Which Part Of Jamaica Is The Best

Which Part Of Jamaica Is The Best – Which part of Jamaica is best? The Caribbean island is known for its friendly people, warm climate and, above all, its beauty. It can be hard to know which places to visit and which are worth exploring while on the island, but we’ve compiled a list of 23 of the best tropical beach itineraries in Jamaica before your trip. the experience you’ve always dreamed of.

Pro Tip: Visiting Jamaica for the first time? Negril is one of the best places to start, showcasing the most beautiful. Read more: Jamaica: which way to stay?

Which Part Of Jamaica Is The Best

Which Part Of Jamaica Is The Best

Pellew Island is located off the coast of Port Antonio and is sometimes called “Monkey Island” or “Queen’s Island”. The nickname Monkey Island comes from the island’s large population of imported monkeys, but today the beach is most famous for its tropical fish, which are known to provide the best ice cream in Jamaica. From nearby San San Beach, you can take a ferry to Pellew Island or go by boat. If you want to experience that chaste feeling without going too far, it’s the perfect place!

The Weather And Climate In Jamaica

Tip: look for sea urchins at the bottom of the sea; water shoes may be useful. If you haven’t thought of anything else, you can check out “What should you pack for a vacation in Jamaica? The last list. ‘

Located in Oracabessa Bay, Low Cay Beach is famous as the holiday home of Ian Fleming, creator of the James Bond series. Since then, the property has been occupied by Jamaican music artist, Chris Blackwell, but today its surroundings are not as glamorous as before, and now even worse. It is now a high-end resort, but the magic of the place has more to do with the 500 meter long cave, which is perfect for enjoying the day. Whether you want to swim in the lagoon or paddle board, you can enjoy a non-stop beach day at these beaches.

Half private, half public, Mammee Bay is one of the best choices for beach seekers in the Oho Rios area and is only 15 minutes from Oho Rios. This is a beach where you want to do more than just kick back and relax; The water is so calm and warm that you almost don’t want to get into it. Why not? How often do you travel to a Caribbean island and feel the cool soothing water against your skin after a sunny afternoon? The views from Mammee Bay Beach are spectacular, especially at sunset. Join one of their campfire groups and dance the night away. Mammee Bay Beach is definitely for the more adventurous, and there are even windsurfers and harpists on these beaches.

It is considered a more “local” beach than Doctor’s Cave Beach, and Aqua Sol Beach is definitely a big crowd. Spend a day away from your resort and explore Aqua Sol, which has so much to offer for all members of the family. There are many places to eat on this beach, but some people choose to bring their daily coolers and snacks. Try the Aqua Sol theme park, open Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. m. until 7 p.m. m., and your kids will enjoy the experience, including kart races, water stations and more. Aqua Sol Beach is close to downtown, so you can always walk across the street to explore some of the shops and relax on the beach.

A Freelance Writer’s Life Abroad: Inside Peek At My Life As An American Living In Negril, Jamaica For A Year, Part Xxxiv

Although you wouldn’t normally visit Kingston for a beach vacation, Fort Clarence Beach in Kingston is a great choice for families and adventurers alike, with its gorgeous white sand and blue seas complete with lifeguards, parking, and beachside dining options. . Less crowded than others in Kingston, Jamaica, it’s a great place for a picnic. You can rent beach chairs for the day, play volleyball, or spend some time with the kids building dunes. When you find the right place, you will have a great day at the beach.

About 30 minutes west of Ocho Rios, you’ll find these lines full of character, including a park with a water slide that the kids will love. There are showers and dressing rooms and a sprinkling of vendors where you can grab something to eat and drink near Fisherman’s Beach, a short walk from the sea. You’ll find more locals here on weekends, and some weekends you’ll have the beach to yourself. The water here is calm and deep for a long ride, perfect for a trip to the beach with children. You won’t find beach chairs or umbrellas for rent, so you’ll need to bring your own if you need to.

Music, vibes and great food combine to create a Hellshire beach experience. Start your day by finding the perfect place, then find the best place to try delicious seafood and especially the pepper shrimp sold by Stephanie’s or Sexy Shrimpie, as it is known to locals and tourists alike. You can find seafood vendors selling things like pea cakes or fresh lobster at bargain prices. Some days you can even take a reflexology lesson or sometimes get a magical Rastafarian finger massage on the beach. Physically there is black sand in some parts of the beach and the Blue Mountains can be seen in the distance. The water is crystal clear and the beach is often active, sometimes hosting festivals and concerts. Hellshire Beach is a 30 minute drive from Kingston.

Which Part Of Jamaica Is The Best

Insider tip: don’t leave Hell’s Beach until you’ve had your fill of the famous fish fry. Combine your food with a feast or bammy.

Things To Do In Jamaica With Or Without Kids

Cornwall Beach in Montego Bay isn’t necessarily the biggest beach, but it’s beautiful and fun if you just want to swim. If you want to get a room on the beach for the day, you will need to go early in the morning as it fills up quickly on busy beach days. Cornwall is walking distance from the Hip Strip and you have to pay $5 to get in. Doctor’s Cave is located on the beach. Cornish Sunday is usually a sunshine party, and beachgoers over the legal drinking age can partake in a ‘no frills’ cup of Appleton rum, which is all you can drink.

Burwood Beach in Trelawny generally gets good reviews and is highly regarded for its well-maintained general appeal. Like many of the best in Jamaica, there is a small entrance fee that goes towards the upkeep of the beach. The sea is off the northwest coast of Jamaica. The vibe here is laid back and Burwood is often referred to as a family beach. There are gazebos, a playground, beaches and restaurants, and plenty of great activities to keep you entertained. After spending a few hours on these beaches, you can explore the nearby town.

The famous James Bond movie Dr No was filmed in a coastal area, hence the name of the beach. As you can imagine, the beach itself is beautiful, and a visit here will show why the producers deemed it worth one of these popular flexible standalone sets. East of Oho Rios, the beach itself is a bit smaller, but you can enjoy the usual beach day activities. There is a small beach bar with a very friendly barman and the music from the beach bar usually adds to the atmosphere. There is an entry fee of US$5, and you can rent boards, boats and other equipment for an additional cost. You can go jet skiing, windsurfing, go on a glass bottom cruise or just enjoy the sea breeze.

Insider Tip: James Bond Beach is a 7-minute walk from the family-friendly Ocho Rios Resort. Sandals, the largest resort in the Caribbean, Sandals Ochi, is a 20-minute drive from James Bond Beach. Ochi has 16 restaurants and more than 100 swimming pools!

Map Of Jamaica

A 15-minute ferry ride from Port Royal is all it takes to reach Lime Cay, a small island off the coast of Kingston. Lime Cay goes below sea level at high tide, so it’s really just sea and sand. Locals love this place on weekends and there is no entrance fee to enter the beach. You can pay a small fee to a local to get there.

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