What Island To Visit In Hawaii For The First Time

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Makani is the first choice of celebrities and dignitaries and is the only luxury catamaran you’ll want to see when cruising the waters of Waikiki. Look for turtles and dolphins!

What Island To Visit In Hawaii For The First Time

What Island To Visit In Hawaii For The First Time

Join us for an amazing day of ziplining in Oahu! With zip lines ranging from 500 feet to half a mile, these are the longest zip lines on the island.

Best Islands To Visit In Hawaii On Your Next Vacation

Join us on our weekly Fireworks Friday Night Mai Tai cruise for an amazing sailing experience on our catamaran. See the iconic skyline from Waikiki to Diamond Head at sunset. Upon boarding, each guest is offered a complimentary Mai Tai.

Snorkel with Hawaiian sea turtles and many species of reef fish, and during whale season we are surrounded by the occasional dolphin or humpback whale.

December 7, 1941, “History in Infamy”. No trip to Oahu is complete without experiencing at least one day of Pearl Harbor history.

The North Shore Pineapple Farm Tour is a locally guided tour of Oahu’s North Shore where guests have exclusive access to Dole’s Pineapple Farm and Bake House.

This Is The Best Hawaiian Island To Visit In The Winter

Oahu is the embodiment of the spirit of Elohim. Often referred to as the “Heart of Hawaii,” the island of Oahu is steeped in history, rooted in ancient traditions, and brimming with stunning natural beauty.

Waimea Valley’s exceptional botanical collections feature dozens of unique gardens that represent plants from around the world, including a collection of plants found only in Hawaii. Walking in this magnificent valley, a magnificent waterfall awaits you.

The temple grounds are nestled in the foothills of the Kulau Mountains and are surrounded by lush Hawaiian landscape, home to wild peacocks and hundreds of Japanese carp. The beautiful gardens offer an out-of-body experience with a large reflecting pool, meditation spaces and small waterfalls.

What Island To Visit In Hawaii For The First Time

Our dolphin diving tours travel to the west side of Oahu and the Waianae Coast and its history of marine life such as dolphins (Naia), turtles (Hono) and whales (Kohula).

Hawaii Island Guide: What Exactly Is The Best Hawaiian Island To Visit?

Explore two of Pearl Harbor’s main attractions on this full-day tour. Visit the battleships USS Arizona and Missouri, as well as downtown Honolulu and Punch Bowl National Cemetery of the Pacific, where you can pay your respects to those who lost their lives in the attack.

Book your private tour and find out why this is the best way to see the island. Cover more ground and get a more intimate experience by hiring one of our tour vans or buses.

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Near Waikiki, Ka Mona Lua (East Lua of Oahu) offers incredible cuisine and delicious food along with traditional music, dance and other cultural activities. Gods! For some, a once-in-a-lifetime visit is a dream experience. For others, it’s a home away from home. Whether you’re vacationing every year, traveling for a special occasion like a wedding or honeymoon, or planning the vacation of your dreams, we hope you’ll find the resources you need to make your visit more than you could ever hope for.

Hawaii Best Island To Visit

We’ve included visitor information below to give you an overview of how to make the most of your time here.

As you explore the six main islands, you’ll have fun learning about each one’s unique features and personalities as you decide which destination you want to experience. Each Aloha Island offers unique travel adventures and finding which piece of paradise is right for you is part of the fun!

When is the best time to visit? Anytime, but depending on your budget and what you want to experience during your visit, it’s good to know what each season has to offer in terms of weather, cost, activities and water levels.

What Island To Visit In Hawaii For The First Time

Often, the biggest cost of travel is the plane ticket. For those on a budget, we’ve got tips for booking cheap flights and other ways to save on travel. Planning ahead and avoiding peak season can pay off.

Which Hawaii Island To Visit?

If comfort is more important than cost, we recommend booking a first class seat. The flight duration is at least 5 hours.

Can’t imagine spending 5 hours on a plane? Traveling by cruise ship is a great alternative to flying.

Proud to offer vacation packages, most fares are under $1,000. These vacation packages include plane tickets, car rental, and a six- to eight-day hotel stay on one or more islands. Visiting different islands or what we call “island hopping” is highly recommended as each island has its own unique “character”. We recommend that you browse the travel packages on this page to see which one suits your needs. Are you planning a trip to Hawaii but don’t know where to start? Confused between choosing an island or jumping around? Everywhere you go around the Hawaiian Islands, there are fantastic beaches

Feel the dynamic energy of Oahu’s capital island. Relax in Maui, which offers something for everyone, especially beach bums. Marvel at the towering sea cliffs of ancient Kaua’i. Amazingly, a new land was born from the volcanoes of Hawaii’s youngest island, the Big Island. Escape to luxurious accommodations on Lanai or learn about life off the land in rural Molokai, where Native Hawaiian traditions are strong. Whatever you’re looking for in paradise, the Aloha State has it—all you have to do is open your eyes.

The 5 Best Islands To Visit In Hawaii

Big city, small island — Oʻahu means “gathering place” and three-quarters of Hawaii’s population lives on the island. It is the island of Hawaii with 6.1 million visitors in 2019. The capital city of Honolulu is bustling with everyone hitting the city’s buses and sidewalks. However, miles of beaches and forest trails are just a short drive from the bustling city’s museums and historic sites.

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Endless Feasting: If you’re doing nothing on Oahu, you’ve got to eat. Then eat some more food trucks, island farmers markets, and fusion menus from Hawaii’s star chefs—they’re all here, waiting to be enjoyed.

What Island To Visit In Hawaii For The First Time

Multicultural Modernity: Oʻahu helps capture the pulse of a multicultural Hawaii that defies census categories. With influences from Native Hawaiians, European explorers, American missionaries, and Asian migrant farm workers, it is one of the most multicultural societies in the world.

Which Hawaiian Island Is The Best To Visit? Our 2023 Ranking

Trail enthusiasts, unite: Kilauea, the most active volcano on Earth, creates a hiker’s dream landscape: emerald canyons, frozen waterfalls, lava crashing into rainforests, and some towering peaks that reach They are difficult with your walking shoes.

The active volcanoes on the Big Island are a big attraction, but so is the marine wildlife © Westend61 / Getty Images

Ancient history: Ancient history can be seen on the big island. The first Polynesians probably landed at Ka Lae (South Point). Kamehameha, who united the Hawaiian Islands, was born in Kohala and died in Kailua-Kona. Hula has deep roots on the Big Island, and Miloli on the Kona Coast is perhaps the last remaining Hawaiian fishing village.

Wildlife: Dolphins leap, sea turtles roam, and coral gardens teem with colorful fish. In winter, humpback whales steal the show.

Of The Best Things To Do On The Big Island (2023)

Sun and Surf: Best known for its glorious sand, Maui has a beach for every mood: a mecca for windsurfers, quiet coves for snorkeling, hidden gems, and the biggest waves on Earth. Or lay down on the sand and scan the horizon for wintering whales.

Trails galore: The island’s hiking trails wind through bamboo forest, climb high ridges, pass waterfalls, and pass through Haleakala Volcano National Park.

Locals’ paradise: Local grass-fed beef, daily seafood and abundant organic gardens ensure Maui’s chef-driven restaurants have the ingredients to inspire their famous Hawaiian regional creations.

What Island To Visit In Hawaii For The First Time

Isolation: Ignoring the spectacular scenery of the other islands, Lanai seems like a secluded place of subtropical bliss, cut off from the rest of the world. Most of the island is owned by billionaire Larry Ellison, who wants the island to be self-sufficient, and when that (eventually) happens, his sense of alienation increases.

What Are The Best Islands To Visit In Hawaii?

Pu`u Pehe (Lovely Rock) is one of Lanai’s most remote landscapes © Grant Kaye / Getty Images

Pineapple: For most of the 20th century, Lana was the largest pineapple plantation in the world, owned by Dole. Essentially a corporate island of expatriate workers and managers who initially behaved like actual dictators. In the 1980s, Castle & Cook, a subsidiary of Dole, decided to switch from pineapples to tourism. The town of Lanai still retains its 1920s farmhouse architecture.

Hulupo’e Beach: Lanai’s main beach is beautiful: a long crescent of sand in a cove perfect for snorkeling, with a clean, uncrowded park behind it.

Tribal Culture: More than 50%

Map Of The 7 Hawaiian Islands

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