What Essential Oil Is Good For Depression

What Essential Oil Is Good For Depression – I realized that depression (dealing with it in my teens and early 20s) even made me consider killing myself. Then, when I met Christ in 2003, I learned what the Bible says about grief and I prayed that God would take the burden off my shoulders and “Poof!” he really disappeared in an instant. Today, after 15 years, I can boast that I am still free to God! It is my hope and prayer that you and your loved ones will experience this kind of miraculous deliverance in your life, but if your awakening does not come soon enough, I encourage you to look into essential oils for depression if nothing else. I know in the world that it can lift your mood and help you overcome your fear so much!

In fact, if you or a loved one is suffering from depression, it is extremely important to find safe and effective treatment. If you are thinking about harming yourself or someone else, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org (1) any time of the day or night. You never thought of dealing with depression alone.

What Essential Oil Is Good For Depression

What Essential Oil Is Good For Depression

According to the FDA (2), many people with depression find that traditional psychiatry or psychological medications are helpful. However, many people are concerned about the long list of side effects associated with mind-altering drugs (3) and are looking for safer alternatives.

Treat Yourself: Acupuncture Points & Essential Oils For Anxiety, Depression

Depression is associated with changes in brain chemistry, including corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF), serotonin (5-HT), and tyrosine hydroxylase (TH). There is evidence that inhaling some of the oil spills can affect brain chemistry in a number of ways.

These compounds enter the blood system through the lungs and affect brain chemistry as the blood carries it to the brain. Another way that essential oils affect the limbic system of the brain is through their connection to the olfactory system (sense of smell), where they bind to the smell receptors. They then get to the deeper parts of the brain that control things like stress and anxiety through an interesting journey that is beyond the scope of this post, but definitely worth reading (4)!

With the increasing popularity of essential oils, many people have strong opinions about how essential oils can help your symptoms. Of course, the essential oil guide cannot replace the advice of an experienced medical professional.

Using the following essential oils for anxiety symptoms is supported by extensive research showing their effectiveness. As with any home treatment option, always use caution and follow the safety guidelines and advice of your medical professional.

Top Happiness Inducing Essential Oils

Bergamot can help prevent the side effects of antidepressants while providing many benefits. In this rat study (5) it was shown to regulate and regulate brain chemistry. The best practices of aromatherapy have recognized such effects in humans making bergamot an excellent essential oil as an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety).

This is an important and powerful tool if symptoms of depression or anxiety are negatively affecting your work – this goes for schoolwork and homework too! The smell of wood not only improves performance in a difficult work environment (6), but is also useful for various stress disorders.

Note that the study above does not name the cedars, but they are candidates

What Essential Oil Is Good For Depression

. Aromatherapists probably use Atlas Cedarwood for this. This essential oil for depression helps you leave the stress of work behind and move into a relaxed and stress-free environment after work.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Australian red cedar essential oil is a specific oil recognized as a “new candidate for the treatment of anxiety disorders” in this rat study (7). As you can see, the cedar family has a lot of potential in this area and you can experiment to see what works for you and your specific symptoms.

What if I am sensitive or have allergies? Some people are allergic to cedarwood, so if you are allergic to cedarwood, try one of the other essential oils on this list. 3. Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage has been shown to have mood enhancing activity (8), although mood swings are due to the hormonal changes associated with menopause. Sage is important for influencing brain chemicals to help restore more normal levels of brain chemicals responsible for thyroid function and pregnancy.

It is clear why frankincense oil is preferred when it comes to fighting depression, especially for women. It helps the balance of hormones and chemicals of the brain with the smell of heaven, deep, resinous.

Best 10 Essential Oils For Depression & How To Use Them

In this 2008 study (9), it was used with two other essential oils for depression, lavender and bergamot, to ease depression in chronically ill patients. Not only did depression improve, but the mixture also reduced pain levels.

Learn more about frankincense uses, cancer benefits, and more Considering the results of this study and others, it should come as no surprise that frankincense is popular for many reasons. But one of my favorite uses of incense is to protect against cancer. 5. Geranium Essential Oil

This study (10) used geranium in other treatments for anxiety, such as massage. Geranium essential oil synergistically enhances the antidepressant effect of other oils. The scent of a flower instantly lifts the mood and relieves stress.

What Essential Oil Is Good For Depression

Chamomile is known to calm and soothe many body systems, as this review shows (11)! Used internally and externally, German chamomile and Roman chamomile contain anti-anxiety compounds in both forms.

Essential Oils For Uplifting Mood

Chamomile essential oil reduces many symptoms of depression when infused during times of stress or low motivation. When choosing essential oils for depression, choose chamomile if symptoms of depression are causing digestive problems. You will be surprised how this can help!

There is only one essential that you can use for depression, lavender is one of the best. It has a long documented history as a soothing and healing agent.

The power of lavender in essential oil research Lavender essential oil has been used in many studies in mice and humans, and it appears to show the ability to: relieve stress and anxiety by acting directly on chemicals of the brain, protect brain cells from neurotoxins in vitro, restore normal function. After high levels of caffeine, it relieves stress, including Alzheimer’s disease, provides potential protection to the brain from chemical damage, treats anxiety disorders, treats inflammation, headaches, stress and anxiety, and relieves tension before menstruation.

While everyone should address the cause of depression, it is safe to say that lavender essential oil can improve some mood disorders or restore energy levels and support other healing efforts.

Aromatherapy For Depression: Harnessing The Scent Of Healing

All citrus oils have a role to play in treating depression, but the effect of lemon may be the strongest. Lemon oil is essential for improving your mood, and can help clear the brain fog that accompanies symptoms of depression.

Melissa helps reduce anxiety, reduce withdrawal, increase time spent in meaningful activities, improve brain chemistry, and works with lavender.

For example, a study published in 2012 showed the ability of lemon balm to directly affect the brain of those with the virus. (12) Specially learned exercises are effective in improving cognitive function and even reversing the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

What Essential Oil Is Good For Depression

Nutmeg oil, when dispersed, was similar to the expected effects of antidepressants in this rat study with no adverse effects (13). The benefits are enhanced when nutmeg essential oil is combined with Thai black ginger extract (a variety related to the common ginger root). It’s warm and uplifting, perfect for fighting the blues!

The Best Essential Oils For Anxiety

Both sweet and bitter oranges provide essential oils with antidepressant benefits. Neroli essential oil, distilled from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, has significant anti-anxiety effects. We see people using it successfully with hormonal conditions and stress.

Sweet orange essential oil is a solution to some of the most serious issues surrounding the stomach. It is important to improve the ability to focus on visual tasks, making it suitable for use by young children. The sweet fragrance is sweet and suitable for any occasion.

In this rat study (14), the essential oil of orange was found to be useful in treating anxiety and achieving calmness and relaxation. A scattering of sweet oranges when the family comes home sets the scene for a relaxing night together.

Palmarosa is a sweet-smelling herb from the citronella family. It has been proposed as a natural source of potential MAO inhibitors (15) without drug side effects. It’s one of the recommended ingredients in the essential sleep spray mix!

Does Using Essential Oils For Depression Work?

One of our favorite oils in the Z household! Peppermint essential oil is very uplifting when tired and lacking energy. It has been found to increase motivation, strength, cortex stimulation, mood, relaxation and alertness.

One of the most valuable oils, rose essential oil, is associated with subjects who feel comfortable (16), more comfortable or natural. This protected the brains of hypotensive subjects from oxygen stress in a rat study (17).

Rose essential oil also eases sadness and depression. We often use our top fragrance essential spray as a home body spray or a room mist.

What Essential Oil Is Good For Depression

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