Best Lipstick Color For Asian Skin Tone

Best Lipstick Color For Asian Skin Tone – See, growing up in the early 2000s, I definitely had makeup fails. I can’t even comment on everything from foundations, lipsticks and brows.

I think it’s only been in the last five years that we’ve come together as a beauty community. Because shaping your beard and strobing until you get a light bulb effect is also fresh (yes).

Best Lipstick Color For Asian Skin Tone

Best Lipstick Color For Asian Skin Tone

Now that society is wiser and we’re all finally embracing our natural beauty and our individual skin tones and textures, we can afford US. it. Made up.

Women Try Maybelline’s New ‘universally Flattering’ Lipsticks

To my fellow Asians and South Asians in the back, I say it out loud: You can finally find the makeup that’s made for you.

A little dramatic I know, but as a South Asian, I understand that matching makeup to your skin tone can be a challenging feat.

So yes, the struggle can be real, real. BUUUUUTTT, lucky you, you stumbled upon this blog and now discovered ‘TASNEEM Cosmetics’, a beauty brand created for people of color.

In this blog we will break down all our products that are perfect for Asian and South Asian skin. Plus some visual guidance on makeup that works for you (because that’s really the best part).

The Best Red Lipstick That Looks Good On Everyone

Well, let’s peel off the band-aid and face the childhood trauma of bare makeup. I know I use a lip base and I’m still concerned about the base being 2 shades lighter than my actual skin tone which is surprising. Forget any definition of Asian and South Asian facial features when it comes to makeup.

Asians and South Asians have a distinct undertone to their skin, which can really affect which colors suit you. If you have a yellow undertone, warm yellow base products are important, if you have more pink pigment, a pink base product is ideal and if you have a cool/grey undertone, cool blue base tones are your makeup.

All our nude products can be used as nude lipsticks, nude cheek tones and nude eyeshadows! Learn more about the app by visiting our store.

Best Lipstick Color For Asian Skin Tone

Literally the energy, the vibe, the mood when you discover brown makeup just kills! I hate to toot my own horn but our brown chain is truly a masterpiece. If I tell you the pigments will change your life and makeup forever.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick Collection

All our brown products can be used as brown lipsticks, brown cheek and brown eyeshadows, brown liquid liners and brown bronzers! Learn more about the app by visiting our store.

If you didn’t already know, Asian and South Asian skin look great in pink makeup. Most often, shades of pink match our natural shade, so it’s easy to find what shade and tone of pink suits you. We add a brown base to all our pinks to ensure it suits everyone, especially the colored ones!

Not sure who should listen to this, but…do it! Wear a pink dress.

All our pink products can be used as pink lipsticks, pink blushes, pink eyeshadows and pink liquid eyeliners! Learn more about the app by visiting our store.

Perfect Nude Lipsticks For (south East) Asian Skin Tones

Asian and South Asian skin tones are more red, if the red is too yellow, your skin will look a little orange, but if too blue, you may even have a bluish undertone.

But it is best to know yourself, so it is important to understand what red suit you want. Our basic rule of thumb when choosing the perfect red is to pay attention to your undertones and match them.

Our red products can be used as red lipsticks, red blushes, red eye shadows and red liquid liners. Learn more about the app by visiting our store.

Best Lipstick Color For Asian Skin Tone

So, these are the best lipstick shades for Asian and South Asian skin, the best cheek shades for Asian and South Asian skin, the best eyeshadow and liquid eyeliners for Asian and South Asian skin. From: Kiko Velvet Matte Satin in 602, Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait, Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick in Nude Mocha, MAC Modest, MAC Brave, MAC Viva Glam V and MAC Twig

Our Guide To Finding The Perfect Nude Lipstick For Asian Skintones

I remember not so long ago when naked lips were everywhere; Magazines, TV, celebrities, billboards… you get the point, and I’m so against celebrities and marketing, I also want to be in the “in” crowd with a pale bare lip. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to find the right nude outfit to match my pale Asian skin, and by Asian I mean Southeast Asian (I’m Vietnamese). Yes, I know there is no such thing as Southeast Asian skin color. You only have to line up me and my three sisters to see that we have varying degrees of Asian skin tone. I would say that I am somewhere in the middle; When I’m tan I’m more on the dark side of the spectrum (about NC40 for those familiar with the MAC foundation spectrum) and when I’m pale I’m somewhere between light and medium (NC25-NC30). Also, to complicate matters, my lips are very pigmented and very pink (although they turn blue when I’m a little colder). The nudity we usually see suits Caucasian models better, but this kind of nudity just doesn’t work for me and takes away the natural warmth of my complexion and washes me out completely. So how do you find the perfect nude lipstick? Well, I’m going to tell you.

I find nodes with a warm undertone like a pink or brown base look better than a light beige or cream nude. Nude is different and should be different for everyone, because as the name suggests, it should look almost non-existent, and if it is almost non-existent, it should be different shades to match the different shades of universal. Colors Lips It wasn’t until I realized that I was successful in my quest to find my perfect nude lipstick. And because I want to help out (because I’m so good…) for all those looking for their perfect nude lipstick, I’ve rounded up all the nudes in my collection and shared them with you below (which doesn’t mean that these shades will not work on other non-Asian skin tones, because they have the most adequate, they simply cannot be classified as nude). You can thank me later!

5. Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick in 305 Nude Mocha or Burnt Rose Nude (check the Maybelline Colorshow lipstick review with swatches and note it’s not available in the UK. Sad times).

So this list might be a bit Mac heavy, but what can I say except that Macs make great lipsticks (see my blog post about my latest addition to my entire Mac lipstick collection, Brave BR). There are several budget-friendly, convenient options, and they are more affordable without sacrificing quality. It just depends on the shade and type of finish you prefer. Lisa Eldridge recently made a video about finding the perfect nude lipstick with great pointers for both overall and different skin tones. Everything Lisa recommends is a must!

Best Hair Colour For My Skin Tone

Again lip liners from the drugstore/high street that look great on either Asian or NC25-30 skin tones like mine. Let me know what you think about this video!

And recently, I posted a video about my top 5 favorite MAC lipsticks, mostly nude pinks (since those are the colors I wear most every day). They also look great with Southeast Asian skin tones or a Mac NC25-30 complexion. If you want to pamper yourself, you definitely can’t go wrong with MAC!

Recently, I uploaded my top 5 favorite luxury nude lipsticks. Again, these shades work well for Southeast Asian skin tones or Mac complexions from NC25-30 to NC40.

Best Lipstick Color For Asian Skin Tone

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