How To Find The Right Haircut For Your Face Shape Guys

How To Find The Right Haircut For Your Face Shape Guys – We all know that: You demand the perfect hairstyle and although the result meets your expectations, you are not satisfied with the result. Reason? The hairstyle does not suit your face shape! Just like buying clothes that suit your figure, it’s important to figure out which hairstyle suits your face. The guidelines below will help you find the right cut for your face shape. However, please note that these are only tips and suggestions. It is important to always speak to a professional Perth hairdresser and get their expert opinion.

The key to a good hairstyle is finding one that gives the illusion of a long face. That’s why it’s important to first find out what your face shape is:

How To Find The Right Haircut For Your Face Shape Guys

How To Find The Right Haircut For Your Face Shape Guys

Which hairstyle is perfect for you also depends on your personal preferences; Likes, dislikes, sense of style and taste in fashion. What works for you may be someone else’s idea of ​​hair hell! A great haircut combines a shape that suits you with a cut that suits your lifestyle and personality. So don’t let popular styles or fashion trends dictate your hairstyle in Perth.

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Depending on the shape of your face, there may be aspects you want to minimize or enhance. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Whether you have no idea what you want or have a specific hair look in mind, the talented team at Chilli Couture look forward to working closely with each client to bring your dream hairstyle to life. Each of the passionate and experienced hairdressers can give you practical advice taking into account your personal taste and style. For more information about our organic hair salon and talented barbers in Perth, or to book an appointment, contact us online here or call us on 9328 8814 to speak to a friendly member of the team today. There are some things that men must consider when choosing a hairstyle. Your hair texture, thickness, face shape and what you do can make a big difference in finding something that works for you. The same hairstyle on a man with curly hair will look very different on a man with straight hair or even a man with a small wave in his hair. I wouldn’t give a teenager the same haircut as an older man with thinning hair. It’s not just about thinning thicker hair by adding texture. A hairstyle that suits a man with very thick hair can make a man with thinner hair look like he is trying very hard to hide or cover up his hair loss. something is happening. Today I’m going to talk more about face shapes and what hairstyles I think look best for each specific shape. These are not written down in short rules, even stylists do not agree on which style looks best on each face shape. For men, the ideal face shape is square. If a man has a less square face, the idea is to opt for a cut that creates more of an illusion of squareness. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every man sitting in my chair will get a square haircut, but there are little tricks I can use to create the illusion of a square face. I’ll get into that when I go into each face shape individually. If you’re one of the lucky ones who already has a square face shape, almost any hairstyle from long to short looks good, but neat and clean cuts will do. to look your best. The only thing to worry about if you’re a square-faced man is that the smaller you are, the more military your haircut will look. If you have a rectangular (long and narrow) shape, you definitely don’t want to have a lot of contrast between the top and the sides – this creates the illusion that your face is even longer. The beard will do the same. A cut that has the top and sides in proportion and some hair that falls over the forehead looks best on a man with a square face. I like to do the opposite of what I would do to a square-faced man on a round-faced man. You want that contrast between the top and the sides. On a man with a round face shape, it helps create the illusion of a strong jawline. A well-groomed beard can also help here. Fewer men have diamond faces than those listed above – but if you’re a man with one, you’ll want something with softer lines, not too short (which will damage your ears). looks bigger) and the side panel. If you have a heart-shaped face, similar hairstyles will suit you too. For a man with a triangular face, longer lengths are usually better. This will add volume and help balance a narrow forehead and wide jawline. I find that beards don’t look great on guys with triangular faces because they’re already so wide on the jawline, and a beard makes them look even wider. Below are some examples of different face shapes in men.

If you’ve got an idea for a new hairstyle or you don’t have an idea yourself, it’s best to look for pictures online to show your barber/stylist. Even having multiple photos is fine if you only like part of one and another part of another. I go to Reddit Male Hair Advice and I see so many posts with a picture asking, “What’s the name of this hairstyle?” There will always be a lot of answers that say, “I mean, go and take a picture at the hairdresser.” And then other comments where people are debating what the hairstyle is actually called. For this reason I think it’s best to bring images, the same hairstyles are labeled regionally or simply differently from person to person. Where I left off with “Combover” was when the old man swept all his hair over his bald head to one side to try to hide the fact that he was bald. A lot of people here call it a combover when a man with a lot of hair has it parted to one side. Until I moved here, I only heard it called “sideways”.

Thank you for reading. I hope this blog has helped you find a new hairstyle that suits you best.

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