How To Hang Curtains The Right Way

How To Hang Curtains The Right Way – Another great finishing touch to a room is curtains! They have the ability to soften the look of a room, create the illusion of a high ceiling, create a focal point and increase the width of a wall. However, they can do the opposite if not installed properly. While I always encourage you to do what you love most, there are a few curtain rules that I highly recommend.

Do not place curtain rods directly above the window frame. This will make your roof look shorter, drawing the eye down.

How To Hang Curtains The Right Way

How To Hang Curtains The Right Way

For a standard 8-foot ceiling, place the rod about 1 to 3 inches below the ceiling or crown molding. If you have a high ceiling (9 to 10 feet) with windows that are lower than the ceiling, place the rod about 8 to 12 inches above the window box. This creates the illusion of a high ceiling and makes the room feel larger.

How To Hang Curtains The Right Way • Project Allen Designs

Avoid using a small rod, which forces the curtains to cover a large window when pulled back.

Place the rod 8 to 12 inches across the window frame so that it only covers the edge of the window when the curtains are open. This does three things – it lets more light into the room, it makes the window look bigger, and it ensures that your curtains hang properly without being pressed against the sides.

Use floor-length curtains. Your curtains should be 1/2 inch off the floor, kiss the floor, or have a puddle on the floor. For an 8′ ceiling I recommend standard 96 inch curtains, then you can adjust the top and bottom or adjust the bottom as needed.

If space allows, use panels on both sides of the window (even for small windows). It creates symmetry and balance in the room.

The Do’s + Don’ts Of Curtain Placement

For a complete look, use four panels for each window. This creates the illusion of wide windows and walls.

Shop some of my favorite curtains and blinds below. And keep scrolling for a quick overview of the instructions above.

Want to learn more about curtains? Take these fun quizzes to see how well you know different curtain styles!

How To Hang Curtains The Right Way

If you’ve ever wondered which window treatment would look best on your sophisticated windows, this is for you.

How To Hang Drapes At The Proper Height

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My friend Marco Polo picked me up at his new home earlier this week. He took me room by room and showed me everything they did and wanted to do. When he got to his daughter’s room, he stopped: “Look at the curtains, have we made them?” They just hug the window and look weird. Of course they were hung to close the window so there was no breathing room on the sides and top. This is a common mistake, and it’s not entirely your fault. Most box stores only carry curtains that are 84 inches long, which doesn’t give you room to hang your curtains up. I always take the extra time to order something online (I’ll link all my suggestions at the bottom of this post!) so I can hang our curtains higher and wider than our windows. It really makes your window (and room!) look bigger and bigger, and who doesn’t want that?!

You can also use this trick to center a window or make short rooms longer. Curtains. there is power! I almost always order curtains 95-96″ for 8″ ceilings and 108″ for 9″ ceilings. I don’t mind if our curtains meet at the bottom, but if you prefer your curtains to be a bit less flush, you can simply cut or taper them. Avoid high water curtains at all costs. If your curtains are hanging 6-12 inches off the floor, it’s not doing your room any favors. If it’s for safety (eg you have a curtain heater where the curtains blow), I’d choose a glossy roman shade instead.

How To Hang Curtains Correctly The First Time

Let’s take a trip down curtain memory lane and see how we hung curtains in different places in our projects.

As you can see, curtains can add color or complement each other. Sometimes we add 4 panels to make it look better or something light and airy or dark or something special (like our wardrobe) to get the right mood. Most of the photos have our curtains paired with shades and I can’t get enough of that layered look (these bamboo photos are a favorite here).

When purchasing a rod, make sure you choose a length long enough to reach the window on both sides. If there is a difference, I just want to cover the window molding inside the curtain.

How To Hang Curtains The Right Way

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How To Hang Eyelet Curtains (with Pictures)

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How To Hang Curtains The Right Way

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Must Know Rules For Hanging Curtains And Shades

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How To Hang Curtain Rods On Windows With Decorative Molding

Perhaps the most asked question by far is about curtains. Have a question? How to hang curtains!

Who knew!? It may seem easy to understand. But hanging curtains can go bad very quickly.

Today I hope to help you learn how to hang curtains. I’m also crossing my fingers that you read this before you order your curtains, because length, style and material are very important to how you hang them.

How To Hang Curtains The Right Way

Although materials, size and type of coating are very important, installation is equally important. I will tell you

How To Hang Curtains The Right Way

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