Which Is The Best Job In Usa

Which Is The Best Job In Usa – Whether you’re graduating from college or hoping to succeed Jeff Bezos at Amazon, you want your next job to be as perfect as possible. Luckily, companies will pounce on you and offer you a list of tempting benefits, from company cars to gym memberships.

But work is more than work. You also have to think about the workplace.

Which Is The Best Job In Usa

Which Is The Best Job In Usa

If a city’s unemployment rate is twice the national average, it will be difficult to find a major event. Likewise, the point is that while work is pennies, median household income is pennies per dollar relative to other cities.

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Some have dug through and compiled lists of the best and worst cities for job seekers.

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Everyone loves a high salary, but work is not just about money. We looked at several variables to determine the best and worst cities for job seekers:

Each city is then given a weighted score out of a possible 100 for each category. Scores ranged from 29.1 (McAllen, TX) to 95.3 (Provo, UT).

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If you’re planning to move to a new city, but want to change careers or find a new job, it’s important to prepare in advance. Here are some helpful tips to help you land a job before or shortly after you move to a new location.

The BYU Cougars haven’t won a national football championship since 1984, but their hometown of Provo is the national champion of employment opportunities.

Provo is one of the few cities on our list with an unemployment rate below 2%. Almost everyone who wants a job has a job, but workers only work an average of 34.9 hours per week. It also ranks in the top 100 with an average annual income of $70,179.

Which Is The Best Job In Usa

Provo took our top spot with a score of 95.3 out of 100 – about 15 points higher than the next best city on our list.

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Ogden is home to the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park; But when it comes to careers, the city has no fossils. Ogden easily makes it into the top 10 cities with a median income of $71,866.

Ogdenites earn just 15.6% of their income, pay only $933 in rent, and work 37.5 hours a week. The city’s unemployment rate is 2 percent, one of the lowest in the country.

If you decide to go to Springfield, you’ll have plenty of time to visit the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame: The average worker only works 36.3 hours a week.

Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan; But there’s nothing great about the $860 median rent.

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Rent as a percentage of income is 16.9%, which is the same as our number one city, Provo. The same is not good.

Worcester’s Cemetery of Hope, founded in 1852, has long-dead residents. You can experience it for $70.716, the second highest on our list.

Unlike cities where rent makes up more than 30% of everything you bring in, Worcester residents spend only 17.2% of their household income on housing.

Which Is The Best Job In Usa

Providence is home to a 58-foot tall green termite atop a pest control building in New England. But nothing is as big as 37.6 hours worked per week or the 3.2% unemployment rate.

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Employees contribute only 17.7% of rental income, a much lower figure than the standard 30%.

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon and call Ohio home, has died in Cincinnati. Low rental rates in Queen City are out of this world.

The average rent is just $817. Even more impressive is that the rent is 16% lower than the median household income.

Professional athletes in Salt Lake City don’t want to play Utah Jazz because of the altitude. Although the unemployment rate is high, the lower the unemployment rate, the better.

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Utah has the second-lowest unemployment rate nationally at 2.3%, while Salt Lake City is below the state average of 2.0%. Only about a dozen cities in the country have better unemployment rates, and three of them are relative leaps; It’s a huge leap from Salt Lake City.

In addition, Residents only pay 16.4% of household income for rent and work less than 40 hours per week.

People say everything is bigger in Texas. From 10-gallon cowboy hats to high school football stadiums that typically fill over 10,000 seats. The state is famous for big things, including its unemployment rate.

Which Is The Best Job In Usa

McAllen has an unemployment rate of 7.0%. That’s four times that of the number one city on our list. The median household income of employed people is just $38,398 – the third lowest of all the cities on our list.

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The Bakersfield Museum of Art is home to some of the finest work by California artists, and there’s nothing appealing about the city’s 7.2% unemployment rate.

Workers can expect to pay more than $950 a month in rent. That’s not too bad compared to the median household income of $52,479. At the end of the month, residents paid almost 22% of what they earned in rent.

That pales in comparison to cities like Ogden and Cincinnati, which are under 16%, but still below international standards of 30%.

Michael Weston Miami is a fantasy villain’s nightmare, but the city’s real-life housing prices will make you feel like your nightmare.

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New Orleans is known as “The Big Easy,” but with an unemployment rate of 4.4%, finding a job is easy.

More than a fifth of median household income is used to pay rent, and workers work an average of nearly 40 hours.

Fresno Chaffee Zoo has an exotic aquarium of sardines, but you don’t need to buy a ticket to experience the pain.

Which Is The Best Job In Usa

The median household income is just $51,261, a state known for its high cost of living. Fresno also has an alarming unemployment rate of nearly 7%.

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The Stockton Children’s Museum has some hands-on exhibits to keep your kids entertained, but you may need a babysitter to bring them to the museum for you.

It’s also the place to go because of the astronomical housing costs. The median household rent in Modesto is $1 per dollar; 100 short and the unemployment rate is 5.6%.

Tampa is home to the Busch Gardens amusement park. And that’s a good thing – city workers need to be distracted from reality.

Employees in Tampa work an average of 39.1 hours per week to write rent checks that make up nearly a quarter of their income.

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While Hawaii is where many people go to escape the stresses of real life, workers in Honolulu have their own set of stresses.

The city has a steady median income of $82,906, but rent is $1,700 a month, or more than 24.6% of income. This is our flagship city, Provo. Almost 10% more than UT.

Orlando is home to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park, which offers magical adventures from the imagination of J. K. Rowling.

Which Is The Best Job In Usa

That’s also where you find the not-so-magical combination of low incomes and high rents. Orlando residents pay $1,161 for a home, but the median household income is just $55,095. More than 25 cents of every dollar used to rent.

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Population unemployment rate; We rank the best and worst cities based on median household income and median household rent.

Each measure is scaled to 0, with a score near 0 indicating a negative rating and a score close to 1 indicating a positive rating. Measurements are then added to give the final score on a weighted scale from 0 to 100:

There are a few cases where the cities appear to be related, as all results are rounded to the nearest tenth for readability. In such a case, the Numeric Rating indicates that the string is broken by checking for non-rounded results.

We only list cities with populations of at least 500,000. local entertainment options; Statistics on average temperature and job satisfaction were not used as ratings or other criteria.

Iss Usa…the Best Job I Have Ever Had.

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