How To Find The Right Jeans For My Body Type

How To Find The Right Jeans For My Body Type – Argh! That’s pretty much how I feel when I’m looking for the best pair of jeans for me. And what about you? Hard! But I promise, it is possible. I will not only help you choose the most suitable jeans for your body shape and height, but I will also help you with the purchase. I have lots of tips to help you find the right pair of jeans as well as my daily or weekly emails. The print library even has a free subscription gift for letter subscribers.

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How To Find The Right Jeans For My Body Type

How To Find The Right Jeans For My Body Type

Just because you’re going to see pictures of some of my favorite jeans in this post, let’s throw in some information about my fit. You should keep this in mind when considering the fit of your jeans. I’m 5’8″ and about 158. I usually wear a size 8, 29 or 30 in jeans and pants. I have an hourglass figure and equal proportions.

How To Find Your Perfect Jeans For Your Body Shape

Is a farmer. The truth is that jeans manufacturers design jeans to fit all body shapes and proportions. They really know that we are all different, so the best brands offer jeans that fit different body shapes and sizes. So I can wear it

Jeans from my favorite brands like Madewell, Mother, Fidelity Denim, Frame and even Talbots, but no

Wearing Chico’s Slimming Girlfriend Jeans (slightly large, extra stretch, inseam; 28″ regular inseam; 26″ skinny inseam; 31″ rise) // 3/4 sleeve shirt // White denim jacket // Similar sneakers // Necklace

So don’t get discouraged when you try on jeans and they don’t fit. And don’t give up trying.

Jean Guide: How To Find Best Jeans For Your Body Type

Women have to try on many jeans to find the right fit. Trying on a pair that doesn’t fit doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the jeans, and it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. It simply means that those jeans are not made for you, but for others!

A positive attitude is very important when shopping for jeans. It puts you back in the driver’s seat and guides you through the process more easily and confidently. Now let’s watch the process!

But before you start trying on jeans, it’s wise to do a little homework. First, consider these tips to choose jeans that suit your shape and height. I have no real experience with buying a small frame, but I have some researched tips if you are on the small side.

How To Find The Right Jeans For My Body Type

If you are petite, you should buy ankle length or cropped jeans

The Best Jeans Brands To Shop In 2022: Levi’s, Madewell, Agolde & More

Fit This is a smart shopping tool used by some of the smaller influencers I know. But beware of cropped jeans as they can make your legs look even shorter. You can wear jeans up to your ankles, but it’s a good idea to keep your proportions good by wearing a crop top or wrap, even if just a little. The goal is to visually lengthen the legs.

In the image above, I’ve shared some other tips on buying and styling jeans if you have a slim frame. All of these graphics can be downloaded in PDF format (if you have an email subscription) via the Print Library. Note that the current code is always included in the daily and weekly emails. at the bottom of the letters.

A slimmer, straighter denim silhouette elongates your legs beautifully. A higher waist also visually lengthens the legs. And of course if you can wear a heel with jeans it helps even more. Otherwise, look for jeans that don’t have any embellishments, rips, or lines that shorten the leg. For example, I would definitely not use these jeans from Chico’s with dye. To be honest, I’m not sure anyone should wear it. Hmm.

Dip-dyed ankle jeans are heavy on NOT petites // The Kick Out Crop Jean has a 27″ inseam, but it’s also available in petite HERE // The Sculpting Pocket High Rise Straight Jean is petite and a smart choice.

The Best Jeans For Your Body Type

If you have an oval shape, avoid jeans that flatter your stomach or waist. You can reduce your stomach with straight leg jeans. And you can distract attention from the stomach area by looking for jeans with embroidery or detailing below the leg.

High-waisted jeans can be a good idea because the front panel gives a little support to the stomach. An elasticated waistband or other flat-front jeans can help eliminate extra bulk in this area. If you don’t feel comfortable with a top to keep your proportions, consider wearing a loose fit over skinny or skinny straight jeans.

These wide-leg jeans will work, except for the waist details that draw attention and add volume // fancy zip jeans work well under a skinny, loose-fitting top // but straight-leg jeans can be the skinniest .

How To Find The Right Jeans For My Body Type

If your body is narrower in the hips and wider in the shoulders, you have an inverted triangle shape. For more information on recognizing body types, check out this post. However, if you know that you are an inverted triangle, try to avoid tight and tight jeans, as this will make you look even heavier. Instead, choose jeans with a wider leg and a bigger hip. For example, glued pockets can be your friend.

A Definitive Jean Length Guide To Make Shopping Easier

Lighter denim also helps balance the proportions between wider shoulders and narrower hips. And you can definitely rock white or ecru jeans. And such balloon jeans will look great and give you an hourglass shape.

No to skinny jeans // enjoy vintage wide-leg jeans // add volume to your hips with button-up jeans // don’t be shy about wearing balloon jeans

A rectangular shape is characterized by similar width in the shoulders, midsection, and hips and/or thighs. Whether it’s a bigger H or a narrower I, try to create some definition with your jeans, so look for jeans that have some form.

High-waisted jeans with a button-up top and a belt can be your best look. You can also try wide-leg or low-cut jeans as they also add shape. Of course, the right top and accessories should also be magical. For more information on how to dress for your shape – whatever that shape is – check out this blog post.

How I Found My Perfect Pair Of Jeans — And How To Find What Suits You

Depending on your proportions, AG Alexxis high-waisted jeans might be a good choice; cropped jeans add shape // low-rise jeans help create an edgy look

The shape of the jeans is not so important to you, but the proportions. Depending on your proportions, you’ll want to create a waistline that works best for you. It is the distance from the crotch to the waist. A little more than that!

If your hips or thighs are much wider than your shoulders and waist, you probably have a triangle shape. This means that you have to be extra careful when choosing jeans. You want to avoid embellishments or pockets on the hips and thighs. It’s wise to avoid jeans with wide or full legs, which only accentuate your triangle shape. You should also probably avoid skinny jeans. I know a lot of women like skinny but they only accentuate your hips and thighs instead of slimming.

How To Find The Right Jeans For My Body Type

Instead, look for dark colored straight or pant silhouette jeans. These will probably be the best jeans for your frame. However, you can also buy small or skinny jeans. However, straight and flared jeans will definitely help slim your hips. And while you can wear light jeans and white jeans (especially in a column with a lighter top), you’ll look best in a darker wash. You’re also a good candidate for bolt-ons, which are offered by many denim brands like Talbots and Madewell.

Best Petite Jeans For Women 2023 For A Perfect Fit

Curvy Perfect Vintage Straight Jeans (multiple sizes) can work well // Talbots curvy fit straight leg jeans in dark wash are perfect if you have a wider hip // if you want to wear a lighter dress, look for a relaxed straight leg. leg jeans

In general, an hourglass figure can wear jeans of any silhouette. However, you might want to consider the areas you want to focus on and what you want to focus on

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