What Is The Largest House In America

What Is The Largest House In America – Visiting historic homes is a great way to learn about how our ancestors lived – and of course, some of these homes are nicer than others. Below, House Beautiful has compiled a list of the greatest historic homes in the US, including Hearst Castle, Biltmore Estate and Oheka Palace. Check out the list and plan your next trip (safe for COVID-19!) accordingly.

Located in Asheville, North Carolina, the Biltmore Estate takes the top spot on this list, as the home has 178,926 square feet of property. It was built between 1889 and 1895 for George Washington Vanderbilt II.

What Is The Largest House In America

What Is The Largest House In America

At 109,000 square meters, Oheka Castle is the second largest historic house in the country. It was built by Otto Kahn between 1914 and 1919 and is now a wedding and event venue as well as a hotel. In particular, Taylor Swift filmed part of her “Blank Space” music video here.

Longwood, The Largest Octagonal House In America, Built Beginning In 1860 For Haller And Julia Nutt By Architect Samuel Sloan, But Never Completed Due To The Civil War, Natchez, Mississippi. Longwood Is

Built for railroad magnate Edward Henry Harriman, Arden House is a 97,188-square-foot gem in Harriman, New York, now owned by the Center for Conservation Research. Harriman bought the property in 1886 for $52,500.

Covering an area of ​​96,582 square meters, the Winterthur Museum was once the home of Henri Francis du Pont and now houses around 85,000 objects in 175 special rooms. The entire complex covers 979 hectares.

Built in 1927, Shadow Lawn is a 90,000-square-foot mansion that was once the home of Hubert Parsons, president of the F.W. Woolworths. It is now part of Monmouth University.

At 88,000 square feet, Meadow Brook Hall ranks sixth on this list. This National Historic Landmark was built between 1926 and 1929 for the estate of Matilda Dodge Wilson. The building was donated to the state of Michigan in 1957 to help fund what is now Oakland University.

The Manor (los Angeles)

Built in 1899, Florham was the home of Hamilton McCown Twombly and his wife Florence Adele Vanderbilt. This 80,000 square foot building is now part of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Florham campus.

Built for Frederick Gilbert Bourne, president of the Singer Clothing Company in 1897, the Bourne Mansion was the largest estate on Long Island when it was built. This 75,000 square foot Georgian style home is now a venue for weddings and events.

One of three 70,000-square-foot buildings that takes the No. 9 spot on Idle Hour’s list is a Long Island mansion built in 1901 for William Kissam Vanderbilt. It later belonged to the now defunct Dowling College.

What Is The Largest House In America

Sleepy Hollow Country Club was founded in 1911, and Woodley, its clubhouse, was the private home of Colonel Elliott Fitch Shepard and his wife, Margaret Louise Vanderbilt Shepard. This residence was built between 1892 and 1895 by McKim, MeadWhite.

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The final 70,000-square-foot building, ranked #9 on this list, is Lynnwood Hall, a Neoclassical Revival gem in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. It was designed by architect Horace Trumbauer for Peter A.B. Wider between 1897 and 1900. It is believed to be the largest surviving Gilded Age house in the Philadelphia area.

At 68,500 square feet, the Hearst Mansion takes the 10th and final spot on this list. It was built between 1919 and 1947 for William Randolph Hearst’s publication by architect Julia Morgan. Hearst’s father, George, bought the original estate – all 40,000 acres – in 1865.

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Montana toy destroying california kitchen proving large life plane, this gallery of your infinity glass pool has unwanted money, what kind of house are you killing for yourself? Some people’s dreams have come true – a big way. All of these incredible American mansions are more than 20 times the size of the average American home in terms of square footage. Many are now fine museums, others are halls on college campuses, and some are still private residences. Some of them are not yet fully built. Here are 21 of the largest mansions in America.

Tower Gray was built in 1893 as the estate of confectioner William Welsh Harrison. In 1929, two years after Harrison’s death, Arcadia University purchased Gray Towers from the Harrison family for $712,500. Selected students are even allowed to stay.

With 132 rooms, including 35 bathrooms, the current White House has housed every sitting president since James Monroe in 1817. The original landmark was destroyed by fire in 1814. The “President’s House” and “Director’s Residence.” President Theodore Roosevelt gave the villa its current name in 1901.

What Is The Largest House In America

Businessman William Chapman Ralston bought a two-story California townhouse from an Italian gentleman in 1864. Within four years, Ralston had expanded the townhouse to 55,000 square feet. In 1922, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur purchased the building and for 90 years it was used as a classroom for students and faculty at the University of Notre Dame de Namur. Until 2012, the building was renovated.

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American businessman Andrew Carnegie changed life on Fifth Avenue forever when he built his 64-room mansion in 1902. Further north than any of his friends’ houses, the sophisticated Carnegie Mansion in It has central heating and cooling technology and modern steel construction. In 1976, the building opened as the Cooper-Hewitt Museum of the Smithsonian Institution.

Whitehall was built in 1902 for tycoon Henry Flagler. Widely regarded as the man responsible for making Florida a tourist destination, Flagler died in 1913 after collapsing in Whitehall. Today, the 55-room mansion still features marble, gold and walls and is open to visitors. Add real estate at the Flagler Museum to your list of things to do in Florida, not Disney or the beach.

Built as the summer home of Cornelius Vanderbilt II in 1895, The Breakers is one of America’s finest Gilded Age mansions. Built in the Italian Renaissance style on 13 hectares overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the grounds are beautiful and the interior is full of imported marble and towering architectural elements – another standard that makes it a must-see museum.

Mar-a-Lago officially opened in 1927 after four years of construction. The storm-proof structure was built for socialist and hateful heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post. When Post died in 1973, he bequeathed the building to the federal government, which struggled to maintain it. President Donald Trump bought the building in 1985 and used it as a private residence for ten years before turning it into a private club.

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After passing through several hands, the Dumbarton Oaks estate was extended by Robert and Mildred Bliss in the mid-19th century. In 1940, the couple moved the nearly 55,000-square-foot building to Harvard University, Robert’s home. Today, this estate houses a museum, a library, a garden and a research center.

Designed in the 1890s to replicate Henry VIII’s Hampton Court wing, Florham Mansion was the first property of Florence Vanderbilt and her husband Hamilton Twombly. The mansion was as grand as you’d expect from a Vanderbilt: 100 rooms and a garden built by the same man who designed New York’s Central Park. In 1957, the 178-acre property was purchased by Fairleigh Dickinson University as its third campus. The house is now called Hennessy Hall.

This Tudor Revival estate was built between 1912 and 1915 for Goodyear Tire co-founder F.A. Made by Seiberling. Inspired by English country houses, the villa is decorated with 21,455 glass windows and 23 fireplaces. Today, approximately 95% of the building’s furnishings are original. Within the building there are four gardens, a vineyard, an orchard and a winter garden. Tours are usually offered between April and December, but virtual tours are also available.

What Is The Largest House In America

Microsoft is one of the world’s largest companies with humble beginnings, but founder Bill Gates’ home is just as humble. Gates and his wife, Melinda, live in a house informally called “Xanadu 2.0,” after the mansion from the movie “Citizen Kane.” The main house has six kitchens, seven bedrooms, 24 bathrooms and six fireplaces. As you’d expect from Gates, the building is full of great technology. Guests use the pin to control lighting, room temperature and artwork in the guest room.

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Built in 2003 for billionaire Ira Rennert, Fair Field sits on a 63-acre property. The main house has 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, three bathrooms, a 164-seat theater and its own power plant. Its construction was so controversial that author James Brady wrote a novel about it called The House That Ate the Hamptons.

Hearst Castle was built between 1919 and 1947 for publisher William Randolph Hearst by one of

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