Which Provider Has The Fastest Internet Speed

Which Provider Has The Fastest Internet Speed – According to our latest analysis, the average internet speed in the 100 largest US metros is 89.3 Mbps, but the difference between the fastest and slowest metros is 96.4 Mbps.

​If you’ve been having trouble with slow work, streaming or online gaming speeds, you can find the fastest ISP in your area. However, you may have better luck moving to a new metro with faster internet.

Which Provider Has The Fastest Internet Speed

Which Provider Has The Fastest Internet Speed

We analyzed the 100 largest US metros (according to FCC data) and found the fastest and slowest average internet speeds in the US.

The Fastest And Slowest Cities And States For Internet

Metro covers multiple cities, and some even cross state lines, giving you a broader view of major cities and their internet speeds.

Washington. tops the list with an average download speed of 129.1 Mbps – nearly 40 Mbps faster than the average internet speed of the top 100 cities. DC’s speed is nearly four times that of the slowest metro: Charleston, West Virginia.

A total of 37 metros had average download speeds above 100 Mbps, with six metros above 120 Mbps. We’ve also provided a ranking of average download speeds that may reflect the “average person” in the metro; The average speed is higher because the average includes people with very fast internet speeds, which can be 10 times faster.

Charleston had the slowest speed of the 100 largest metros at 32.7 Mbps. Boise, Idaho, was next slowest at 56.9 Mbps. Only 38 of the top 100 metros fell below the national average of 89.3 Mbps.

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But over the past 12 months, internet speeds seem to have improved – sometimes dramatically – around the world. The pace increased with the demands of the pandemic, with more people working from home, attending school remotely, seeking medical care and staying home to entertain.

If we look at the average speed, which may better reflect the speed that the average person in the area has, we see that New York City went from a median of 57.5 Mbps to 79.94 Mbps, about 20 Mbps per year.

In his 2020 In the cities (non-metro) internet speed report, we found the fastest internet speed in Whitestone, New York (138.4 Mbps) and the slowest internet speed in Stowe, Vermont (7.3 Mbps).

Which Provider Has The Fastest Internet Speed

Metropolitans include different cities, so our 2021 the report shows a more balanced average download speed. The fastest cities are now included in the slower surrounding areas and vice versa.

Comcast Is The Fastest Broadband Isp, And T Mobile Is The Fastest Wireless Carrier, Ookla Says

If you want to live close to a big city without paying downtown prices, you can find the internet speed you need in any major US metro area.

Appalachian internet speed in Huntsville, Alabama as of 2020 February to 2021 jumped 200% in February, with average speeds increasing from 27 Mbps to 82 Mbps. During that time, Rochester, New York also saw a significant increase in speed, increasing by nearly 140% from 23 Mbps to 56 Mbps.

Five other cities saw internet speeds double or nearly double, including Des Moines, Iowa; and Madison, Wisconsin.

Not all U.S. cities saw speed increases last year, but overall the drops in speeds were not as drastic as the increases. Average speeds in Colorado Springs, Colo. dropped 15 percent from 57 Mbps to 49 Mbps, while Charleston, West Virginia saw an 11% drop in average speeds from 9 Mbps to just 8 Mbps.

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Our results include proprietary speed tests from 2020. February 1 until 2021 March 16 We filtered through partial, duplicate and mobile data to find out what most people are working on on their laptops, desktops and connected devices at home.

We used a total of 1.3 million for our ranking. results obtained using the internet speed test tool.

We ranked the 100 largest metro centers (according to the FCC) as the fastest and slowest in terms of average internet speed in the United States.

Which Provider Has The Fastest Internet Speed

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Millions of internet surfers take the speed test each year, and the results provide a detailed look at how internet speeds have been affected by industry changes, technological advances and the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In this report, we use our speed test results to highlight the fastest ISPs in the United States in 2023. We also use our own data to see how many US Internet users are using 100 Mbps or higher for their home Internet speeds. Based on these insights, our report shows whether America is ready for the new broadband performance test proposed by the Federal Communications Commission.

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The Fastest Internet Providers In America

The section below examines which ISPs provide the fastest speeds and how much they are.

We measure speed performance using our own scoring system, the Composite Speed ​​Score. ISS is based on the average download speed of a provider (90%) and the average upload speed of the same provider (10%).

We determined the overall speed scores of the following providers after analyzing 4.5 million users. speed tests performed using our internet speed test tool since 2022 January 9 until 2023 January 9, data.

Which Provider Has The Fastest Internet Speed

Among national ISPs (which we define as serving five or more states), Google Fiber delivers the highest average speeds to its customers and most consistently earns an Integrated Speed ​​Score (ISS) of 176.16 points. Google Fiber offers maximum streaming speeds of up to 2,000 Mbps and an average download speed of 176.19 Mbps over the last 12 months.

New Study: Gamers’ Internet Speeds Are 2x Faster Than The Average U.s. Internet Speed

Although it’s only available in 19 cities, Google’s flagship fiber service has been the fastest internet provider since 2018, beating all competitors every year. It may soon see more profit as it launches new plans that advertise speeds of 5,000 Mbps and 8,000 Mbps.

However, other providers also showed impressive scores. Verizon is the second fastest ISP with advertised maximum speeds of up to 1200 Mbps and an ISS of 160.37. Xfinity, Cox, and Metronet rank third, fourth, and fifth, respectively.

* Data valid on 08/05/2023. The data is taken from Internet users who took a speed test from 2022. April 1 until 2023 April 1, results. Not all speeds and packages are available in all regions and are subject to change. The weighted speed score is not the actual internet speed.

Want to know if you can get the fastest internet providers in your area? Search with our application tool to find out.

Here Are The Countries With The Fastest Average Internet Speeds

While major carriers like Verizon Fios and Xfinity topped the list of fastest national carriers, some regional and local carriers also saw fast speeds.

In the past 12 months, the fastest regional carrier (that is, any carrier serving fewer than five states) was Altamaha Fiber. This is shown by our speed test tool since 2022. April 1 until 2023 April 1, results.

Based in Lyons, Georgia, Altamaha is a fiber optic provider serving several counties in East Georgia. Other providers on this list are member-owned Internet cooperatives that serve residents in rural areas and smaller urban areas in the South.

Which Provider Has The Fastest Internet Speed

* Data valid on 08/05/2023. The data is taken from internet users’ speed test results from 2022. January 9 until 2023 January 9 Not all speeds and packages are available in all regions and are subject to change. The weighted speed score is not the actual internet speed.

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The impressive high scores of all these service providers show that local and regional ISPs are quickly becoming important players in the Internet world. While larger ISPs may offer lower prices and more deals, local ISPs are increasingly influencing fewer areas, providing faster speeds and personalized customer service.

Take our speed test to see how much bandwidth you have at home. You might be better off with a faster plan.

A growing number of fiber and cable Internet providers have upgraded their Internet plans to new multi-gigabit speeds, including speed tiers as high as 5,000 Mbps.

Of course, most internet users don’t get gigabit speeds, most people don’t need those speeds. In fact, your home Wi-Fi often doesn’t reach the high speeds listed on your internet plan. We discuss this below

Xfinity Grabs Bragging Rights As Fastest Internet Provider In The Us

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