What Soup Is Good For Sore Throat

What Soup Is Good For Sore Throat – It’s warm and comfortable! This cold chicken soup is packed with all the ingredients of your favorite noodle soup plus more to help you fight off a cold or the flu in no time! The best home remedy for the flu season!

This chicken soup is the first meal I bring whenever one of us feels like eating something.

What Soup Is Good For Sore Throat

What Soup Is Good For Sore Throat

Always the same, right? It all starts with a sneeze or a little lump in the back of your neck that you can’t kick. And before you know it, it’s a total fever. Fever, chills, poor appetite and congestion. You get the picture.

Is Soup Good For You When You Have A Fever?

Nothing like a warm bowl of soup when you’re sick. Especially when it’s a comforting bowl of chicken noodle soup. Tons of al dente vegetables cooked in olive oil, tender chicken nuggets, warm chicken and pasta – the wider the pasta, the better.

To strengthen and create the “chicken flu-fighting muscle,” I used several things that help strengthen your immune system naturally.

This recipe was originally shared in January 2018, and has been updated with new photos, recipe updates, and new text in January 2022.

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What Should I Eat Or Drink When I Have A Cold?

30 Minute Chicken Dinner Favorite Lunch Soup and Stew Under 500 Calories Winter Soup Chicken and Vegetable Chicken Noodle Soup Chicken Noodle Soup Chicken Noodle Soup Flu Fighting Fever Fighting Soup Miso Soup, Ginger, Lemon and Garlic. sore throat.

This recipe makes enough for a large bowl of soup for one meal, so be sure to use the 2X and 3X buttons on the recipe card if you want to scale this up!

(Am I the only one associating alphabet noodles with being home sick at school? I suspect my mother was trying to make sure I was reading.)

What Soup Is Good For Sore Throat

I have nothing against a cup of chicken broth and alphabet soup for a sore throat. When you’re under the weather, you can only control it, and sometimes it’s your size, and I’m proud of you for that. We’ve all had those days.

Homemade Ginger Chicken Soup Recipe

But on those days I have a little bit of energy, or I’m starting to go crazy and just need it

For a little creativity, I make a cup of soothing lemon-ginger soup to soothe a sore throat.

This comforting soup uses most common food ingredients that can last well for a long time: chicken broth (or water + chicken broth), lemon, garlic, and miso paste.

Miso paste lasts forever, so if it’s not something you use often, grab it and apply it to your sore throat.

Best Foods For A Sore Throat

If you are not familiar with fresh ginger, grab it when you feel the first pinch in your back. It freezes well, so put a few in the fridge for later use.

Is there science behind this delicious, umami-rich blend? A quick Google search tells me that ginger helps reduce inflammation, miso is a fermented food rich in vitamins B and E, garlic is rich in allicin, lemon helps break down inflammation, and mucilage helps relieve pain.

But I’m not a medical professional, I’m not a nutritionist, and I don’t know you or your body enough to tell you that this soup has real, measurable health benefits. It’s just sweet. Please, if you are not feeling well, speak to your doctor.

What Soup Is Good For Sore Throat

I can tell you that this comforting soup tastes great and can provide quick, sweet, and delicious relief from a sore throat.

Healthy Detox Soup (so Easy!)

Look, but give her a good bite when she starts to feel like you can eat real food again.

In fact, if you don’t pack this comforting sauce while you’re laying the blankets on the bed, you’re doing it wrong.

Here’s what you’ll need to make what I consider to be one of the best soups ever.

If you miss the ginger, lose the lemon, the garlic, or simply lose the miso, you’ll end up with a flavorful, flavorful cup. Just what your taste needs.

Foods To Cure Sore Throat, Cough And Cold

If you don’t have a Microplane Zester, you’re probably reading this thinking “Uh, but when I’m sick, the last thing I want to do is grate canned ginger, lemon, and garlic.”

But if you have a small plane, you know you can do three things with one device

Hold the microplane down so ingredients come together on top, curved sides stick up, and are ready to use. Little effort boom, high taste.

What Soup Is Good For Sore Throat

Do you believe me? See photo below ginger on top of deck, light yellow orange juice in middle, blue garlic on bottom. All three were made without taking the small plane off the ground.

Healing Cauliflower Soup To Get Rid Of A Cold

If you don’t have a small plane, small holes in the box grid will do a decent job. With that said, you might want to give Lemon a quick stab.

Heat the oil in a small skillet over low heat. Then add the minced ginger, garlic, and lemon juice and cook until softened, about 30-60 seconds. Add the broth, bring to a boil, and stir in the alphabet noodles.

Cook the noodles according to package directions for Al dente, then remove from heat and stir in miso until melted. You don’t want to cook miso.

Taste before you decide whether or not to add salt – depending on the chicken broth you use, you may not need it!

The 7 Best Soups To Help Get Over Colds & Flu

Pour into a glass and garnish with a thin crust if you’re feeling adventurous. Then curl up under the blankets, warm your hands in a mug, and sip slowly to soothe your throat.

This soup is made when you are not feeling well. It’s a very forgiving blend of ingredients. If you don’t get it right, need to change, or don’t want to peel ginger,

This will still make a nice pot of soup if you mix all the ingredients together and heat up a sauce pot. Cooking miso isn’t perfect, but it also won’t spoil everything if you do it wrong. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself!

What Soup Is Good For Sore Throat

Little effort, high flavor – miso, ginger, lemon and garlic make this soup soothing for sore throats. Seriously, if you don’t get this out of the jar while you’re curled up under the blankets on the bed, you’re doing it wrong.

Fighting Colds & Flus, And My Healing Chicken Soup Recipe!

This entry was posted on 9/3/2020 and has been updated with an updated recipe and all new photos. Chicken Noodle Soup is the perfect soup when the weather is cold. It’s full of cool stuff and it’s warm and cozy!

I love any chicken noodle soup, but sometimes when I’m feeling “in the weather” I just don’t want a creamy soup. I want something thin and smooth to drink when i have a sore throat. Something with little bits of veggies and little noodles that fall off easily. I came up with this recipe one day after recovering from a bad virus. I decided not to catch me the next time I got sick. I’ll have warm soup in my freezer, ready to thaw, reheat, and serve!

I knew I wanted to add ingredients to this soup that would help reduce the symptoms of a cold or sore throat and that would help boost the immune system. I also cut vegetables into small pieces, keeping in mind that many patients do not like to eat them. These vegetables are small and cooked until soft, so they are easy to swallow.

Feel free to reduce the amount of noodles in this soup, if you like more soup and less noodles.

Creamy Flu Buster Vegetable Soup

Chicken noodle soup is full of great ingredients and delicious egg noodles. Perfect for the patient who wants a hot, comforting soup with ingredients that are easy to swallow.

There may be links in this post. We are participating in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate marketing program designed to provide a way for us to earn commissions by linking to Amazon.com and affiliate sites. We eat ginger, turmeric, garlic, onion and lemon. My immune system, damn it works! Follow me to make a delicious soup to boost your immune system and fight the flu!

First things first… of course

What Soup Is Good For Sore Throat

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