Best Place To Live In Miami Florida

Best Place To Live In Miami Florida – Beautiful beaches, warm temperatures, and rich culture are just some of the many reasons why Miami, Florida is a great place to live. Sometimes called the “Magic City,” it’s no wonder Miami is home to nearly 443,000 people. For those looking to move to this vibrant Florida metropolis, expect a median home sale price of $460,000. Alternatively, if you are considering renting apartments in Miami, the average rent for a one bedroom is $3,214 and $3,990 for a one bedroom.

If this price doesn’t fit your budget, we’ve got you covered. We have compiled a list of 9 affordable Miami suburbs within walking distance of downtown. Whether you buy a home in Miami or a nearby suburb, you can still explore all that Miami has to offer, from cheering on the Miami Heat to exploring the museums and gardens of Vizcaya.

Best Place To Live In Miami Florida

Best Place To Live In Miami Florida

With a population of 41,217, Hallandale Beach is the most affordable Miami suburb on our list. The median home sale price in Hallandale Beach is nearly $200,000 less than in Miami and is only 30 minutes from downtown. Living in Hallandale Beach, you’ll have close access to the Racecourse and Casino Golf Park and South City Beach Park.

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West Park, Florida is the second most affordable suburb of Miami. About the same distance from Miami to Allendale Beach, you’ll be strolling the streets of Little Havana with Cuban coffee and pastelitos in no time. While you’re in this suburb of 15,130 people, be sure to have a picnic at Mary Saunders Park.

Takes you to the suburbs of Hialeah, 25 minutes from downtown Miami. With a population of 223,109, this inexpensive suburban move allows you to stay close to Miami without paying an extra premium. In Hialeah, you’ll find Amelia Earhart Park and the Hialeah Park Racing & Casino. Be sure to plan a trip to McDonald’s Water Park after visiting the third best suburb on our list.

If you frequent the Miami area, chances are you’ve met someone from Pembroke Pines or someone who recently moved. About 171,178 residents call this cheap suburb home, and home prices are $90,000 less than Miami. When you visit Pembroke Pines, C.P. Smith Park to play a game of tennis, canoe at Chapel Trail Nature Reserve or golf at Hollybrook PGA Golf Course.

A 25-minute drive out of town will take you to the suburb of Kendal, home to 80,241 people. Close to Zoo Miami, Biscayne Bay and Everglades National Park, there are plenty of outdoor activities in and around Kendall. Visit Kendall Indian Hammocks Park for a picnic or play a few rounds of disc golf.

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Slightly more expensive than Kendall, Miami Gardens is located in Miami’s sixth best suburb. Kendal is home to around 111,640 people, and that’s where you’ll find the rainbow of the Sunshine State. While you’re busy looking for homes for sale, don’t forget to visit Rolling Oaks Park or head to Hard Rock Stadium to cheer on the Miami Dolphins.

Hollywood, a familiar suburb of Miami, must not be confused with Hollywood, California. It is tied for sixth place with Miami Gardens, as both cities have a median sales price of $379,000. Hollywood is a large suburb of Miami with a population of 153,067. From strolling down Hollywood Beach to kayaking through the mangroves at Ann Kolb Nature Center, there’s plenty to do and see in Hollywood.

Eighth on the list of affordable Miami suburbs is West Miami, which is about 25 minutes from downtown. With a population of 7,233, a move to West Miami will give you that small town feel while still being close to the big city. When visiting this cheap suburb, don’t miss a visit to Cooper Park.

Best Place To Live In Miami Florida

Doral, Florida is last on our list of affordable Miami suburbs. Without traffic, you’ll be in Miami in 25 minutes, which is similar to many cities on our list. The population of Doral is 75,874, much smaller than the population of Miami. Home to several parks – Doral Central Park, Doral Glades Park and Doral Downtown Park – there will be plenty of outdoor activities to take part in during your free time.

What Is The Best Neighborhood In Miami? Expert Local Advice David Siddons Group

Is the suburb below the Miami median sales price and affordable based on less than a 35 minute drive from downtown Miami. Data center median home sales data for December 2021. Average rent data from as of May 2022. Demographic data obtained from the US Census Bureau.

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These Are The 10 Best Cities To Live In South Florida In 2021, According To A Study

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If you use a screen reader or have trouble reading this site, please call customer service at 1-844-759-7732 for assistance. One of the top cities in America ranked by social media hashtags is in Florida

Miami, Florida has done it again! It’s ranked as one of the best cities to live in America, and even though it recently topped the rankings as one of the most expensive places in the world to live in luxury, people can’t stay away.

Best Place To Live In Miami Florida

Whether it is a sunny day warming the sand or a sky high above the sparkling sea, it has resulted in a revolutionary way of life in the post-pandemic reality.

The Best Neighborhoods In South Miami, Fl By Home Value

The study was completed by the Best Cities organization and compiled the list based on factors such as job opportunities, how many visitors travel there and the number of mentions on social media.

Florida is in tenth place on the list of destinations. Its foreign-born population and—believe it or not—the amount of Instagram promotion it receives are highlighted.

Can you blame the research? Miami is a living postcard no matter which street you turn to…the skyline at night is truly something special. In fact, it’s the “second most Instagrammed city in the country and top 10 in Google Trends and Facebook check-ins,” according to the report.

This is not the only reason it is in the top 10. There are many cultural centers such as Little Havana and Little Haiti that are truly a symbol of attracting expats.

The Best Places To Live In Florida In 2022 2023

The metro area is “the #1 city in the US for foreign-born immigrants (and more recently, the LGBTQ+ community, and more recently, Silicon Valley immigrants) and #4 for our talent-focused demographic,” the top cities the team gathered.

Another hit to the city is their culinary arts. One of their restaurants, Fratellino Ristorante, was named the best place to eat in Florida by Yelp.

Its constant recognition draws attention to the popular city, adding to the reason people fall in love with the South.

Best Place To Live In Miami Florida

Before you go, check out our guide to responsible travel so you can stay informed, safe, smart, and most of all, respectful on your adventure.

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This place in Florida may overtake Miami as the funniest cities in America in 2022.

ChatGPT presents 7 reasons why you should visit Florida, and it’s pretty accurate from the residents of POVMamiami, Florida may be one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Known for its white sand beaches, tropical weather, and international influence on food and culture, Miami is full of options. If you’re wondering what life is like in the magical city, you’ve come to the right place. The first step to moving to Miami is figuring out where to live.

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While you’re wondering where the best places to live in Miami are, our team has you covered. We also featured the best places to live in Florida! taking

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