowest on the list with just $0.3 billion.

Who Are The Richest People In America

Although all the above names are considered very rich in their districts, there is still a big difference. At the bottom of the list ($0.3 billion), Bezos will have to increase his fortune 390 times to reach $117.1 billion.

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In other words, there is an equal difference between the wealth of an average family (~$100,000) in the United States and a multi-millionaire with $39 million to his name.

The figures above were obtained before the market collapse of COVID-19, which will affect most of the assets listed here.

While Jeff Bezos has most of his wealth tied to Amazon stock, he has not been affected by the uncertainty so far. With many people still staying at home due to social distancing, orders from online platforms such as Amazon have exploded.

Like Amazon, heirs to the Walmart fortune in the Walton family also see Walmart’s stock price remain flat amid the uncertainty, including Jim Walton, Alice Walton and Rob Walton. In fact, some analysts consider Walmart to be the ultimate “stock-proof” as shoppers flock to buy discounted goods in bad economic times.

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Warren Buffett is also an interesting case. While the stock market has destroyed the real-time value of his wealth, it’s not a game Warren Buffett plays. In fact, he is known to wait for times of crisis to use his money, and he has a lot of money ready for such a situation.

Billionaires like Nevada’s Sheldon Adelson or Colorado’s Philip Anschutz may be singing a different tune than other investors. For example, Adelson owns a large portion of the Las Vegas Strip, as well as casinos and hotels in Singapore and Macau. Unfortunately, the tourism industry is one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis.

Meanwhile, Anschutz is the owner of the Coachella music festival and is involved in several professional sports teams (LA Lakers, LA Kings and many MLS teams) across the country affected by cancellation of events and large gatherings. Like others, Anschutz is probably dying to get everything back to normal.

Who Are The Richest People In America

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Animated War: Changing fate of Russian billionaires from 2022. What path have Russian billionaires followed since Russia invaded Ukraine? The game follows the fate of 22 Russian billionaires.

When Russia invaded Ukraine in January 2022, many countries retaliated with sanctions that directly targeted Russian billionaires – oligarchs – and politicians.

And as the war continued, these sanctions intensified, finally targeting the relatives of these billionaires and their fake companies. The reason? These oligarchs are connected to the Russian government by providing verbal and financial support for lucrative businesses or overseeing a beneficial government.

This game by James Eagle shows how the estimated net worth of the 22 richest Russian billionaires in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index in April 2023 has changed since January 2022, before the war began.

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As of April 20, 2023, Russia’s 22 richest billionaires lost a total of $90.4 billion as of January 5, 2022.

Most concerned is Viktor Vekselberg, a shareholder in UC Rusal, the world’s third largest aluminum producer. Since the start of the war, it has lost about $11.3 billion, or 61% of its value, as of January 2022.

Roman Abramovich, who started working with oil companies in the early years of the oligarchy, was also hit hard by the sanctions. It had lost $10.5 billion, or 58% of its value, as of January 2022 and was forced to sell Chelsea Soccer Club in one of the largest sales of sports clubs in history.

Who Are The Richest People In America

It is noteworthy that the richest oligarchs did not lose that much money. The largest shareholder of mining giant Norilsk Nickel, Vladimir Potanin, saw his value fall by 4.8%. After being hit hard at the beginning of the war in Ukraine, he quickly bounced back and had a net worth several times higher, reaching $35.6 billion in June 2022.

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And several oligarchs, such as former Norilsk Nickel CEO Mikhail Prokhorov and phosphate fertilizer tycoon Andrey Guryev, have seen their wealth increase since January 2022. Guryev increased his net worth of income by $ 2 billion, or 26%, while Prokhorov (formerly of the Brooklyn’ Nets) saw wealth increase by $ 0.3 billion, or 2%.

As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues and sanctions continue to put pressure on Russian billionaires, politicians and businesses, their outcome is uncertain.

The oligarchs lost their money, divested themselves of foreign companies, and took possession of valuable assets such as mansions and ships. At the same time, although the Russian economy weakened under the sanctions, growing trade with countries such as China, India and Saudi Arabia kept it stronger than expected. so.

Other oligarchs expressed mixed concerns about the ongoing war, while the wealthiest took care to remain unfettered. Russian billionaires

The Ten Wealthiest People In America, According To Forbes

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