What Essential Oil Is Good For Cold Sores

What Essential Oil Is Good For Cold Sores – It is a viral infection caused by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), which is not to be confused with HSV-2, which causes genital herpes.

They appear as small fluid-filled blisters on the outer edges of the lips, although they can also appear on the nose or cheek area.

What Essential Oil Is Good For Cold Sores

What Essential Oil Is Good For Cold Sores

Herpes is contagious (even if the sores are not visible) and can be spread through personal contact, kissing, and oral sex.

What Is The Best Treatment For Cold Sores? Holistic Ways Of Treating Cold Sores

They are different from canker sores that are not caused by the herpes virus and appear on the inside of the mouth instead of on the outside.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for herpes, but antiviral drugs can help reduce the frequency of severe herpes outbreaks, and fortunately, there are natural remedies that can help speed up the healing process.

Due to the enhancement of the immune system, drugs and properties, essential oils have been used in recent years to treat herpes symptoms.

Essential oils (EOs) are highly concentrated aromatic compounds extracted from plants or plant products such as bark, leaves, flowers, roots, resin, seeds or fruits.

Natural Remedies For Cold Sores

They have been considered herbal medicine for hundreds of years, and their medicinal application is known as aromatherapy.

Some essential oils are believed to work as herpes treatments, as they have shown powerful antiviral properties in laboratory studies.

Medications can also help relieve pain and discomfort caused by herpes symptoms, such as:

What Essential Oil Is Good For Cold Sores

If you are considering using EOs for this specific medicinal purpose, you will want to use an oil with the following properties:

Easy Home Remedies For Herpes

In laboratory studies, low concentrations of tea tree essential oil and its antiviral activity have been shown to inhibit the herpes simplex virus (HSV). (one)

A study published in the medical journal Phytomedicine found that peppermint essential oil can reduce viral symptoms of HSV-1 and HSV-2 by more than 90%. (2)

Like tea tree, eucalyptus essential oil has been proven in laboratory studies to be a powerful agent against the herpes virus. (one)

According to a study published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacology, the essential oil of chamomile, along with the oil of anise and the oil of the scrub tree, shows a strong preventive effect.

How Vitamin Deficiencies Can Lead To Cold Sores — Eating Enlightenment

The study concluded that these oils can be useful in the treatment of drug-resistant herpes virus. (3)

Laboratory results published in Phytotherapy Research show that lemon balm oil inhibits the entry of the HSV-1 virus into skin cells in 96% of drug-resistant strains. (4)

Prevention: Avoid when taking multiple medications and when pregnant or breastfeeding. May irritate sensitive skin, so do a patch test before use.

What Essential Oil Is Good For Cold Sores

An article published in Medical Science Research found that both thyme oil and clove oil are highly antiviral and are able to break down the HSV-1 virus. (5)

Best Essential Oil For Fever Blisters: 10 Oils To Combat Cold Sores

Cons: Can cause skin irritation and sensitivity, so do a patch test before use. Avoid if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Avoid if you are taking more than one medicine.

Clove oil is not only an excellent anti-viral but is also known for its powerful pain-relieving effects and can even be a local anesthetic when applied topically. (5) (6)

Contraindications: Not intended for long-term use. Do not use directly on the skin without a carrier oil. Avoid if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have sensitive skin, do a patch test before use.

Because herpes can be caused or worsened by stress, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and direct sunlight, it is important to address each of these factors to reduce recurring outbreaks.

Cold Sore Stages: Identification And Treatment

There are some essential oils that have calming and soothing effects that are particularly helpful in managing stress.

A guided deep relaxation experience using essential oils for sleep will help you fall asleep in no time.

Supplements with vitamins C, D, and E, zinc, and the amino acid L-lysine can also help.

What Essential Oil Is Good For Cold Sores

Make it a habit to use sunscreen every day, and wear a hat when you spend long periods outside in direct sunlight.

Best Essential Oils For Sore Throat Infection

Since you are using EOs for medicinal purposes, it is really important to choose the right type of EO that offers maximum safety and healing.

Use the topical elixir when you feel the first signs of an outbreak – itching, mild itching, or mild redness and swelling in the area.

Take a small, dark, empty glass (preferably a dropper) and fill it with the mixture. Shake well

Use this oil as needed by diluting the mixture with a carrier oil (eg: Fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil).

Lemon Balm / Aloe Cold Sore Lip Balm

– The mother community is supported by the reader. We may earn an affiliate commission when you make a purchase through a link on our site. Learn more tips and ideas on how to use peppermint essential oil to treat and treat cold sores. Although we will always love peppermint oil, using it to treat herpes is one of its most effective uses.

We hear about “cold and flu season” all year round, but not so much on the issue of cold sores.

Just this week I had a really bad cold with runny nose, chapped lips, and cough, and then that stupid testicle feeling, isn’t it even herpes? Yes! I’m sure it’s due to a combination of damage to my lips and a weakened immune system!

What Essential Oil Is Good For Cold Sores

Herpes is a virus, the herpes simplex virus, HSV1 and HSV2. Cold sores are very contagious, just like colds and flu. If you have them, you know that removing them is very important.

Amazing Essential Oil Blends For Colds And Flu (updated 2020)

I have found that OTC treatments are expensive and don’t always work. Luckily for me, essential oils made a difference.

Peppermint essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can help fight the virus that causes nasty sores to appear. The problem with pimples is that when they break, the virus can spread and spread.

Although pepper can not heal cold sores, the menthol in pepper moisturizes the skin, helping with irritation and tension, preventing it from breaking.

One caveat (OK 2): Do not use if you are allergic to mint or menthol. Also, don’t use your fingers to “double-dash” or back the cotton pads, such as chips and dips. Bottle or glass. You will contaminate the oil and re-infect yourself.

How To Get Rid Of A Cold Sore Fast

Usage is very simple. Put a few drops on a cotton pad and gently tap the affected area. Do not rub, especially when the peel is applied.

You can repeat this process as many times as you need during the day. It would be best to wait a few hours between applications.

It is not a good idea to use it frequently, because the herpes virus can spread. The disposable app is the best!

What Essential Oil Is Good For Cold Sores

It can be particularly sensitive when your lips are wide open. If so, consider mixing your peppermint oil at least 50/50 with a carrier oil such as coconut or almond oil.

Peppermint Essential Oil For Cold Sores · Artsy Fartsy Life

Don’t overdo it, because you’ll want to throw away your cold sore after you’ve passed to avoid contaminating your other concoctions. The worst trauma of your life begins when you experience an unexpected outbreak of herpes. At worst, you see an alarming amount of bumps on different parts of your face. You want to regain the beauty of your skin and get rid of itchiness, skin irritation and pain. However, you can find many products that can help you get rid of acne, but don’t use them because they can damage your skin. Over the counter products may not be the best solution here. Essential oils can come to your rescue in such situations. Tea tree oil is one of the best oils for cold sores. We will support you and calm your fears. All you need to try is tea tree oil and herpes will disappear immediately!

Yes, we are not making any false claims, but the link between tea tree oil and herpes has been scientifically proven. The best part is that tea tree oil not only saves you from herpes but also keeps your skin in perfect condition.

Nature’s precious gift, tea tree oil, also known as Melaleuca oil, comes from the tea tree. This plant is known botanically as “Melaleuca Alternifolia” and is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Australia. Note that the tea tree is very different from the “tea tree”, the black tea tree. The tea tree leaves undergo steam distillation to obtain tea tree oil. The oil has a pure color and a wonderful blend of herbs, woods, clay, fresh and healing aromas.

The benefits of the tea tree can be traced back to ancient civilizations where it was used medicinally. A hot drink made from the dried leaves of the plant is a relief for people suffering from colds and flu. Today, olive oil is essential for our general health because of its healing properties. From rejuvenating the condition of the skin to restoring the health of the hair, oils always outperform all synthetic alternatives. Many people find that using tea tree oil for toothache and gum disease provides incredible relief. You can do it too

Natural Cold Sore Medicine

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