How To Choose The Right Bikini For Your Body Shape

How To Choose The Right Bikini For Your Body Shape – Have you ever wondered what kind of swimwear women with big hips wear? If this bothers you, we have a comprehensive guide for you.

Finding a swimsuit that fits your body type can be difficult. But it’s important if you want to look good and feel confident and comfortable. Here are all the styles that flatter women with big hips and which ones to avoid. Let us help you choose the right swimsuit!

How To Choose The Right Bikini For Your Body Shape

How To Choose The Right Bikini For Your Body Shape

If you feel uncomfortable wearing revealing swimsuits that are suitable for slim women, our tips for choosing the right swimsuit for large hips can help.

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High-coverage bottoms are the perfect swimwear style for women with big hips. Bottoms with high coverage will cover your hips well, so you can wear a swimsuit with confidence. If you know you have wide hips and don’t mind it too much, try bottoms with good coverage.

Coverage bottoms can be paired with a variety of bikini tops. However, focus only on your upper body by opting for tops that accentuate your chest more.

High coverage bottles come in a variety of designs, so you can choose the one you like. Choose darker shades to flaunt your big hips like a pro. Avoid bright, bare colors, as they accentuate the three-dimensional look.

A high-waisted triangle bikini works just as well as full-coverage bottoms. The triangle style makes your waist look slimmer and the high waist design makes your legs look longer. Longer legs will attract more attention, and you can easily hide your big hips.

Here’s How To Find The Most Flattering Bathing Suit

Women with big hips look best in high-waisted pants. No matter what type of swimwear you choose, you’ll find that a high waist will give you the perfect fit.

A high-waisted bikini will make your figure look attractive. It’s a style trusted by many fashion designers and experts, so be sure to give it a try.

A pear-shaped one-piece swimsuit is her one of the best options for women. (Wide pants and tight upper body) Abnormal style is very popular now. The imbalance draws attention to the upper body and gives the impression that the hips are thin.

How To Choose The Right Bikini For Your Body Shape

In addition, a one-piece bikini also covers more than two pieces. He/she covers the big hips completely. Choosing a high cut style will make your legs look longer and accentuate the look of big lips.

Find The Right Swimsuit For Your Summer Activity

Choose an asymmetrical one-piece bikini for her in a dark color such as black and enjoy her day in the bath with confidence. The design should have a narrow waist and give the appearance of an hourglass silhouette rather than a pear.

A high cut is best if you have wide hips. Such a design only covers the waist and makes the legs look beautiful. Women with big hips will feel more confident in high-cut bikini bottoms. You can tie the bikini wherever you like and expose as much of your legs as possible.

The best thing about this design is that you can control the position of your bikini bottoms. You can customize the silhouette to fit your body type and hip size.

Tie-dye bikini bottoms look great with simple tops that accentuate your chest. This way all the attention is focused on her upper body and she feels confident about her size.

How To Find Swimwear That Actually Fits You Properly

Choose knotted bikini bottoms that provide plenty of front and back coverage, rather than loose styles. If you have big hips, the more coverage you have, the better you will look.

Wrap one-piece swimsuits are perfect for slimming your waist and attracting attention. If you have big hips, choose a wrap style. Achieve a perfect figure and show off your curves without feeling the need to hide any part.

This will make your big hips and body look balanced. Wrap-type one-piece swimsuits not only keep you away from your big hips, but they also provide enough coverage to hide your hips. Therefore, it is a must-have style for women with large hips.

How To Choose The Right Bikini For Your Body Shape

Boyshorts provide plenty of coverage for women with larger hips. The high-waist style of our boys’ shorts flatters your body. This makes it easy to hide the part where you want the focus to move.

How To Choose The Right Competition Bikini Bottom Cut ?!

You can choose prints such as snake print and other animal prints for a unique and sexy look. Pair it with high-waisted boys’ shorts and a crew-neck top to balance it all out. Covering more of your upper body draws attention to your big hips.

This style looks especially good on women with large hips and thighs as the extra fabric covers everything.

Drawstring straps on one-piece swimsuits can strategically make big hips look smaller. They focus on small areas of your body. Designed to create a balanced silhouette that flatters the body.

Choose dark colored stripes such as navy blue, maroon, dark green, and orange. All these black colors look beautiful in summer.

Plus Size Swimsuit For Big Belly

There are also multi-colored designs, perfect for highlighting your figure. If the pattern and design of the swimsuit is unique and different from others, the design will attract more attention than the body shape and height.

Wearing low-rise bikini bottoms will make your hips look wider. Therefore, this style should be avoided. A bikini style that sits below the waist and has a straight cut won’t show off your big hips.

Low-cut trousers with a straight cut are suitable for those who are wide but not tight. You should choose a style that makes your hips look slimmer. The low-rise style aims to move the lower body. More attention is drawn to the big hips.

How To Choose The Right Bikini For Your Body Shape

The thick style bottle has very little coverage. Big hips don’t look attractive. Avoid bikini bottoms if you’re looking for a style that flatters your big hips. Choose a top rated hedge fund instead.

Ways You’re Shopping For Bathing Suits Wrong

The relaxed style makes your hips look neat. It draws attention to the hips, so it goes well with women with small hips. Women with larger hips should choose a style that covers more fat and lowers the upper body. The chest area is where you should focus your attention. A fat style bottle will not serve that purpose.

If you wear a top that completely covers your shoulders and chest, you will notice your big hips.

Styles such as deep necklines and V-necks. Bikini tops are suitable for women with large hips. Not only do these styles look sexy, they give the impression of a perfectly proportioned body.

You want to hide your big hips, but you can’t be satisfied with a bare butt. The less the color shows through, the less you can hide the part you want to underline. Therefore, nude colored swimwear should be avoided.

How Should A Bikini Fit

Choose a color that is different from your skin tone. If you choose brightly colored bikini bottoms, don’t wear high-performance, high-coverage bottoms. A bikini that matches your skin tone will look fashionable. However, it’s not a good choice if you want to distract attention from your big hips.

Now you know which swimsuits look good on women with big hips and which ones to avoid. Fashion, fashion, temptation and confidence can be found in swimwear, even if you want to hide your big hips. Everyone has the right to let their body shine. However, you should choose a style of swimwear that looks good on your body type. Not all styles suit all body types. Therefore, you need to know about your body before wearing a swimsuit.

Hello! My name is Chi Lee and I am the founder of Petite Dressing, a clothing line for women 5’2″ tall and under 5’4″. Are you short and frustrated by your clothes?

How To Choose The Right Bikini For Your Body Shape

As an adult, I have been writing about petite women’s fashion since 2016 and my brand,, has touched the lives of millions.

How To Choose A Swimsuit For Your Honeymoon

My petite women’s style concept focuses not only on the perfect fit, but also on beautifully stretching the petite frame for a slim silhouette and improved proportions. We know, we’ve seen all of these… ‘Small bust? Frills give the illusion of a big bust!’ ‘Curvy? But here at L*SPACE, that’s not all. As a female-driven design company, we know how stressful swimwear shopping can be, and we certainly know that stereotypes don’t help. The truth is that we are all individuals with unique and beautiful bodies in our own way. What works for one person may not work for another. It’s not a problem. What matters is whether or not you feel better when you hit the sand. There are suits that suit every body type.

So we dispel those old clichés and demystify the swimsuit shopping experience. These tips are not about hiding functionality, they are about supporting, enhancing, and celebrating functionality. Read on for tips on how to find the perfect swimsuit for your body type.

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