Best Type Of Mattress For Heavy Side Sleepers

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If you sleep on your side, you need a mattress to reduce the pressure on your shoulders and hips. But it should not be too much traction, because the force of gravity will stress your spine. For most sideburners, this means choosing a medium-soft to medium mattress.

Best Type Of Mattress For Heavy Side Sleepers

Best Type Of Mattress For Heavy Side Sleepers

We’ve also included slightly firmer mattress details for side grinders who often move on their backs and stomachs or for those who prefer a more supportive feel.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers: 25 Year Industry Pro’s Guide

You can read more about these choices and more in our guides to the best foam mattresses, the best hybrid mattresses, the best innerspring mattresses and the best budget mattresses.

With a thick rubber top and the highest foam density we’ve found in a mattress online, this mattress feels more substantial and durable than many of its cheaper counterparts.

For side sleepers who prefer a firm memory foam bed, Loom & Leaf (the comfort company) should provide a better night’s sleep than most of its online competitors.

It’s also one of the most luxurious yet firm foam mattresses we’ve tested. The padded top creates a soft cushion for your shoulders and hips, and the durable foam layer helps keep your spine in alignment. Its foam is also denser than cheaper memory foam mattresses and is more likely to hold its shape over time.

The Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers

It’s sold by Saatva and comes with a generous 365-day trial, so you can return it if it doesn’t work for you (although Saatva charges a $100 “processing fee”).

Combining a luxurious interior with a stylish yet understated top, Saatva appeals to those who want to feel inside rather than surrounded. But it doesn’t have the best motion isolation.

Side grinders who don’t like the squishy feel of memory foam may prefer the Saatva Classic (luxury brand) innerspring.

Best Type Of Mattress For Heavy Side Sleepers

Two types of cones keep your spine suspended and allow for easy side changes. And EuroTop—a layer of padding sewn under the fabric cover—helps cushion your shoulders and hips without having to deal with aggressive memory foam.

Best Mattresses Of 2023

It’s one of the few indoor mattresses we’ve found that comes with a generous 365-day trial period, so you can return it if it doesn’t work for you (although Saatva charges a $100 “processing fee”).

The Lisa Spira Hybrid combines the best aspects of memory foam and spring mattresses. It offers better cooling and a thicker casing than the competition, all at a good price.

Side grinders who like a little bounce in a firm memory foam mattress may find that the Lisa Spira Hybrid offers the best of both worlds.

The 1,000+ individually wrapped coils make your body feel uplifted, even as the memory foam gently hugs your shoulders and hips. And if you sometimes sleep on your back or stomach, you’ll appreciate that the hybrid has enough springs to easily change position. The Lisa Spira Hybrid’s thicker foam also makes it a good choice for people weighing more than 200 pounds.

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This Costco favorite is made from layers of foam twice as thick (and probably more durable) than mattress foam. Testers found it sweet but supportive, although some found it too strong.

If you sleep on your side and need shoulder and hip pillows, but prefer a firmer mattress, the NovaForm Comfort Grand is a good choice.

When you buy this mattress online, it’s less than half the price of Loom & Leaf (the comfort company), our top foam range; It’s even cheaper if you buy it in store (non-Costco members pay a 5% fee). Novaform offers a soft and cuddly feel without the obvious sink of memory foam, but is slightly stiffer than the Loom and Leaf. (The density of the NovaForm foam suggests it will be durable, at least for people weighing less than 200 pounds.)

Best Type Of Mattress For Heavy Side Sleepers

Novaform ComfortGrande comes with a 20-year warranty. And thanks to Costco’s generous return policy (the best we’ve seen), you can always arrange for free pickup and a full refund.

Best Mattresses For Heavy People

As we advise in our guide to choosing a mattress, if the bed you’re looking at is in a store, bring your favorite pillows and test the mattress before you buy. Lie on your side for 10 to 15 minutes, paying attention to how your back, shoulders and hips feel.

When sleeping, a side sleeper should draw a straight line connecting the midpoints of the hips, ears and shoulders. Example: Sarah McReading

Side sleepers – and sleepers in any position, really – should look for a mattress that fits their spine and provides good support. To determine if a mattress is keeping your body in a neutral position while you sleep, imagine someone behind you as you lie on your side. You should be able to draw a relatively straight line connecting the midpoints of the ears, shoulders, and hips. If the mattress seems to come out on your hips and shoulders, you probably need something firmer.

Another factor in finding a good mattress is pressure relief. Since most people move a lot at night, reducing stress is not as important as aligning the spine, at least medically. But when it comes to comfort, side grinders will do well to focus on pressure points. This is because (at least initially) side-sanders tend to carry most of their body weight on one shoulder and hip, thus compressing these parts of the bed. Buddy Delaney, president of Best Mattress in Columbia, South Carolina, told us that a mattress with a pillow layer may be more appealing to side sleepers.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers In 2023

The mattresses we recommend in this guide, including our list of other good mattresses for side grinders, will reduce the strain on your shoulders and hips to varying degrees.

How a firm pillow or mattress feels is of course very subjective and depends on weight, body proportions and personal preferences. But we’d say our recommended mattresses for side sleepers range from medium-soft to medium-firm. If you like a firm mattress but find it hurts your shoulders — or if you like a softer mattress but it doesn’t fit your spine — models with a plush top layer Check out the aids that move seamlessly between middle and lower levels. , such as Saatva Classic (the luxury brand) and Loom and Leaf (the comfort brand). You can also consider a medium-firm mattress with a mattress topper. Or try sleeping with your head down on the pillow to cushion your shoulder better, as long as your spine is straight. Also take into account that the mattress can soften over time.

Factors such as comfort, stress reduction and firmness are highly subjective, which is why we always recommend trying a mattress in person before buying. While this is still the best way to know if a particular mattress might work for you in the long run, we know this isn’t always an option. If you decide to take the risk and buy a bed online without trying it out first, we recommend choosing a mattress with a good return policy.

Best Type Of Mattress For Heavy Side Sleepers

For example, we think side grinders who change positions at night (aka rotators) will have better luck with the Lysa Sperra Hybrid, which has a good balance of cushioning feel and (somewhat stretchy) support. the child in you Lisa comes with a 100-night trial. You have to try it for at least 30 days, after which you can arrange a full refund and free mattress collection.

Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers, Tested And Reviewed (2023)

Foam-loving sideburners might consider the affordable, expensive Specialty NovaForm Comfort Grand, a medium-firm mattress that provides gentle cushioning for shoulders, hips and lower back. Costco’s excellent return policy should also give you some peace of mind: If you decide you don’t like the mattress, you can return it for any reason, at any time, for a full refund.

Who’s it for: Loom & Leaf (the comfort company) will likely appeal to side-shearers who prefer a surface that hugs the body but doesn’t have the squishy, ​​squishy feel of memory foam. It is suitable for most overweight people, including those who weigh more than 200 pounds (although be sure to turn the bed often).

Why it’s good: Loom and Leaf Padded and padded upper provides extra cushion between you and the memory foam layer. Side sleeper and have tried this mattress for over a week. I loved it because the jumpsuit was soft without being too soft or stuffy – and in the morning my shoulders and elbows felt comfortable instead of rockets. At 5 pounds per cubic foot, layers of memory foam are heavier than the 3 pounds typically found in less expensive mattresses. Therefore, we believe that Loom and Leaf will provide sufficient and long-term support for most people.

Not the flaws, but the differences: My husband and I felt a little warmer sleeping on this mattress. I’m usually a cold sleeper, so I welcomed the heat, but the effect bothered my husband so much that he moved to our son’s indoor bed. The Relaxed Firm is the most popular Loom & Leaf mattress, but we’ve had complaints on Reddit about it burning people over 250 pounds.

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