Which Hp Laptop Is Best For Students

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College is expensive, including tuition, housing, and textbooks, not to mention food and other miscellaneous expenses. So students need a reliable laptop that will last them for years to take notes, write papers at 3 a.m., and edit slides for a group project. But choosing the right laptop can be more complicated than writing a thousand words about Proust.

Which Hp Laptop Is Best For Students

Which Hp Laptop Is Best For Students

We test a number of laptops every year, and for this guide we’ve rounded up the best guides for students. The price-performance ratio of the laptop is the most important factor, followed by battery life, size and weight, keyboard and pad. Our top picks offer the best balance of all these factors for high school and college students, whether they’re taking classes remotely or taking them into a physical classroom.

Best Hp Laptop For Students

We also have more portable types if you can spend more. And for anyone on a budget, we have cheaper options that are great for younger kids too. All of these lower-priced options make serious compromises—shorter battery life, larger size, or more limited functionality—in order to achieve lower prices, and they likely won’t last as long as we chose. If you’re a film or photography student and need a laptop for photo and video editing, or if you want a laptop that can also play games, we’ve got you covered.

Zenbook 14 is the best laptop you can buy at this price. However, its build quality isn’t as good and it won’t perform as well as our best for a few years.

This version of the Zenbook 14 performs just as well as our top pick, but costs a few hundred dollars more than the base model.

Who’s it for: Budget ultrabooks — thin and light laptops with good performance and long battery life priced between $700 and $800 — are ideal for high school and college students because they offer the best value. These cheaper ultrabooks tend to make a few compromises compared to $1,000+ ultrabooks: They might be a little bigger and heavier, they might not last as long on a charge, they might feel less sturdy or sturdy, or they might lack convenient features. like a fingerprint scanner or USB-C charging. But even with these drawbacks, budget ultrabooks still offer better performance and overall quality than $500 laptops.

Top 5 Best Laptops Under 40,000

Why we like it: Most high school or college students buying a laptop to last them through graduation should get the Asus Zenbook 14 OLED, either the base 8GB model or the 16GB version. It’s powerful and portable enough to last a full day of classes and has a bright display, solid keyboard and touchpad. Unlike many budget ultrabooks, the Zenbook 14 is rugged, has a fingerprint scanner, and includes a USB-C charger that you can use to charge multiple devices, and is usually cheaper to replace than dedicated non-USB-C chargers. Spending about $400 more on the HP Specter x360 13.5 will get you a nicer laptop with a better webcam and possibly more memory. But for most students, those differences aren’t worth $400.

You can read more about the Asus Zenbook 14 OLED and our other options in our Windows ultrabook guide.

The Specter x360 has outstanding battery life, a tall touchscreen, a secure keyboard and pad, and our kit is slim and light enough to slip into your bag and take anywhere.

Which Hp Laptop Is Best For Students

What they’re for: If you’re willing and able to pay more, get an ultrabook, which is a laptop with a great keyboard, screen, and battery life, plus enough power to do everything most people need a computer to do. It is also thin, light and portable. Because great ultrabooks offer a better experience and last longer than cheaper alternatives, they can cost more than many students can afford to spend on a laptop, with a great laptop that will last for years running $1,100 to $1,300. However, they lack the processing power to play high-end games or perform complex tasks such as video editing or 3D modeling.

Best Laptops For Music Production 2022

Why we like it: The HP Specter x360 13.5 (with 16GB of memory) offers the best balance of what makes an ultrabook great: it offers fast performance, all-day battery life, a large-format screen that’s ideal. web browsing and paper typing and a quality keyboard and touchpad. And if you’re taking distance courses, the Specter has the best webcam we’ve tested this year. It also has a 360-degree hinge that lets you rotate the touchscreen so you can use it as a tablet (or any position in between) and has an active pen for taking notes. The Specter x360 13.5 isn’t as light or compact as some other Windows ultrabooks, but at 3 pounds it’s certainly not heavy. It ships with too much bloatware, but that’s easy to remove once the laptop arrives.

You can read more about the HP Specter x360 13.5 and our other options in our Windows ultrabook guide.

The M1 MacBook Air has a comfortable keyboard, good performance and plenty of space, something that wasn’t always true with previous MacBook Airs.

In 2022, the M2 MacBook Air offers an updated design, brighter screen and better webcam, and brings back the beloved MagSafe port.

Best Budget Laptops In 2023

Who they’re for: If you prefer macOS or need exceptional technical support, the MacBook is a safe bet; 13-inch models generally offer the best combination of size, weight and speed. They are perfect for a wide range of school tasks, including writing, research and basic video and photo editing and coding. With Apple’s education discount, you can get decent specs and storage for under $1,000. MacBooks tend to be more expensive than Windows Ultrabooks, especially if you want to upgrade memory or storage. ; Apple SSD upgrade prices are so high that we usually recommend looking at cloud storage or an external SSD.

Why we liked it: At $900 after the education rebate, the 13-inch MacBook Air (M1, 2020) is Apple’s cheapest MacBook. If your budget can stretch another $100, we recommend the newer MacBook Air (M2, 2022, 13-inch), which has a brighter screen, a better webcam, and a MagSafe charging port. Both models are fast enough for web browsing, document work, and light photo and video editing, and can even handle professional tasks like 3D rendering or code compilation. They also have great keyboards and touchpads, as well as all-day battery life. Like other Apple laptops, the Air only has USB-C ports; some peripherals may require a USB-C hub. But the light weight, solid build, and industry-leading support make it a great laptop, especially if you have an iPhone or other Apple devices.

Reliable performance, a sharp, bright screen, and long battery life make the Spin 513 the best Chromebook at this price point.

Which Hp Laptop Is Best For Students

Who they’re for: Chromebooks are ideal for students who don’t need Windows or macOS for certain applications. A good Chromebook can do almost anything a regular laptop can do, including document management, video calling, and video streaming as much as possible via a web browser or Android apps. Chromebooks under $500 are generally faster, lighter, and sleeker than similarly priced Windows laptops. In addition, Chromebooks are secure and easy to maintain. However, Chromebooks may have problems connecting to campus printers and cannot play Windows games. And they’re not good for people who need access to Mac or Windows apps for editing photos, videos, audio, or other specialized software.

The Best Laptops You Can Buy In 2023

Why we like it: If you can get all your work done on a Chromebook, we recommend the Acer Chromebook Spin 513 (CP513-2H-K62I) because it has the best combination of features and price of all the models we tested. . It has reasonably fast performance, a reliable keyboard and touchpad, and a tall, bright touchscreen. The Spin 513 is also portable, with a thin and light body and long enough battery life to last you all day at work or school. While we wish the Spin 513 was cheaper, it’s definitely worth the price. (We’ve also seen this model drop below $500 on sale, which is a great thing.)

Unlike many budget Windows laptops, the Aspire 3 Spin 14 is fast, compact and lightweight, with a decent 1080p touchscreen and good battery life.

Who they’re for: If you need a Windows laptop for school and can’t afford to spend a lot, you can find a decent one for under $500, but you have to make some compromises. These models are best for middle school or high school students because most cheap Windows laptops are fast.

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