How To Choose Blush For Skin Tone

How To Choose Blush For Skin Tone – The humble ingredients, the explanation of how to use the products and everything you always knew about skin types are revealed; The explanation will help you become a beauty expert.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take a few beauty products, what would they be? I think about it a lot, even though my flat in London is about as far from the tropics as it gets. You must be prepared for these things.

How To Choose Blush For Skin Tone

How To Choose Blush For Skin Tone

After careful consideration, the top of my list would be SPF (clear), then you will 100% find some kind of blush in my fantasy bag.

How To Find The Best Blush Colour For Your Skin Tone

It’s one of the most underrated makeup items if you ask me. If you want to look fresh and healthy, like you’ve spent time in the fresh mountain air, Heidi-style, blushing is the way to go.

I’m not the only one who thinks so – makeup mogul and founder of Jones Road, Bobbi Brown, agrees: “When I don’t see the glow, blush fixes it. I put a little high color on the cheeks, on the nose or on the forehead where the injection give life to the skin.” Here it is, certified by the best.

Although it may seem like a simple step in your makeup routine, blush is surprisingly easy to get wrong – not one color suits everyone, so finding the perfect match is essential. Where to start? Consider this your ultimate guide to perfect cheekbones in five easy steps…

It’s important not to confuse your actual skin tone here – your bottom is your skin

The Best Blush Color For Your Skin Tone, According To Experts

Shade that ranges from warm to cool and doesn’t necessarily reflect how light or dark your skin is.

For example, while fair colors are generally “cool”, especially medium and dark skin tones can be warm and cool. This affects what blushes (and foundations and lipsticks) actually end up on your skin. Of course, there are many different colors, but for a quick guide try this:

To see your shade, try looking at your shoulder: if your veins are green, you’re probably hot. If they’re blue, you’re cool. If you see a mix of both, chances are you’re neutral. There is also a t-shirt test: roll up a white ball or hold a white piece of paper in front of your face. If your skin looks pale, you are hot. If it turns pink, you’re good. If it stays the same, you are neutral.

How To Choose Blush For Skin Tone

The undertone is defined, it’s time to use it to choose a red color. As a general rule, warm undertones work best with orange or red undertones, while undertones work best with blue-pink undertones (pay attention to the relationship between your skin tone and redness). And for those with neutral undertones, almost anything suits you, you’re in luck.

The Best Blushes For Every Skin Tone

It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean you’ll be walking around in bright orange or blue socks if that’s not your vibe. Undertones are extremely subtle (which is why it’s so easy to get the wrong shade), so both warm and cool types can still wear a variety of blush shades, just slightly different shades.

But if you’re new to the tanning game and you’re stuck in the middle of Boots and don’t know where to start, here’s a tip that saves me every time: Pinch your elbow for 5-10 seconds to get the blood flowing. to draw that floats to the surface, then find a blush that matches the pink for a super natural, flattering blush.

Finding a formula that works for your skin type is also important for long-lasting makeup. Therefore, if your skin is dry, choose cream or gel shades and shades – they are the favorites of make-up artists. “I love using cream blushes in my makeup because they’re versatile and buildable,” says Bobbi Brown. “Also, they are great in the winter to keep the skin moist and dry.”

Powders are good for oily or combination skin. But, adds Brown, don’t limit yourself to just one formula: “If you have an oilier complexion, cream formulas in lipsticks can help enhance areas of light.” In short, if you prefer a thick cream (more on that later), you can choose between a cream or a liquid, regardless of skin type.

Best Blush Colors For Latina Skin Tones

There’s also the option to mix up your formulas: “Using a cream blush and then layering it with a powder blush of the same color will enhance your cheeks, keeping the blush until you wash it off,” says the makeup artist. artist and founder of Vieve. , Jamie Genevieve. “Applying products like this is suitable for any stage of makeup,” she adds.

As for the process, it depends on the desired effect. “I love using shadows without shimmer or shine because it gives a beautiful glow that looks natural, fresh and healthy – for those no-makeup days when you just want a subtle effect,” says Brown. . However, for full evening glam, a little glitter can go a long way – just be careful with the application.

Not surprisingly, the tool you use depends on your blush formula. Apply a light cream, toner or gel color with your fingers for a natural finish. You can also apply them with a wet sponge, or if you like a brush, use the thick super compact brush to blend liquid, cream or gel.

How To Choose Blush For Skin Tone

For powder, the key is a brush. Use broad, circular motions to gently apply the paint to the skin. “Apply sheer layers and build to your desired intensity. It’s easy to add product, but it’s hard to get it out,” says Genevieve.

What Color Blush Should I Wear?

So, you’ve decided on your foundation, chosen a color, chosen a formula and armed yourself with the application tools – but where do you apply blush?

Genevieve says: “When ‘apples of the cheeks’ became the rule in applying blush. “We all look at individual face shapes to see how we can improve the features.” Here are three ways to try the modern blush look. …

For daily browning: Start with the apples of your cheeks, apply the product where you naturally brown. Then, for extra attention, the innovative Tiktok application technique comes into play: try to apply any remaining color to the bridge of your nose (and even your chin), blending well for a new face. This look is perfect for a summer glow with some faux (or real if you’re blessed) waves.

For subtle sculpting: Apply a little under the armpits, from the middle, upwards and blend outwards for subtle definition without the need for a full line. “Using blush on the cheekbones and temples for a youthful look is definitely the most popular technique of late,” says Genevieve.

How To Choose Best Blush Shades That Suit All Indian Skin Tones

For evening glam: focus on the top of the cheekbones, apply blush to the forehead for a little eighties drama. Bright colors look especially good, and formulas with added shimmer are perfect for this look—the brighter, the brighter, the better.

Anything Rihanna endorses is an instant hit with me, and when put to the test, this creamy blush is truly deceiving. Can see 10 colors

Thick, just one swipe on the lips reveals a sheer, buildable formula, so you can match the color intensity to suit (without disturbing the makeup underneath). Additionally, it is sweat and water resistant, which means it will last all day. The dream

How To Choose Blush For Skin Tone

Five shades make a huge difference thanks to Vieve’s now iconic powder formula; Diluted pigments provide significant color payoffs. How to balance light colors? I’ll let the brand’s founder share his method: “Take a small amount of blue and apply it to your temples, eyes, nose and cheekbones – it sounds scary, but it really lifts your complexion and really completes your look. ,” says Genevieve. .

The Best Makeup For Your Skin Tone And Eye Color

A budget multi-tasker that delivers great color wash, 12-hour hydration and, in true Body Shop fashion, is vegan-friendly: I’m sold. A few swipes on the cheeks and you’re done – it also works really well on the lips and doesn’t budge.

Of course, the girl-friendly cosmetics brand offers easy and simple natural looks. Like a light cloud, this gel-cream glides easily into the skin. Plus, it contains special luminous pigments for a soft-focus effect, so it glides over any uneven texture or hair.

Although this device may be the most expensive for your price, don’t worry – its versatility means you get the most for your money. It’s even in the name: it’s a blush/lipstick and a lip balm and lipstick all in one. It also contains nourishing castor oil, which contains vitamin E which stimulates collagen production and helps reduce acne, hyperpigmentation and fine lines, and comes in a handy diffuser. Success, success.

Because what’s red without the UK’s number one red brand? And for good reason. While you’re probably used to seeing her iconic Orgasm shade everywhere, the powder blush range really does extend into the highlighter.

The Best Blush Options For Every Skin Tone: What To Pick, How To Choose

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