How High To Hang Shower Curtain Rod

How High To Hang Shower Curtain Rod – Hello! I’m back with a quick tip on how to make any bathroom look a lot bigger. At least one with a shower curtain. 🙂 I’ll share an additional tip that I think helps a lot too!

This is something I’ve noticed for years – this simple trick lifts the eye and makes a room feel bigger. Remember the big makeover I did on our son’s bathroom a few years ago? This was one of my favorite transformations. We moved right after I finished it!:

How High To Hang Shower Curtain Rod

How High To Hang Shower Curtain Rod

This tip is related to the height of the shower curtain. You can see how his shower curtain is hanging in this before photo:

How To Install A Shower Curtain Rod

Now, I know some of these sample photos have before and afters that include other updates, but the focus is on the curtains, right? 😉

It was a FUN day. I just started tearing down this stupid wall on a whim (even though I’ve been thinking about it for years). Best solution so far. I hated that wall!

A short curtain has always bothered me, but I didn’t know how to make a longer curtain until I found out there was such a thing as extra long shower curtains. It was a game changer.

I know I know. Lots of other changes too. But it instantly makes the room look bigger. Taller. Greatness. Tricks the eye and makes a big difference.

How High Do You Hang A Shower Curtain?

Here’s my second tip – and if you have a good shower, it doesn’t cost a penny. Keep the shower curtain open instead of taking it down. This also helps a lot to open up the room.

If you take a nice shower, show it off. I know if you have small children, your opinion may not be as pretty as all the bath toys. 😉 But if you like a shower, open that curtain! This is especially nice if you have a window in your shower that lets in natural light.

I’ve put together a few examples that show the difference these two little tips make. First up, Erin’s beautiful gray subway tile bathroom before:

How High To Hang Shower Curtain Rod

Even with the other updates she made, this shower curtain caught my eye right away! There is a big difference:

Allen + Roth 72 In L Blue Ikat Mildew Resistant Polyester Shower Curtain In The Shower Curtains & Liners Department At

And she shows the beautiful shower holding the curtain open. 🙂 The lower curtain cuts the room vertically in two. If you raise it all the way up, the room looks much taller. Same concept as Windows – setting your curtain hardware higher does the same thing.

If you love your shower curtain but still want some height, consider a little DIY to make it longer. You can sew it or use a hem tape – this is a great example:

They found a curtain they liked, but it would be a bit busy with the rest of the room. Instead, she sewed a strip of fabric onto another shower curtain to give it length and keep that pop of color. I love how she used the rest as a window shade!

There you have it, a super easy way to make your bathroom look bigger. Lift those curtains and open them! Have you tried this trick at home? You can use the same shower rod – no need to replace this part.

The Pros And Cons Of Curved Shower Rods

See more about our home here. To purchase items in our home, click here! Never miss a single post by signing up to receive posts by email. How high should the shower curtain be? It depends on the length of the shower curtain/cabin to be installed, the height of the bath/shower edge and personal preference. However, in an effort to determine the appropriate shower curtain height for your own bathroom, I have created a simple equation that can be used to determine the appropriate minimum and maximum shower curtain height that you can use in your own home.

First determine the length of the shower curtain/shower curtain. To make things easier, I’ll assume that the shower curtain and the cornice are the same length. Here in the United States, the standard length of a shower curtain is 70 to 72 inches (178 to 183 cm) and is square, but it is becoming easier to find shower curtains that are not standard lengths. In my case, my shower curtain was 71 inches (180 cm) long.

Next, locate the drop hook/ring on the shower curtain. This is how much space there is between the top of the shower curtain and the bottom of the shower curtain rod when the shower curtain is hung on the rod with whatever hook/ring you use. Depending on your shower curtain hooks, this amount may be negligible, but if it’s more than 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) or you’re working with very tight tolerances, it should be considered when determining the height on the shower curtains. In my bathroom, the drop was about 1 inch (2.5 cm).

How High To Hang Shower Curtain Rod

Next, determine the height of the outside of the tub or shower rim. To determine the outside height, measure the distance between the floor outside the tub/shower and the top edge of the tub/shower. My tub was 14 inches (36 cm) high. To determine the inside height, measure the distance between the inside floor of the tub/shower and the edge of the shower. The inside height of my tub was also 14 inches (36 cm).

Diy Full Length Shower Curtain

Finally, decide how much of the shower curtain liner should cover the tub or the edge of the shower to keep water out. In the shower, you generally want the shower curtain to cover the edge of the shower by at least 1 inch. The minimum overlap in the tub is usually 3 inches (7.6 cm), since tubs are curved and shower curtains usually cannot hang straight down, additional overlap length is required. The top overlap should still leave the padding about 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) off the floor to avoid stepping on it. Subtract 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) from the inside height of the tub to determine the maximum overlap.

In my bathroom, maximum shower curtain height = 71 inches (length of shower curtain) + 1 inch (length of drop hook) + 14 inches (height of outside shower) – 3 inches (minimum overlap for tub) = 83 inches ( 211 cm)

Minimum height of shower curtain in my bathroom = 71 inches (length of shower curtain) + 1 inch (length of drop hook) + 14 inches (exterior height of shower) – 13.5 inches (maximum overlap for my tub) = 72.5 inches (192 ) cm)

Since my bathroom will be used by children who might accidentally splash the bath water, I decided to take a little more than a minimal overlap as a precaution and hang the shower curtain 80 inches (203 cm) from the floor.

L Shaped Shower Curtains & Rods At

Ranging from minimum to maximum shower curtain heights, how do you decide how high you should hang your own shower curtain?

Most tubs and showers are about 60 inches wide. The average shower curtain is 70 to 72 inches wide, or 10 to 12 inches wider than the average tub/shower. This allows the shower curtain and liner to overlap the shower a few inches on each side to prevent water leakage. If your shower is significantly wider or narrower than 60 inches, you may need to find a full size shower curtain or a custom shower curtain. If you have a wide shower or just want a fuller shower curtain, an alternative to normal curtains is to use two shower curtains or two standard window curtains instead of just one.

I picked up an AQ curved bolt-on cornice that I found at my local TJ Maxx for $16. This was an especially good deal as curved bolt-on bars are surprisingly hard to find. Most of the bent bars I found in my price range were tension bars. I specifically asked for a screw rod rather than a tension rod as I thought it would be less likely to fall on the head of a child who inevitably pulls the curtain back when getting in the shower.

How High To Hang Shower Curtain Rod

Utopia Shower Curtain Rings/Hooks, 100% High Quality Stainless Steel, Polished Chrome, Set of 12 Rings (Chrome) Stretchable Corner Shower Curtain Rod, Diamond Shape Shower Curtain Rod Shower Curtain Rods Curved Tension No Drilling Never Rust Tension For Bathroom, Clothing Store

I got the double shower curtain rings from Utopia for $7 on Amazon. This is my first time using this hook/loop style and I love it. They are easy to put on and take off the rod if needed (but they don’t fall out) and I can easily remove the lining for cleaning while leaving the curtain in place.

The mat is PEVA 3 gauge polyester free shower mat from InterDesign which I also got from Amazon. It was only $5 when I got it. While I think this might be one of the cheapest liners available on Amazon, it’s still fairly substantial for the price, and it hasn’t yet tried to connect with anyone trying to shower like some make cheap lightweight liners.

Now the piece de resistance,

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