What Is The Best Gaming Desktop Brand

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Choosing the best gaming PC is all about choosing the system that best suits your needs and budget. Thousands of dollars can be spent on a system if you want, and there is no upper limit. But if you’re on a budget like most of us, spending your money can be a difficult task.

What Is The Best Gaming Desktop Brand

What Is The Best Gaming Desktop Brand

In my twenty years as a tech journalist, I’ve tested hundreds of gaming PCs and know what’s worth spending money on and where you can make decisions. This is important at the budget end of the market, but it’s also important at the top. Even with a $3,000 computer, you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

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In this article I’ll cover the features you should expect at a given price and my experience testing PCs made by many different companies over the years, PC Bets will be the best for your budget. which is good It’s not possible to test identical configurations on stock gaming PCs, but we are familiar with the work of the major system manufacturers and have tested the major components of each. We know which graphics card is the best at every price point and which processor you need to get the most out of it.

So whether your budget is as low as $1,000 or you’re looking to spend up to $5,000 on your dream machine, we’ve got the best gaming PC for you.

That’s great for a mid-range gaming PC, especially since there are plenty of chips around this price that only get you an RTX 3060. The Core i5 is a pretty solid processor these days, and the RTX 3060 Ti is probably the best mainstream GPU ever. , Last generation nvidia cards.

All of the Skytec gaming PCs we’ve tested are very well built, look attractive and have good cable management. better than yourself. And it all comes down to the internals, which are among the best prices you’ll find for an RTX 4070 Ti on any PC.

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Lenovo is one of the biggest names in computing, and its Legion line of gaming PCs and laptops is strong. We like his new PCs, and the gaming PCs are great value. This RTX 4080 machine also comes with one of Intel’s latest processors.

Corsair makes almost every component in a modern gaming PC and knows how to put it together. With the best graphics cards and the best processors at their heart, Vengeance machines bring everything together with plenty of Corsair RAM and storage, and arguably the best chip coolers on the market.

Alienware is one of the most popular gaming PC manufacturers out there, but for us the shine has faded while Dell has held firm. The Aurora machines still look great, but the build quality has declined in recent years and the value proposition is next to nothing. The selected parts are not cheap, but expensive.

What Is The Best Gaming Desktop Brand

Our team of experts behind PC Gamer dedicate countless hours to each review, so you know what matters most to you. Learn more about game and gadget reviews.

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Intel Core i5 11400F | Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti | 16 GB RAM | 500 GB SSD | $949 on Newegg

At first glance, Yeion appears to be an Asian brand that recently entered the US market with affordable gaming PCs, but as the name suggests, it’s a San Diego manufacturer that has been quietly selling its machines for years. Six years have passed. With the Amazon and Newegg sales system, this Katana X10 is one of the best values ​​we’ve seen this year. The RTX 3060 Ti usually comes in a $1,500 machine, so it’s interesting to see it finally reduced in size. The Core i5 11400F is a good budget processor, and at this price, with this GPU, it’s a good match. The 500GB SSD is the only real issue we have with this build, but it’s so cheap to store right now that it’s an easy aftermarket upgrade.

✅ THE MOST PURE GAMING PC: The RTX 3060 Ti delivers stunning 1080p frame rates and stunning 1440p numbers.

✅ $1,000 LIMIT: At just under $1,000 this will stretch your budget to the max, but the portions on offer will justify that cost.

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✅ You’re upgrade-happy: The SSD should upgrade faster than anything else in this machine, but its B560 motherboard will have an M.2 slot and storage space that’s not too small.

❌ You need raw CPU power: The Core i5 11400F is a decent gaming processor, but its six cores don’t have enough processing power for streaming or content creation.

❌ You’ll never need to handle a screwdriver: you’ll need a new SSD when 500GB is used up, and then the side is removed, I’m afraid.

What Is The Best Gaming Desktop Brand

When looking for a gaming PC under $1,000, it all comes down to specs and price, no matter what or where it comes from. So, just in case. Since the company you’re buying from has a history of successfully selling gaming PCs and doesn’t have too many bad reviews, you should make sure you’re getting the features you expect at this price point.

Best Desktop Brands Gaming

It currently has the RTX 3060 Ti, which is one of the best graphics cards of the last generation. It’s a powerful GPU, not far from the RTX 3070, which is unmatched by the latest generation AMD and Nvidia cards. But since the RTX 4070 is now discontinued, we’re waiting for the RTX 4060 Ti to arrive soon. But that means the prices of the RTX 30 series should continue to drop with more stock available. However, there are plenty of RTX 3060 GPUs out there, so if you can get a PC with one of those for $700 or less, good for you.

Next, you’ll need a Core i5 or Ryzen 5 processor, but anything from Intel 11th Gen or AMD 5000-series will also need 16GB of RAM. You’ll only get a ~500GB SSD in these editions, but it’s the most affordable upgrade in the lineup.

Epson Gaming Desktop | AMD Ryzen 5 5600G | 16 GB DDR4-3200 | 500GB NVMe SSD | $849.99 at Newegg for $499 (Save $350.99) You can game this machine to a point—the Ryzen chip’s integrated Vega GPU will certainly support 720p gaming at low settings. But here we list it as a good base for adding your own graphics card for a fast, powerful new gaming PC. The AMD processor is a six-core, 12-thread processor, and the 16GB of RAM will handle everything you need. A 500GB SSD might be overkill, but it’s an easy, inexpensive upgrade.

HP Pavilion | Ryzen 3 5300G | AMD RX 5500 | 8 GB RAM | 512 GB SSD | $759.99 $605.31 at Amazon (Save $154.68) Affordable gaming PCs are hard to come by, and sometimes you have to go back to an older generation of hardware to get the bang for your buck. But the eight-thread Ryzen chip still has a lot to offer, and the RX 5500 OEM GPU delivers 1080p gaming performance on about the same level as the current RX 6500 XT. For the money, it’s a good base to start with.

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Intel Core i7 12700F | Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti | 16 GB DDR4-3200 | 1 TB PCIe 4.0 SSD | $2299.99 to $1799.99 at Newegg (Save $500) We’ve spent a lot of time testing Skytec gaming PCs and found them to be well built and shipped to work well (even overseas – a-kiwa, that is .!) and effective cable decoration . And if we weren’t impressed enough with the choice of components for the money, this current RTX 4070 Ti machine carrying Chronos is a pretty good sign. We’ve seen several RTX 4070 systems at this price point that offer RTX 3080-level gaming performance. However, the 12GB RTX 4070 Ti can deliver RTX 3090 frame rates. The 12-core, 20-thread Intel Core i7 chip is a great processor, with support for 1 TB SSD and 16 GB memory. It’s about what you’d expect at this price point…although we wish system builders benefited. Now how much smaller SSDs can provide more storage.

✅ You want really high 1440p frame rates: RTX 4070 Ti can achieve great 1440p numbers, but you can also get really impressive 4K gaming monitors, especially with DLSS 3.0 and frame generation.

✅ YOU WANT TO DROP AND FORGET: Nothing in this system screams “Update me!”

What Is The Best Gaming Desktop Brand

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