How To Find The Right Oil Filter For Your Car

How To Find The Right Oil Filter For Your Car – How long does the oil filter last? What is inside a canister filter? Do I need to fill the filter with oil beforehand? Here we are…

In theory, your oil filter has a simple job: capture wear-causing contaminants and trap them in the filter media so they don’t go bad inside your engine.

How To Find The Right Oil Filter For Your Car

How To Find The Right Oil Filter For Your Car

A filter is designed to capture contaminants and contain them in filter media. Over time, the media becomes clogged with dirt particles, accumulated glass, metal particles and other debris. When the filter is plugged, the pressure difference will open the bypass valve, allowing oil to bypass the filter, preventing oil starvation. Sure, dirty oil is better than oil, but it’s not a reliable long-term plan.

Engine Oil Filters For Clean, Easy Functionality

A new filter is much cheaper than a new engine. Don’t be cheap – change the filter at every oil change.

A cheap, low-quality conventional filter doesn’t offer the same filter performance as synthetic media, which means it quickly fills with contaminants and requires more frequent changes.

Also, driving in dust and dirt increases the level of airborne debris particles that can enter your engine, especially if you haven’t changed the air filter in a while or have a leak in the intake system.

Some modern direct fuel injection cars have high fuel consumption, which also damages the filtration system. In diesel engines, soot particles can accumulate in large contaminants and enter the filter. All these filter more pollutants and lead to more pressure.

A Closer Look At Bypass Filtration

Follow the filter manufacturer’s service instructions. If not, go with what is recommended in the vehicle owner’s manual

After installing the new filter, run the engine for a few minutes, then shut it off and let the oil sit in the sump for a few minutes. Check the oil level and replace the oil with the old filter removed as necessary.

The internet is full of pre-fills and pre-fills, and it all seems like decades of high-mileage van or pickup references may or may not ever fill the filter.

How To Find The Right Oil Filter For Your Car

Some filter manufacturers state that pre-priming the filter is not necessary. But remember: they make the filter, not the engine. There is a reason that engine manufacturers recommend 0W-XX or 5W-XX motor oil, because the oil cools easily during starting and the engine runs out of oil when the oil pressure is increased.

How To Remove An Oil Filter Without A Wrench

I usually put some oil in the filter and check the oil inside by pulling it to the side. I add a little oil before installing the filter if there is room for more to flow through the filter opening.

If you practice long intervals using synthetic oil, however, a conventional oil filter may not provide the required service life, meaning you would have to change the oil halfway through the drain interval, which is impossible.

That’s why AMSOIL oil filters are made to last up to 25,000 miles between changes, which matches the 25,000-mile drain interval of Synthetic Signature Series motor oils. AMSOIL oil filters designed with the EA15K product code offer a 15,000 mile change interval. We may earn revenue from products available on this page and participate in affiliate programs. Learn more >

If oil is the engine’s life blood, the oil filter is its liver. Regular oil and filter changes are the difference between an engine that has been cleaned for thousands of miles and a junkyard full of broken metal pieces. And it is much easier and cheaper than liver transplant.

Engine Oil Filter Mobil 1 M1 601a Box Of 6

Most modern engines use a cartridge type oil filter. Easy to measure cartridge filter condition; When you open the cartridge you will see the filter element and this element is replaceable.

More common, however, are traditional crushed oil filters. It’s also easy to remove, and replacement is just a matter of replacement. But the steel outer shell hides the filter element, so most of us never see the inside of one.

Most of the filters in this list have been tested for review. Each engine is intended to rotate under normal operating conditions of use. Then they are cut and thoroughly examined. This test gives them a much clearer and more realistic list of recommendations than most of our shopping guides. Also, some research is done to make sure any filter chosen is really worth it.

How To Find The Right Oil Filter For Your Car

The quality and perfect fit earned the Beck-Arnley Rotary Oil Filter our Best Overall Award. We’ve used dozens of these filters on everything from turbocharged 4-cylinders to naturally aspirated V6s with excellent results. Consistent quality and performance are what others of us are looking for.

Can I Use The Same Oil Filter Twice?

We never thought of opening one of these filters, so we put a new and a used filter on the cutter for comparison. Beck-Arnley’s steel package almost beat the oil cutter. It took a few tries before I gave up. The anti-drain valve worked perfectly; After a few weeks in the oil drain pan the filter pan was almost full of used oil and the filter holders were holding a lot of dirt and grime.

Every Beck-Arnley part we’ve ever used matches or exceeds the OEM dealer part, and the oil filter even comes with a service notification sticker.

We offer a manufacturer or OE part as the best value the joint may have broken. But again and again every OEM filter, even though it may not be cheap, always works like this. So unless you have to pay more or change the oil filter more frequently, an OEM filter is usually the best deal on the market.

The oil and filter used in actual OEM products can be guessed from the equation, especially since manufacturer oil and filter service intervals extend beyond 5,000 mile intervals. It’s true, OEM parts are usually more expensive. But to put it to the test, we’ve consistently found OEM oil filters to be more competitively priced than their aftermarket equivalents. Some even cost less.

Oil Filter Replacement

Pictured above is a genuine Mitsubishi folder filter that beats the competition on the market in both quality and price. However, any OEM product will meet your needs.

The K&N Performance Goldoil filter comes at a premium for performance and quality, but these features make it an attractive upgrade. The molded nut is its most popular feature, but K&N always packs a lot of goodies into the bag.

The thick steel case was hard to beat, and the internals cut clear from other oil filters in our tests. The parts look similar at first glance, but the extra rows and larger diameter passage holes and special center tube design make it clear that K&N designed their oil filters to improve performance.

How To Find The Right Oil Filter For Your Car

K&N claims its synthetic filter media and end cap design allows the filter to drain 10 percent more fuel than the competition, and given the company’s racing heritage, we can certainly see that benefit. And for what it’s worth, after struggling to remove most oil filters in our time, the cast nuts alone make the K&N worth the extra cost.

How To Change Your Oil

It’s not a household name, but Denso is an original equipment supplier to major automakers (such as Toyota). And for our application we found that its oil filter matched our OEM parts. Opening the heavy-duty steel container reveals a double-sided filter holder, a silicone-proof drain valve and a pre-lubricated O-ring seal.

Denso Auto Parts brings to the consumer market OE quality parts like these oil filters that meet or exceed original equipment specifications and fittings. We found Denso to be the only flaw, as its most popular filters often expire.

Although not one of the filters we tested, Wix oil filters are worth mentioning. This brand sets the standard for what to expect from an aftermarket filter. From the overall construction to the filter holder, it outperforms the cheapest filters on the market. However, the price is in line with other reliable and affordable filters. It’s a close second for best overall pick. Unfortunately, this is an aftermarket piece, and quality control issues remain. Also, mismatched makes and models seem to be somewhat common and fits should be double checked before ordering Specifications

With today’s oil service intervals, and more new cars being shipped from the factory with synthetic oil, getting the right oil filter is more important than ever. Going with a genuine or OEM oil filter like Motorcraft is a great option, even if you spend a little more coin. Getting an OEM quality oil filter from an original equipment supplier is the next best thing. Oil filters can meet and exceed OEM specifications, but the quality goes beyond the brand name. Look to high-performance oil filters for your future track days, drag racing or towing and hauling.

Cartridge Oil Filter Replacement: Missteps To Watch For

Getting the right oil filter is very important

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