How To Find Your Shade Of Foundation

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How To Find Your Shade Of Foundation

How To Find Your Shade Of Foundation

Makeup artists are trained to notice the subtle changes in the skin to choose the right foundation for you. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a makeup artist in our back pocket and we have to choose the right foundation on our own. The task of choosing the right foundation can seem difficult on the Internet. The same base shade will look different on all screen devices. The way you read the picture will also be different from how you see the source of the person on your device. That’s why Juvia’s Place has come up with a simple, easy-to-use Foundation Shade Finder to help women of all ages find the perfect foundation. Juvia’s Place has 42 unique foundations combined to help every woman find the perfect foundation.

How To Find Foundation Shade Match

Each skin tone is unique and beautiful, subtle and complex, often varying from neck to cheek. Choosing the right foundation for your skin online can seem difficult, but it is very easy and only requires a little self-testing of the specific color that represents the epidermis, or layer of skin.

Before using Juvia’s Place Shade Finder foundation, you should check your tone first. Your true undertone is the key to buying a foundation that matches your skin tone. Normal skin is usually divided into “cool”, “warm” and “medium”. At Juvia’s Place we have added another category – “nuts”. This term refers to the color from your skin and affects the overall color or appearance of your skin. And these tones can be displayed on all skin tones, from the darkest to the darkest. “Cold” tones are blue or red. “Warm” tones give the skin a yellow, peach or golden appearance. The skin affected by the sound “nut” will have a green or gray color, but they can be “fresh” or “neutral”. “Neutral” does not give a shade, but the natural color of the skin is more obvious.

Determining your voice can be done in many ways. You really want to look at areas of the skin that are less exposed to the sun and therefore not damaged by the sun. Your underarms are one of the easiest places to find an undertone. You can watch your muscles.

Does your skin look blue or purple? If so, you may feel “cool”. People with “green” veins may have “warm” tones. “Olive” tones can be seen as green or blue, but they can be difficult to distinguish such as “neutral” tones.

Perfect Match Foundation Finder

You can determine your tone by learning how your skin reacts when exposed to the sun and what colors look good on you. People with a “cool” tone often look better in silver than gold, jewelry. Their skin rarely turns yellow, but they can burn easily. They also look good in blue, pink and red colors. People with “warm” tones look best in gold jewelry, and the best in gold, yellow and peach colors.

The tone “olive” seems to be the best of copper and gun, and the skin will burn easily and rarely. “Neutral” people look good in gold and silver jewelry, and look best in blue or green.

That’s right! Our Foundation Shade Finder tool returns the perfect foundation shade program for you. Juvia’s Place prides itself on being an inclusive brand. Available in 42 unique shades, our unique I Am Magic Velvety Matte Foundation is scientifically formulated to suit all skin tones. We have helped thousands of women find the perfect foundation. We also offer specially formulated concealers, easy-to-use eyeshadow sticks, highlighters and blushes that are great for both darker and lighter skin tones. Join makeup artist Moody Sister Whit as she explains how to find foundation and skin tone. find the best foundation match.

How To Find Your Shade Of Foundation

How to find your foundation skin How to know what’s under your skin How to use foundation to get the best results Shades available for every season

Find Your Perfect Foundation

Often you will find that you are one of the three voices. Ivory, beige or bronze. Your undertone is the first step to finding the right foundation for your skin. Most makeup bases are classified according to skin pigmentation from light to dark.

While your skin tone varies by race, where you live, and the season of the year, if you are Caucasian, you may find something that suits you in ivory, Hispanic, or Native American colors. mostly beige. and African Americans are mostly copper.

Look at foundation makeup swatches to determine your skin tone and see which color is best for your skin tone.

What is the undertone? Is my skin cool or hot? You should know because the skin does not change.

Find Your Super Smoother Blurring Skin Tint Shade

Your skin is the color of your skin. This is the most obvious thing about your skin. You will have the following sound:

When matching colors with customers, we look for symbols to tell stories, like red cheeks. If you notice that you are often blushing or have red cheeks, you have pink color. Do you get a nice golden glow when you choose? You may have a warm yellow. These simple signs will help you determine your skin condition.

To match your home base, choose the shade that is closest to you and look for lighter and darker colors. Before trying the foundation formula, make sure your skin is well prepared.

How To Find Your Shade Of Foundation

For best results, you’ll want to look at your foundation on your face, not your hands. Make sure your face is freshly washed and moisturized.

Find Your Foundation Shade Match

The goal is to find the shade that balances your tone and matches your face and neck in the most beautiful way.

. The color should match both or show the balance between the two. It should not be on your face and neck. We recommend trying at least 3 shades to get the perfect shade.

Once you have found your perfect shade, now you can prepare for the different seasons. Because your skin color changes from sun exposure, most people have 1 shade for winter and spring and another shade for summer and fall. In summer you go up 1 shade and in winter you usually go 1 shade.

The easiest way to find the perfect match is to turn to the experts. Send us an email on a makeup-free selfie from a window, out of direct sunlight. Moody Sister Whit matches your skin tone with a beautiful foundation. This gives you the confidence to find the perfect fit the first time.

Foundation Matching: How To Pick The Right Shade Of Foundation

If you are confident that you know your shade, you can get a basic sample kit and sample each shade at home. To find your perfect match, pick up a sample of foundations in different colors of ivory, beige or bronze.

What is foundation and how does it benefit your makeup? Learn more about face primer and why it’s important for flawless makeup!

Check out these tips to make your foundation last longer, so you’ll have flawless coverage all day long—even when you’re sweating.

How To Find Your Shade Of Foundation

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