What Is The Longest Interstate In The United States

What Is The Longest Interstate In The United States – From Seattle to Boston. From San Francisco to Teaneck, New Jersey. Also Miami to Sault Ste. Maria, Michigan. Longer highways span our nation’s diverse landscape, some filled with metropolitan traffic, others connecting oceans to midlands.

But the plan launched by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1956 to build a nationwide system of 41,000 miles of interstate highways continues today. All but four state capitals: Juneau, Alaska; Dover, Delaware; City of Jefferson, Missouri; and Pierre, South Dakota are served directly by the system, and our reliance on continually widening roadways isn’t going away anytime soon.

What Is The Longest Interstate In The United States

What Is The Longest Interstate In The United States

Here are the seven longest highways with the most impact, the best drives, and, of course, the longest access.

Top 10 Most Longest Highway In The World

Running through 13 states, Interstate 90 is the longest in the country, but it doesn’t cover most states. This northern interstate route begins near the Seattle Mariners-Safeco Field headquarters and runs directly through a tunnel under Mount Baker Ridge, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Shortly thereafter, cross two of the five longest floating bridges in the world as it leaves Seattle and crosses Lake Washington.

From there, I-90 travels more than 3,000 miles through Wallace, Idaho – one of the last interstate holdouts – site of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, and a nearly 90-degree turn in Cleveland before reaching its end in Logan. Boston International Airport.

East–West highways are also counted with the fewest starts in the South, so I-80 falls below I-90 in both geography and distance. Passing through a total of 11 states, I-80 is one of the original routes from 1956 and spans many historic transportation routes. It roughly mimics the Lincoln Highway and the First Transcontinental Railroad, covers portions of the Oregon Trail through Wyoming and Nebraska, and meets portions of the California Trail in Nevada and California.

Starting at the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, I-80 also crosses the Bonneville Salt Flats near the Great Salt Lake, reaches 8,000 feet above sea level in Wyoming, and has a 72-mile stretch, the longest of any highway. —almost directly from. Run out of Lincoln, Nebraska. The highway runs within a few miles of Chicago and Cleveland and ends within four miles of New York City.

Longest Highways In The World

A sign at the beginning of I-40 in Barstow, California tells people they have more than 2,500 miles to go to Wilmington, North Carolina, while its twin in Wilmington has done much the same. Like 25 other interstates, I-40 begins an eight-state run through cities such as California, Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, Nashville, Memphis, and Little Rock. Its most significant and beautiful part is where it leads to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and overlaps part of historic Route 66 for most of its western route.

The east-west interstates go no further south than the Los Angeles to Jacksonville trail, which crosses eight states, but spends a third of its time in Texas, with a total of 17 interstate routes and 3,232 miles of interstate roadways. Within its limits. I-10 reaches an elevation of over 5,000 feet east of Tucson, Arizona and drops below sea level in New Orleans.

The oldest section of all US interstates is on I-70 in Kansas and Missouri, but I-70 is also the most recently completed section, originally planned in 1956, a route completed only in 1992. . It passes through 10 states and stops in Denver, Kansas City, St.

What Is The Longest Interstate In The United States

I-70 passes through the Eisenhower Tunnel, the highest point in the entire interstate system at 11,158 feet, as well as the tallest vehicular tunnel in the United States. I-70 was the first interstate built through previously uncharted territory as it passed through Utah’s San Rafael Swell, and includes the longest stretch of interstate without service. It also includes one of the few gaps in the interstate system, a stretch in Breezewood where portions of the Pennsylvania Turnpike that preceded I-70 merge into a quarter-mile gap known as US 30.

What Are The Longest Highways In The Us?

I-95 is the longest of the odd numbers reserved for north-south routes, with numbers increasing from west to east. I-95 has many variations, not the least of which is the longest north-south interstate in the country and covers most states, including 15 plus Washington, DC.

I-95 also affects some of the most densely populated areas in the country as it passes through Miami, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New York and Boston. The interstate is near the Atlantic Ocean, but runs inland at points in Georgia and the Carolinas as far as Washington, DC, before returning to the coast and extending into Canada. falls within a tenth of a kilometre.

It takes just six states on I-75 to get from Miami to the Canadian border in Michigan. Running through Atlanta and Chattanooga, Tennessee, past the Cumberland Mountains, through Lexington, Kentucky and Cincinnati, I-75 finally follows the shores of Lake Erie toward Detroit, where you’ll find its most impressive feature, the Mackinac Bridge, a . A 26,000-foot suspension bridge spans Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Tim Newcomb is a journalist based in the Pacific Northwest. He also covers stadiums, sneakers, equipment, infrastructure and more for a variety of publications, including Popular Mechanics. His favorite interviews of him include sitting down with Roger Federer in Switzerland, Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles and Tinker Hatfield in Portland.

Longest Interstate Highways In The United States

CIA oddities, hurricane-proof houses, and even wilder conspiracies that the Titanic never sank the isolation, bringing down I-95 in an airstrike might have prevented DARPA’s new X-Plane drills.

Can these new batteries power airplanes? The linear generator’s switch between different fuels is only a few years away from the rollout of 6G, which could ruin future emissions from whatever autonomous vehicle it is.

The Pentagon Takes Another Bet on Hypersonic Missiles What’s Causing Trains to Derail Around Us What We Know About Putin The Flak Train Conspiracy Theorists 15-Minute Cities Hitting Truckers Long Distances on the Road There are no strangers. After a career of working long, irregular hours across the country, there is little about America’s highway infrastructure that a truck driver doesn’t know about.

What Is The Longest Interstate In The United States

But having said that, do you know the ten longest highways in the United States off the top of your head? Check out this list and test your knowledge of American roads!

The Widest Road In The United States Is Laughably Large

US Route 20 – The longest highway in the nation. Route 20 covers 3,237 miles and runs from Boston to Newport, Oregon.

Number two on this list also starts with Massachusetts. Starting in Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod, US Route 6 travels 3,207 miles to Bishop, California.

The longest route in the interstate system, I-90 runs more than 3,101.77 miles from Boston (surprise, surprise) to Seattle, Washington.

The newest member of the “3,000+” club, US Route 50 spans 3,011 miles, connecting West Sacramento, California, and Ocean City, Maryland.

The Highest Point On The U.s. Interstate System Is…underground?

The second longest highway in the interstate system, I-80 is 2,899 miles long. It begins in Teaneck, New Jersey and ends in San Francisco.

From Rouses Point, New York, to Everett, Washington, Route 2 is the eighth longest highway in the United States, stretching 2,580 miles.

The 10th longest highway in the United States is Route 12, which begins in Detroit and ends in Aberdeen, Washington over 2,483 miles.

What Is The Longest Interstate In The United States

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The Longest Road In America Runs Through 12 States

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