How To Find The Best Hair Color For My Skin Tone

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How To Find The Best Hair Color For My Skin Tone

How To Find The Best Hair Color For My Skin Tone

Sky Kim is a hairdresser with over ten years of experience. She currently works for Serge Normant at John Frieda, New York.

Find The Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Choosing the best hair color for your skin tone may seem difficult, but it is not that difficult. Any skin tone can achieve multiple versions of most shades, and if you learn a few key points, you and your stylist can work together to change the color you envision to look your best. “It’s all about setting saturation and what under your skin you want to highlight,” says Roxy Darling, hair color expert and energy therapist. We consulted with many colorists and hairdressers to get their insights on all aspects of the subject, from how to set your skin tone to the introduction of specific shades. Keep scrolling to find out more and find the best hair color for your skin tone.

Before deciding on the best hair color for you, take the time to find out your hair color. Most people fall into one of three categories – warm, cool and neutral – and all of this is possible whether your skin is moderately dark or fair. Finding out where your complexion can be confusing, but there are a few tricks:

Now that you’ve mastered your complexion, it’s time to learn different hair colors. Here are the best hair color breakers to try for every skin tone, ending with general tips for choosing your best shade.

Melissa Gonzalez, elite artist and educational trainer for Farouk Systems. By choosing warm browns and caramel to emphasize the natural depth of your skin. “Do with caramel.

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Must Have Products: If your hair is curly or frizzy, you’ll want a good conditioner that lets your color and texture grow. Advoa Beauty Blue Tansy Reparative Conditioner ($25) does just that—its namesake ingredient promotes healthy growth, while avocado and Buriti essential oils boost hydration, strength, and protection.

Papanicolas says what’s best: “If you have deep skin underneath a cool color, consider a cool hair color like brown or black, burgundy or cool brown,” says Papanicolas. “These shades can complement your deep skin tone and create stunning contrasts. Be sure to avoid warm hair colors that can look too orange against your cool skin.” Cool black shades look great on deep skin, but adding chocolate is also a great way to warm up the skin.

A must-have product for you: Another product that is great for curved and smooth textures. SheaMoisture Castor Black Jamaican Oil Strengthens & Restores Masque ($16) supports hydration and strength through various types of damage, including color and chemical treatments.

How To Find The Best Hair Color For My Skin Tone

What’s best for: According to Gonzalez, the underside of the sound can shake all colors. “I recommend going with colors that look rich and vibrant, such as red or brown,” she said. “These tones contain warmth that adds the perfect amount against the skin.”

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Must-Have Products: To keep your breasts or breasts vibrant, you’ll want a well-toned shampoo on your hands. Garnier’s Complete Blends Color Care Shampoo ($5) is an affordable alternative that provides plenty of hydration and shine.

What it’s best for: It’s hard to go wrong with brown in general, as shades work on almost everyone. Cool brown tones can look particularly appealing on those with warm skin, as it helps to make the yellow base more creamy. Daniel Sanchez, a color specialist at Frederic Fekkai in New York City, adds that for those with darker skin, light to dark brown mocha (ideally with multi-toned colors) can have a beautiful and soft effect.

Must-have products: A high-quality face mask helps repair color damage and keeps your dark brown lines as bright and luxurious as possible. Leonor Greyl’s Masque Quintessence ($147) uses jojoba, cupuaçu butter and mongongo oil for the gold standard of restoration.

What’s best for: Sanchez recommends caramel and brown especially for those with medium skin, though he recommends choosing shades that contrast with your complexion to avoid looking ugly. “Caramel browns work best with the skin tone of the lighter parts of olive with a slight yellow and green tone to them,” adds Pickthorn. “This color looks really nice on a natural dark root or base.”

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A must-have product: Shine will add shine when styling and allow dimensional brown shades to look particularly bright. Drybar’s Sparkling Soda Shine Mist ($29) adds shine while reducing flyaways, moisturizes, and does it all without slipping your strands.

What’s best for: “Neutral skin tones have the advantage of sitting in the middle of the hair color spectrum, making most hair colors match,” Papanikolas tells us. “Depending on your preferences, you can choose warm or cool colors. The universal rule when choosing a basic hair color is to stay within two shades of your natural color. Any dark color can look ugly, and any light color can turn gray.” In the world of black hair color and espresso, one tone is not an option – different tones and highlights add diversity. Such a cool shade may read a bit off for those with cool and cold skin, but for those with a warm or neutral complexion, it has a profound effect on the skin. (The same goes for olive skin.)

The must-have product: “When you’re making big color changes, invest in a good color soap to keep unwanted tones at bay,” Papanikolas tells us. His top recommendations are Matrix So Silver Purple Shampoo ($20) for blonde hair and Brass Extinguished Blue Shampoo ($20) for brown hair.

How To Find The Best Hair Color For My Skin Tone

What’s best for: Cool blonde shades look great against porcelain skin that’s blue, purple or gold, as icy colors tend to turn red. According to Chelsea Pickthorne, head hairstylist and owner of Pickthorne Salonin Brooklyn. Cool and pale blondes work well with blue or gray eyes, or allow for rich brown eyes, as seen above on Anya Taylor-Joy. In most cases, those with a warmer complexion will want to avoid too golden or yellow shades, as cool shades are unlikely to wash you out. Can’t get out.

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Must-have products: Anytime going for platinum ash or purple shampoos with a similar glow is key to helping you maintain your tone and avoid blemishes. Amika’s Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Repair Shampoo ($28) keeps your color in check while also protecting against breakage, another common concern when going blonde.

“Cool skin tones look better with copper, strawberry, copper, honey and gold,” says Papanikolas. He also notes that these shades tend to work better for those with olive skin, as well as the copper shade that can cleanse you. The same goes for those with darker skin: if you want a lighter complexion, go for caramel copper for a more radiant look.

Products you must have: Keeping hair cream on hand at home will help you maintain the shine of your colors and vibrancy between visits to the salon. Rita Hazan’s True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss ($13) is available in three colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your shade.

Picthorn tells us what’s best for: “Strawberry blondes are great for fair and neutral skin tones.” “[Tell your painter] to mix cool and warm tones to achieve a creamy but warm tone with a touch of golden copper.” Papanicolas also introduces light and warm shades of red to counteract the coldness of pale skin (think Emma Stone). These colors tend to make deep skin look green, so choose a cooler brown instead. If you have dark skin and want to go red (think Rihanna). For more fun, choose a shade of pink.

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Must-have products: Red is one of the fastest-growing hair colors, so having light on hand can help brighten your complexion without frequent trips to the salon. Christine It Signature Hair Gloss ($15) in Copper Penny will keep your hair looking as vibrant as ever.

Who it’s best for: It might sound like the opposite, but actually red is a great tone to complement orange and red. “If you have pale skin with redness, it makes you glow instead of trying to counteract it,” says celebrity hairstylist and stylist Rita Hazan, Picthorn agrees, adding that people with warm skin and purple will also see their skin turn cooler red. On the other hand, Hazan warns against red shades if you have an olive complexion, as it can make your skin look a bit green.

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