How To Make Laundry Softener At Home

How To Make Laundry Softener At Home – Our goal is to eat less processed food and enjoy more “real” food, a phrase I learned while reading Michael Pollan’s books. That goal led us down many different paths: vegetarian, vegan, and finally finding something called pasture-raised bacon (

). To be honest, at the time I thought our solution was just a food-changing solution, nothing more. I never thought that our decision to eat real food (things from the earth or animals, not modified ingredients) would change the way we cleanse, what we use on our skin , and even the way we clean. washing

How To Make Laundry Softener At Home

How To Make Laundry Softener At Home

Today, our lifestyle is completely different from 2008. Our families are bigger and louder (hey, kids!), our food is made with real ingredients, and we know more about the products we buy them or make them.

Why Use Fabric Softener?

In fact, seven years ago, this decision changed our lives so much for the better that I now write this little space online and call you my online friend. Together, we share the joy of creating homemade (or store bought) products, create recipes with real ingredients, and talk about making this natural way of life easier.

Ok guys, stay tuned for the end of my story, let’s get to the big news…

After years and years of learning how to simplify my home with natural cleaning products, I’m excited to announce that I’m working on a new e-book. This book is the first in a series of DIYs to help make natural living easier. In the book, I share cleaning recipes, lots of pictures (I’m a visual person), tips and tricks for creating a clean and simple home using natural products, and what to buy vs what to make . A new book will be published

Today’s DIY recipe is an example of one of the cleaning recipes in the new book: homemade fabric softener. Like all recipes in the book, this recipe is easy to make and uses common household ingredients. In fact, the entire recipe only requires two ingredients:

Downy Rinse & Refresh Laundry Odor Remover And Fabric Softener, Cool Cotton, 48 Fl Oz, Safe On All Fabrics, Gentle On Skin, He Compatible

. The end result is a natural fabric softener that works to remove odors and refresh clothes. The whole process is simple but effective. Salt softens water and clothes or linen. Essential oils are used to improve odors and dirty clothes to provide extra cleaning power and a very light scent.

Today’s DIY recipe is an example of one of the cleaning recipes in the new book: homemade fabric softener. Like all recipes in the book, this recipe is easy to make and uses common household ingredients.

*Essential Oil Note: Unlike commercial fabric softeners and fragrance enhancers, essential oils do not leave clothes smelling strong after drying (

How To Make Laundry Softener At Home

Downey). The scent is soft and fresh. Due to the cost of essential oils, I use a less expensive but reliable brand like NOW for my laundry. NOW selling oils like lavender in bulk bottles. Essential oils can also be extracted if desired.

Downy Ultra 164 Oz. April Fresh Scent Liquid Fabric Softener (190 Loads) 003700073973

Christine is the author and editor-in-chief of Live Simply magazine. Christine is married to her high school sweetheart, Dustin, and is the mother of two children and two (litter trained) barnyard rabbits, Leo and Estela. Christine started Live Simply in 2013 to share her passion for real food and natural living. This DIY fabric softener recipe is simple and makes a great DIY project for beginners. Whether you’re new to DIY or a seasoned pro, you’ll love this recipe!

I love the smell of line drying, but it always leaves my clothes and towels hard and scratchy. I usually put them in the dryer to go crazy for a few minutes… until I found this recipe!

This DIY fabric softener is one of the easiest DIY projects you can do. Save an old fabric softener or detergent bottle to make it easier to measure.

When thoroughly mixed, you should not see any oil floating on top. Use like any other fabric softener, about ¼-½ cup per load.

Lavender Laundry Sponges

Unscented cleaning vinegar is more acidic than regular distilled vinegar. This does not mean that there is no smell, just that the vinegar does not have a strong smell. Strong acids will not damage your clothes; in fact, it helps protect them by breaking down any remaining oil and breaking through any soap residue.

Tap water and well water contain minerals and metals that can change the color of the laundry over time. I use distilled water, but you can use filtered, reverse osmosis, or even rainwater.

This recipe uses a small amount to help break down the essential oils and keep them small. This helps distribute them evenly throughout the bottle.

How To Make Laundry Softener At Home

Essential oils are used for a variety of reasons. The first goal is to add a natural scent. Many fragrance oils contain petroleum products, so one of the reasons I make my own products is to avoid synthetics. Second, many essential oils contain antibacterial compounds that help remove dirt stains and odors. Finally, fabric softener can be adjusted to soothe, calm or stimulate by using different essential oil blends.

When And How To Use Fabric Softener In Your Laundry

It is a synthetic product but made from natural ingredients. It is a slightly viscous colored liquid made from sorbitan (a chemical compound obtained from the dehydration of sugar alcohols) and a fatty acid found in animal and vegetable fats. (Think of aspirin versus white willow bark. One is natural, the other is synthetic, made from natural ingredients.)

The main reason I use Poly 80 in my DIY fabric softener recipe is to keep the oil in the water. If you have used micellar water, you know that this water is completely different. This is because oil droplets or micelles are still suspended in water. So alcohol breaks down fats, and Poly 80 does that

They broke up. You can remove this ingredient if you wish – just remember to shake the bottle before each use.

I give my DIY fabric softener a tropical scent with sweet orange or tangerine essential oil and ylang ylang essential oil. I love a combination of the two, but you can use any oils you like.

Gain Ultra 129 Fl Oz Fabric Softener Liquid In The Fabric Softeners Department At

Citrus oils are always good. Lavender helps to relax, and eucalyptus helps to unclog pores. Cedarwood is good for keeping moths out of your closet, and grapefruit makes me happy.

Note: Your clothes will smell soft, not strong. Remember that commercial fabric softeners can leave strong, lingering odors on clothes because they contain synthetic fragrances.

Debra is a master gardener, certified herbalist, natural living coach, and more. She taught Matt and Betsy how to make soap, so they decided to bring her on as a staff writer! Debra recently started an organic hay farm in the mountains of Western North Carolina. You can buy her handmade items on Amazon!

How To Make Laundry Softener At Home

TARGET DISCLOSURE: In order to support our activities on the Website, we may receive financial or other forms of compensation for our endorsement, recommendation, testimonials and/or links to any products or services on this Website.

Homemade Fabric Softener {made With Essential Oils}

DISCLAIMER: DIY Natural™ information has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA and is not intended to replace the advice of your healthcare professional. If you rely solely on this advice, you do so at your own risk. Read the full disclaimer and disclosure statement here. Homemade Fabric Softener Recipe Using Vinegar and Conditioner! Once you know how easy it is to make fabric softener, you’ll never buy it again. For this tutorial, I made a wild cherry blossom fabric softener. You can choose any perfume you like!

You need to buy an expensive conditioner for this DIY fabric softener. You can buy the very cheap kind for about $2 for a large bottle. I like to make smaller batches so I can change the scent depending on my mood or the season 🙂

The cherry blossom conditioner I bought was less than $2 and a gallon of white vinegar was also a few bucks. I got the glass jar from the dollar store. I love that I can put fabric softener in the washing machine.

For an average load of laundry, you will use about 2 tablespoons (more or less depending on the size of the load). Or add it to the Downey Balloon Found HERE

The Daily Connoisseur: Method Ginger + Mango Laundry Detergent & Fabric Softener

Can be used on HE buck! Add homemade fabric softener to your washing machine as usual. Some machines have a drawer or compartment for using fabric softener.

You can also wet a sponge with fabric softener (or wet a washcloth) and throw it in the dryer (called laundry sponges) Same results!

*Note: this

How To Make Laundry Softener At Home

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