Which Is The Best Samsung Phone To Buy

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The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best Android phone ever with a dual zoom lens, a stellar display and great battery life. The S Pen is just a bonus

Which Is The Best Samsung Phone To Buy

Which Is The Best Samsung Phone To Buy

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the leader of the best Android phones of 2021. It has all the features you want in a phone, especially if you like big screens. Although it falls short of some of the other top contenders, it is still a very good tool for any Android fan.

For $1,199 — or $100 more than the iPhone 13 Pro Max — you get a vibrant 6.8-inch display and two telephoto lenses for insane zoom power. In addition, the S21 Ultra supports the S Pen, a first for the Galaxy S series.

Rear cameras: 108 MP wide-angle (f/1.8), 12 MP ultra-wide (f/2.2), 10 MP tele (3x zoom, f/2.4), 10 MP tele (10x zoom, f/4.9), laser AF sensor

The Galaxy S21 Ultra has a slimmer design and delivers faster performance from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip. And unlike the regular Galaxy S21, you don’t have to make nearly as many compromises. You get a better 108 MP main camera, a glass back (not plastic), more RAM and a higher resolution display.

Best Samsung Phones In 2023: Our Top Picks

Of course, after reviewing the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung has updated its phone lineup with the Galaxy S22. The new top-of-the-line Galaxy S22 Ultra is an upgrade from that model – our Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Galaxy S21 Ultra comparison is detailed, and we recommend the new device instead.

However, during our review of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it was one of the best phones money can buy for those willing to pay, and one of the best Android phones overall.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is hard to find these days – Samsung no longer offers it. You can still find it at other retailers and wireless carriers, but make sure you pay less than the debut price of $1,199 and you’ll get the new Galaxy S22 Ultra. Best Buy is currently selling the carrier version of the Galaxy S21 Ultra for $849, while unlocked versions can be found on Amazon for $750. Buying a refurbished Galaxy S21 Ultra can reduce the price even further.

Which Is The Best Samsung Phone To Buy

The entry-level S21 Ultra includes 12 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. You can also upgrade to a model with 256 GB of storage and 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage. The 256GB model costs $1,249 — essentially an extra $50 — while the Galaxy S21 Ultra will set you back $1,379. 512 GB storage. Be sure to check out our Samsung promo codes page for all the remaining deals and discounts on this old phone.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Review: The Ultimate Camera Phone

In the UK, the Galaxy S21 Ultra debuted at £1,149 for the base model with 12GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. That works out to £1,199 for the 256GB handset, and £1,329 for the 16GB and 512GB model.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a monolith of a phone. Yes, the contoured camera design merges the camera bump back into the glass, but it’s still a bulky device that you’ll want to use with two hands. We voted it the best designed device in our Tom’s Guide Awards 2021 for phones. .

With its 0.35-inch profile and 8.08-ounce weight, the S21 Ultra is thicker and heavier than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The display is slightly curved, unlike the completely flat regular Galaxy S21, but it’s not annoying. I never touched the screen like I did with last year’s Ultra.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is only available in two carrier colors: Phantom Black and Phantom Silver. I can go with black for its slimming effect. Samsung.com offers exclusive S21 Ultra colors including Phantom Navy, Phantom Titanium and Phantom Brown. Best Buy also offers an exclusive navy blue color.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Review: The Best Midrange Android Smartphone Money Can Buy

One of my favorite design innovations is the 1.7x larger fingerprint sensor. This makes unlocking the phone easier, and I found that the S21 Ultra didn’t require me to press down on the sensor like on previous phones.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED display is one of the best screens on a phone. It’s bright, dynamic and doesn’t let you choose between higher resolution and higher refresh rate like its predecessor.

Yes, you will be confused while watching videos on this tablet. Colors are as rich as ever and viewing angles are nice and wide when watching Bing on Netflix.

Which Is The Best Samsung Phone To Buy

But the Ultra beats the iPhone with its dynamic refresh rate. Not only do you get ultra-smooth scrolling and gameplay, but you get 120Hz and Quad HD resolution at the same time. So you don’t have to choose between the highest resolution and the highest refresh rate.

The Best Samsung Phones In 2023: Our 8 Favorite Galaxy Handsets

The S21 Ultra is also smart enough to automatically set the refresh rate to 10Hz to help save power.

In even better news, the S21 Ultra’s display is easy to read outdoors, as it can reach a maximum rated brightness of 1,500 nits. In our tests, the S21 Ultra averaged 821 nits, beating the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s 654 nits.

The S21 Ultra’s screen proved more colorful in our lab tests, with the panel producing 81.4% of the claimed DCI-P3 color gamut, compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s 84.8%.

Colors were slightly more accurate on the iPhone, with the screen achieving a Delta-E score of 0.07, compared to 0.35 on the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The Best Android Phones For 2023

Samsung says the S21 Ultra has a contrast ratio of 3 million:1, which is 50% higher than the S20 Ultra. There is also an Eye Comfort Shield feature designed to reduce eye strain by limiting blue light.

It is the camera where the Galaxy S21 Ultra stands out the most compared to the S21 and S21 Plus. There is a main 108MP wide sensor and a 12MP ultra-wide camera, complemented by a laser autofocus sensor.

But now that the Galaxy S22 is the new model, Samsung has announced that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will introduce some of the phone’s camera features, such as night shots with a telephoto lens.

Which Is The Best Samsung Phone To Buy

Space Zoom is so good that it shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. #GalaxyS21Ultra pic.twitter.com/ONJPWtdUZY January 15, 2021

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The Galaxy S21 Ultra will make you feel like a secret agent when you zoom in. While the iPhone 12 Pro Max sticks to 2.5x optical zoom, the S21 Ultra has two telephoto lenses with 3x and 10x optical zoom.

I was surprised how close I got to this sign while crossing the highway. Zooming at 100x is shaky, but the new zoom lock feature can help you get a stable photo with one tap.

The 108 MP main camera can record 12-bit HDR photos with 64 times more color data and three times the dynamic range of the S20 Ultra. Pro mode also has a 12-bit RAW file option.

I tried the camera at a nearby store to get a picture of the product and the green chilies in the foreground looked bright and delicious. And if you zoom in, you can get an amazing amount of detail. However, the shot of the iPhone 12 Pro Max looks more vivid in comparison.

Best Samsung Phone 2023: Which Galaxy Smartphone Is Right For You?

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is a great companion even when you’re out and about. Take this photo of giant trees I took in a nearby park. You can see nice detail in the waves, and the phone does a great job of capturing clouds against a blue sky, even when dealing with all the shadows in the foreground. In this case, I prefer the S21 Ultra photo slightly over the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but it’s very close.

Samsung says it has also improved Portrait mode on the S21, using AI to better separate the subject from the background. This is where the S21 Ultra offers the best bokeh. My skin tone is warmer on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but overall the S21 image looks better.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra also performs very well in low light thanks to its fast bright night sensor and 12MP non-contact technology. Photos compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, although the colors on the iPhone look more natural.

Which Is The Best Samsung Phone To Buy

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is pulled forward in this photo of a golden retriever. The image of the S21 Ultra is too bright and a little washed out, while its fur looks golden and more natural compared to the iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review

On the video front, the Galaxy S21 Ultra can record up to 30 8K videos

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