What Is The Best Type Mattress For Lower Back Pain

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At the end of the day, sleep is very important for the recovery of the body, but back pain can negatively affect the quality of sleep. A mattress that does not provide adequate sleep support and spinal position can cause back pain. Our tests have shown that the best mattresses support the spine and promote even balance, which helps reduce back pain and promotes deep, restful sleep.

What Is The Best Type Mattress For Lower Back Pain

What Is The Best Type Mattress For Lower Back Pain

Our team has evaluated hundreds of mattresses using a comprehensive approach that includes different performance categories. In these picks, our testers focused on key areas of mattress performance related to back pain, such as pressure relief, support, and ease of movement.

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For back pain, we recommend beds with carefully balanced support and compression to ensure spinal balance. Our testers found the WinkBed performs well in this category, thanks to the combination of flexible foam and firm coils.

Watch the video below to learn more about the best mattresses in our lab for back pain sleepers.

We’ve rounded up our best mattresses for back pain below, awarding them various ratings for their outstanding features in our test lab. Our test team tested over 1,300 mattresses to find out the truth about each mattress’s performance under different conditions. We’ve researched the causes and realities of living with back pain (along with how back pain interacts with mattresses), working with medical experts and everyday people to find out what’s right for back pain. For more information on how we test mattresses, see the trial section below.

We’ve also included a buying guide that talks about the common causes of back pain in bed, the best types of mattresses for relief, and how to choose the right mattress based on construction and material.

Mattress Firmness Guide

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“One of the WinkBed’s defining characteristics is its sense of balance, from the lightness of the foam surface to the firm push of the area coil system. Three of our field testers have slept on WinkBeds for 2 years and all report excellent support. and less back pain.

If you carry extra weight around your midsection, a mattress with regional layers can be a solid investment. The WinkBed is a comfortable hybrid that comes in four firmness options, so most people should find at least one design that feels comfortable and supportive. The company’s generous return policy even allows you to change your previous choice if you’re not happy with the soft or hard feel.

What Is The Best Type Mattress For Lower Back Pain

Our team has tested each WinkBed model. Those under 300 pounds found the medium firmness (4) to be more comfortable, especially for the sleepers in our group. The Medium Company (6) received a good rating from all three surveyor groups on a scale of 130 to 230. Even our back and stomach sleepers weighing 130 pounds or more found the Firm Design comfortable (7 ), while those weighing more than 230 pounds were impressed with the solid support of the WinkBed Plus (8).

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Thanks to the coil area, the WinkBed performed well during our tests for corner support and ease of movement. Most of our testers were able to walk on the mattress without resistance, and the rotation felt stable when we simulated activities involving getting in and out of bed, putting on shoes, and shifting positions near the edges . Another strong point of the WinkBed during our tests was the temperature control. This can result in stable airflow throughout the coil system and breathable Tencel cover that absorbs moisture.

The medium-soft, medium and hard WinkBed models feature adaptive polyfoam, with a thick layer of foam to cushion and support your body. WinkBed Plus models replace the second layer of foam with fast latex, which feels very responsive and doesn’t have to bind under your body, even if you weigh over 230 pounds.

All WinkBeds consist of slats with pockets placed in the center of their support. Thick straps close the loop to protect the edges from deep drafts and rest across the chest and below the waist to fend off extra weight in these areas. A Tensel fabric cover in eucalyptus covers the entire mattress.

US customers receive free shipping on WinkBed purchases and each mattress comes with a 120-night trial period. As part of WinkBeds return policy, you can exchange your original mattress for a soft or firm model if you are not happy with how it feels. The replacement mattress comes with its 60-night trial. All WinkBed mattresses are also backed by a lifetime warranty.

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“After a year of sleeping on DreamCloud, our product tester reported a significant improvement in back pain and a reduction in tossing and turning. The foam layers reduce pressure on sensitive joints and the stiff coil system provides good support for the back. below.

The DreamCloud mattress is a hybrid that combines comfortable layers with a strong support system. The medium-sized sensor (6) provides cushioning for the shoulders, lower back, and hips, but our testers found that the thicker cushions maintain an even surface and reduce landing discomfort around the midsection. Affordable prices and a generous sleep test make the deal even sweeter if you’re shopping on a budget.

DreamCloud’s highest ratings came from sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds, and the mattress was well received by testers across a wide range of body types and sleep positions. Adequate cushioning prevented our sleepers from feeling heavy pressure on their shoulders and hips, which often happens to those who use this position. Even with thick layers of foam, the back sleepers in our group didn’t sag much.

What Is The Best Type Mattress For Lower Back Pain

Another area of ​​performance where DreamCloud excelled during our tests was temperature control. We attribute the mattress’s above-average cooling to the moisture-wicking cashmere-blend cover and continuous air circulation of the coil system. Thanks to the thick layers of foam, the mattress also has improved combination of components such as motion isolation and pressure resistance.

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DreamCloud starts with a polyfoam cover, followed by a layer of soft memory foam and another layer of polyfoam. This material gives the mattress a comfortable feel when you get into bed, but each layer thickens gradually and you don’t sink as your body sinks to the surface. The support core consists of pocketed coils over a high density foam base. The lining consists of a breathable and moisture wicking cashmere fabric.

Shipping is free for customers in the United States, and every order comes with a one-year sleep trial, giving you ample time to test the mattress and decide if it’s right for you. If you decide to keep the bed, you’ll also get a lifetime warranty against structural defects.

“Satva Classic has a unique coil-on-coil design that provides a unique response, zoned design that increases support under the heavy parts of my body. What I appreciate the most is the memory foam pad under my lumbar region ..this gave me an extra pillow to help with my back pain.

The Saatva mattress line has expanded significantly over the past decade, but the luxurious Saatva Classic remains one of the company’s most popular models. One of the first large internals to feature a coil-over design, the Classic comes in three stiffness levels and two features for multiple sleepers.

The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers In 2023

Our testers found each difficulty level of the Saatva Classic to be different from the other two. The soft (3) design offers deep contours that were popular with our side sleepers weighing up to 230 lbs. The design was also comfortable for back and stomach sleepers in our group weighing less than 130 pounds. At the other end of the spectrum, the firm (8) feels very little cushion and special support. Back and belly sleepers weighing at least 130 pounds love this style. Those looking for a balance of stability and stability should consider the Medium Company (6), which received good reviews from our testers in a variety of weights and positions.

All three models of the Saatva Classic are well presented with edge support and ease of movement. The dual-coil construction ensures that the surface is responsive and doesn’t sag or feel trapped when you roll out of bed, and the rotational stiffener counteracts your weight when sitting or lying on the edge. Both layers promote continuous air circulation, so the mattress also performed well when we tested its temperature control.

The Saatva Classic includes a Euro-top padded cover with extra foam and padding. The memory foam on the lower back is designed to support the lumbar region

What Is The Best Type Mattress For Lower Back Pain

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