How To Do The Perfect Red Lip

How To Do The Perfect Red Lip – Some things are really hard—climbing Everest, saying no to the last chip, learning how to breakdance when you’re over 30 and totally inflexible (especially your hamstrings)—but other things, like a perfect red lip, Not difficult. It’s not difficult at all.

With the right tools, a few tips, and a little practice, it’s easy to achieve smooth, symmetrical red lips with defined edges that aren’t harsh. By the end of this post, you won’t be looking like a crazy clown running wild at your kid’s birthday party (although that sometimes happens when I try lipliner on my bare lips). In no time you’ll be doing it like a seasoned pro.

How To Do The Perfect Red Lip

How To Do The Perfect Red Lip

First apply (directly from the bullet) your desired amount of red lipstick to the center area of ​​your lips. The key here is: don’t wear lipstick all the time.

How To Get The Perfect French Red Lip Makeup Look

At this point, as is often the case with makeup, it can look a little weird if you’re doing it right…  

Using a lip brush filled with the same red lipstick, fill in the edges around the area you just applied from the ball, dragging some of the existing lipstick out as you apply it to the edge of your lip line. We do this because the brush is more detailed than the lipstick ball.

Try to get a smooth and even lip line, but it doesn’t have to be perfect at this point.

Now put the lip brush aside and pick up a sharp red lip liner (sharpen it first because we want nice and sharp edges) in a color that matches your lipstick.

The Return Of The Red Lip: How To Find Your Perfect Shade

Grab a lip liner and start drawing a line along the edge of your lips, following your natural lip line, we do this for two reasons. First, we create a border for the red lipstick, which we don’t go beyond, and second, if necessary, we also use this opportunity to adjust the shape of the lips so that they look perfectly symmetrical. For example, one side of my lips is thinner than the other, so at this point I line one side slightly to make my lips look even and full.

Next, use the same lip brush you used before (though this time without any other product) to gently blend the line you’ve drawn with the lip pencil with the lipstick to soften the look of the lip liner.

If you make a mistake, such as accidentally drawing the natural lip line, or you just want to sharpen the edge a little, use the Flat tool to draw a line along the edge slightly beyond the natural lip line to correct the line. A thin concealer brush with a little concealer on top, or flesh-colored eyeliner (like I do here).

How To Do The Perfect Red Lip

When you’re done with your touch-ups, use a cotton swab or your finger to pat and apply concealer (if you used one), as we don’t want concealer to stay in place.

The Perfect Red — Billy’s Blues Cosmetics

Finally, and here’s another step, use a brush or finger to dab a cream or highlighter on top of the cupid’s bow. That way, when the light hits your lips, your cupid’s bow will reflect shimmering highlights for a fuller look.

Lip products I use (along with the highlighter) L’Oreal Color Riche Exclusive Red Lip Gloss, 401 Julianne’s Red — Lipstick MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil High Energy — Lip Pencil Sephora MicroSmooth Sculpting Contour Trio, Sublime (Gold) — Highlight Click” accept all cookies ”, you agree to the storage of cookies on your device to improve site navigation, analyze site usage and assist in our marketing efforts.

Amy Lawrenson is UK Editorial Director and has been a freelance beauty and wellness journalist for over 13 years.

Ashley Rebecca is a New York-based makeup artist and regular contributor in the fields of makeup, skincare, and haircare.

The Trick To Finding Your Perfect Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is undoubtedly a classic, appearing on the catwalks of fashion week year after year. Timeless shades come in a million shades, from traditional blue-red to shimmery lacquer iterations. Just like red comes in endless shades, when you browse through red lip tutorials, you can quickly find yourself down the rabbit hole. That’s why we hired two of the top makeup artists in the business to separate fact from fiction for the perfect red lipstick look (that actually lasts). Keep scrolling for a red lipstick video tutorial from makeup artist Bob Scott, plus tips from MAC Senior Artist Rebecca Butterworth.

“Cool-girl lips have a grungy, soulless feel. Bold color with diffused edges or defined texture (car paint highlights or powdery matte) separates modern lips from overly retro ones, go ahead.”

“The red lip is the base color that brings out every freckle you have. The skin can be as raw and authentic as possible to offset the perfection of the red lip.”

How To Do The Perfect Red Lip

“If you don’t want to wear mascara, this is the best way to stay modern. Curl your lashes, put highlighter or lipstick on your lids, and go. Or, if you want to wear mascara, you can put it on Layer for a mascara-punk feel.”

The Sugar Edit: Red Lipsticks That Suit All Skin Tones

“Coverage is a very important step in creating a modern lip, and a lip liner that matches your choice of red is essential for a clean, opaque finish.”

“Using a brush will make this easier. Try using a round brush because it will do a lot of the work for you. My brush of choice is actually an eyeshadow brush—MAC’s 248 Small Eyeshadow Brush ($27). There are A slender silhouette and rounded ends allow for flexibility. Use the rounded end to imprint a curved shape on Cupid’s Bow.”

“Highlights are back. The modern woman wants the ultimate in texture and statement. MAC Lipglass Clear ($17.50) is the ultimate gloss maker. It’s a perspex gloss in tubes. For a modern matte finish, take a cue from an old-fashioned makeup trick: Lay on Tissue and absorbs lip color. While the tissue is still covering the lips, sprinkle a loose layer of translucent powder on top. If I can get rid of the red tongue, I’m pretty sure I can buy a house, pay my own taxes, and get through the horrible social occasion, and pretty much conquered the entire world. Red lipstick is a classic, and despite its simplicity, sometimes it’s the most powerful makeup you can use.

I know that finding the right red lipstick can be difficult, so in this post I am going to share all the best red lipsticks that I have found. I chose a gorgeous and classic solid red, leaning more toward cooler colors. If you are looking for a warmer orange-red shade, stay tuned because I will be writing another post soon listing all the best orange lipsticks.

How To Do The Perfect Red Lip For The Holidays

Here are six of the best red lipsticks in my collection. Two of these are organic, so you don’t have to compromise on quality or color if you love natural beauty. I also have some fancy lipsticks and some cheap drugstore lipsticks.

You will succeed because the pencil is easy to use. The color is a perfect red. Since it is a pencil, it has a more matte finish. It has a fruity aroma that surprises me!

Perfect matte red lipstick. It’s neutral or just a little cool. It’s been a journey or death for me since I discovered it eight years ago. I used it on these two bridesmaids. Such a universally flattering red! The matte consistency is really good too.

How To Do The Perfect Red Lip

Red with raspberry hues. Glossy finish. This is my favorite lipstick formula ever – very comfortable. The lipstick packaging itself is also perfect, with magnetic closures and more.

How To Do Glam Red Lip Makeup And Look Simply Fabulous

Zuii’s Classic Red is indeed a beautiful classic red. I’ve used it many times (I got a new one ready for this post). The Zuii lipstick formula is another favorite of mine. Because it’s rich in natural oils and waxes, it feels comfortable on lips even when it’s semi-matte.

Not only are the YSL Tatouage Couture lipsticks beautiful, but the liquid lipstick formula is really good too. It is very thin but rich in color. faded. It has a hint of orange, but I would still classify it as a red.

This is the only one of them that is truly smudge-proof. Or kiss-proof — really. It stays on really well and can only be removed with a waterproof makeup remover. (As a rule of thumb. Worth remembering when you don’t have it at home and have painted it.) It’s a very richly pigmented, slightly darker red. Gloss provides shine and moisture, but if you don’t like gloss, you can skip it and you’ll get a matte finish.

Perfect Red Lip Liner

Christmas Party Season Prep: Is This How To Apply The Perfect Red Lip?

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