Which Is The Best Laptop To Buy For Office Use

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Buying a laptop can be very confusing if you want a general or garden machine rather than the specialized machines desired by graphic designers or creative artists. For starters, the prices of the best laptops vary from hundreds of quid to the price of a family car and the devices look the same.

Which Is The Best Laptop To Buy For Office Use

Which Is The Best Laptop To Buy For Office Use

There’s also a fair amount of jargon arguing, especially when it comes to the best processors for laptops (Celeron isn’t something you put in a salad bowl, for example, and Ryzen isn’t your expected. happens when you make bread). You have to choose from a Chromebook, MacBook, two-in-one, laptop or gaming laptop to name a few.

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I explain the differences between them in my FAQ below and you don’t need to be an expert to read my reviews. If you’re in a rush, here are my top five rushes:

“The options presented to you may seem overwhelming, but the amount you’ll be spending is actually quite simple,” says Jason Stevenson, head of UK market IT, OnBuy.com. ‘If you use your laptop every day, invest as much as you can. This will generally provide a laptop that can be used for a long time. However, if you are only going to use the laptop for a short time then the budget model is the best choice.’

Speaking of which, there are three different types of laptops, Stevenson said – depending on the operating system (or OS for short): Chromebooks, Macs and Windows devices.

‘Windows has the best laptop computer options available,’ says Stevenson. Prices can start from around £ 350. MacOS has MacBooks. These are good quality products and are very popular with graphic designers but have a high starting price for the range which starts at £999. ChromeOS is a simple operating system and a good start if you are new to computers or looking for good budget laptops. Prices start from £200. Remember that if you’re traveling with a laptop, you’ll probably want a screen of at least 15 inches.’

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OneBuy’s Jason Stevenson says the various processes are easier to understand than they appear at first glance. Apple has its own guidelines (and you might think it’s fast and good), but in general most regular Windows devices or Chromebooks have two competitors.

“They usually follow a numbering pattern—for example, Intel processors have the following, more advanced, naming scheme: Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, and Core i9,” says Stevenson. Intel and AMD will find the naming schemes similar, and Intel’s Core i3 is comparable to AMD’s Ryzen 3 series, and Core i5 to Ryzen 5 and so on.

In terms of power, Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 are good for budget laptops, although Intel also offers cheaper, less powerful processors in the Pentium and Celeron range. Processors beyond the Intel Core i5/AMD Ryzen 5 are designed to handle heavy workloads and are typically found in the best gaming laptops.’

Which Is The Best Laptop To Buy For Office Use

In terms of general buying tips, get more than 4GB of memory (written as RAM) if you can and a large solid state drive (it will be written as SSD on the box or description) if possible, Stevenson said. , with a minimum of 128GB to store photos and other files.

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Stevenson says laptops are often discounted — so look for things like cashback deals and discount coupons.

It’s worth sticking with well-established brands, says Stevenson, because you can be sure they’re good quality devices — whether shopping for a family device or the best laptops for students.

‘I personally use a Dell Inspiron 14 with an Intel i5 processor as my daily driver,’ says Stevenson. Having used and had problems with other brands in the past, I am very happy with my Inspiron, and find it to be a great mix of performance, reliability and portability. I have found that Dell provides excellent after sales support if something goes wrong.’

I asked Stevenson for advice on how to properly compare laptops: ‘A good way to test a laptop’s performance,’ he says, ‘is to make sure all system updates are applied and the a full reboot is performed before testing. Then try three things to get a measure of the performance of each laptop: shutdown time, time to wake up from sleep mode and time to load Word, or other office solutions installed on the laptop .

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Then check a video call – what is the picture quality and sound quality? Look at online streaming services like Netflix: what does it look and sound like?’

Below, I’ve listed some of the latest and greatest from each of these top brands. Laptop prices vary depending on features including screen size, processor, memory and storage, so in each case I’ve chosen a model that I think offers the best balance for everyday use. that use. I also looked at weight, portability, memory and usability. Here’s what I found, starting with my favorites.

Chinese PC maker Lenovo has always been a good first stop for no-nonsense, good-value Windows machines. You can pick up Lenovo laptops with the latest version of Windows for under £300.

Which Is The Best Laptop To Buy For Office Use

This model is high level. Although it doesn’t have extras like a touch screen and a fingerprint scanner, what you get is a thin and powerful Windows machine with a good balance of speed and power, fast processors (we tested AMD Ryzen 7) and a sharp. OLED a. Nice screen.

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Refreshingly, there is also a full USB port for connecting accessories, and the built-in trackpad is large, allowing for precise walking control.

It’s fast, as you’d expect: it takes nine seconds to start and shut down, it wakes up from sleep mode almost instantly, and offers excellent image quality in video playback, and the camera below Also good light performance. The word only takes two seconds to load.

Google’s ChromeBook operating system is light and easy to use (it’s almost unrecognizable when running in a browser window), and accessing e-mail, YouTube and other services is very easy, even if you don’t need it. and .computer. – literate)

The downside of ChromeOS is that it is a bit difficult to use for tasks, but the upside is that it is very fast and you can complete most tasks from entertainment to video calls without installing any apps.

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ASUS has a reputation for making cheap, no-nonsense Chromebook devices (shop around and you’ll find some for under £150). The one we tested has premium features with a large Full HD screen and built-in Harman Kardon speakers, so it’s perfect for gaming (you can even tuck the keyboard under the screen to use it’s in tablet mode).

It’s also very fast, launching the Microsoft Word web application almost instantly, and booting up in less than two seconds. From sleep mode, it comes to life instantly, and offers excellent picture and sound quality in video calls and streaming video.

Image quality on the large 15.6-inch screen is excellent, and the pen provided for writing on the screen means it’s as good for creative tasks as it is open to video in tablet mode.

Which Is The Best Laptop To Buy For Office Use

Sleek and attractive, Samsung’s Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 is the perfect Windows device if you’re looking for something that doubles up for work and play.

Dell Inspiron Laptops

It is a ‘two in one’ device, so it folds up to work in tablet mode for entertainment, but also provides enough power to work. The S Pen is provided for drawing on the screen, which is fast and responsive.

The only lack of ports for the workspace: There are only three USB-C ports, which makes it difficult to connect older peripherals such as a mouse. (Ports have disappeared in the age of wireless printers and Bluetooth speakers.)

In use, it’s fast and lively as you’d expect from its unassuming exterior, coming to life from shutting down in four seconds, and loading Word in two seconds.

Image quality is better when playing video: The built-in camera and microphone are good, but not the sharpest test.

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Extras like a fingerprint scanner make access easier, and highlight the fact that this device is perfect for work and play.

The device is a crossover device, offering a similar price point to many general-purpose laptops, but it also has a graphics card that can play games, so it can be a good choice for commitment for some families.

The Nvidia graphics card has enough power to run the latest titles (although at this price you won’t get the kind of performance you expect from a high-end game). But there is no way around the fact that it is an ugly animal, including us

Which Is The Best Laptop To Buy For Office Use

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