How To Choose Rug For Living Room

How To Choose Rug For Living Room – Carpets are a staple in New York City—not only because they look good, but because most apartment owners actually need them to cover their floors. Because floor coverings help absorb and reduce noise, leases and cooperative agreements often include a clause requiring tenants to cover 80% of their floors with carpets or rugs. Fortunately, when chosen wisely, rugs enhance rather than detract from a space, creating a sense of warmth and texture. Plus, it’s a quick and easy way to change the look of a room without breaking the bank. But choosing a rug can be tricky—too small, too big, or too colorful, for example, and your space can end up looking cluttered, not sophisticated. We spoke with Maury Walkley, owner of Brooklyn-based home goods boutique Collier Mansion (she’s also the lead designer and stylist for her design services business), for tips on how to choose the perfect rug for your space. Here’s what we learned:

If you’re decorating a room from scratch, The Weekly recommends you always choose a rug first. “It allows for flexibility, because you’re not trying to match it with another piece,” she says. Visualize your ideal space: “Create a vision of what you want for your room, and choose a rug that starts you on that path.”

How To Choose Rug For Living Room

How To Choose Rug For Living Room

If you’re choosing a rug later in the decorating game, try choosing a different color than your sofa and other large furniture to provide contrast. “So, if your sofa is light gray, don’t choose a light gray rug,” she says. “And if the rest of your room has a lot of color, choose a rug with a more neutral or jewel-tone palette.”

How To Choose The Right Rug Size For Your Living Room

When choosing the right size for your rug, keep in mind that all the furniture in the space, be it sofas and coffee tables or dining tables and chairs, must fit the rug. Walk recommends making sure you have at least 12 inches of space between the edges of your larger furniture pieces, such as sofas and rugs.

But if you prefer a rug that is too small for your space, don’t despair! You can always layer it on top of an otherwise neutral sisal or flat weave to add color and pattern.

Physical problems! The material of the carpet is important because it affects its daily performance and how long it will require maintenance. “If you choose a rug made of wool, it will likely shed and require maintenance,” Weeks says. “Even with a dark-colored flat weave, it will show dust. Cotton rugs, colorful patterned rugs, and some types of antique rugs require a little more maintenance, but it all depends on the fabric.

Living room: “The living room is probably the focal point of your home, so it’s worth investing in a rug that really speaks to your design aesthetic,” advises Walkley. She recommends vintage rugs like clam and Persian rugs for a warm, textured feel. Also, as you get older, you will find a wider range of colors and patterns to suit your taste.

How To Choose A Living Room Rug

Bedroom: A relatively neutral rug works well in the bedroom, says Walkley. This allows for bold, bright bedding and fills your space with a relaxing atmosphere. “For a more grand and inviting room, an authentic Ben Orin rug will do wonders,” she says.

Kitchen: Here, Weakley recommends opting for FlatView: “They keep the kitchen’s typical clean lines and minimal profile.” She especially likes Scandinavian rugs for the kitchen, because they’re easy to design around.

Hallways: Because these spaces offer less competing decorations than the rest of your home, Weekley recommends going for something dramatic in the hallway—and washable, too, since it’s a high-traffic area. “We always love a bold and colorful Boucherite rug,” she says. “They’re usually handmade in Morocco from cotton, so they’re washable.”

How To Choose Rug For Living Room

You shouldn’t always default to a rectangle. A unique motif—like the animal hide rugs often seen in NYC apartment listings—can add a lot of dimension and style to a room. Weekley sees rooms with less traditional shapes, such as bay windows, as solutions in children’s rooms and playrooms, or in unconventional settings.

Choosing The Right Size Area Rug In Greater Houston, Tx

Above all, Weekley recommends going for a rug you like, whether it’s muted or bright, cotton or wool, rectangular or odd-shaped. You can always work around it. “Some of our favorite designed spaces start with cool and textured rugs, and that can really make a space,” she says. For great style ideas from Weekley and Collier Mansion, check out their Instagram.

Inspired to discover your next location in New York? Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, find an apartment in NYC. When choosing a new rug, there are many places you can start. Some people think about style or design, while others keep budget in mind. While these are important to consider, we recommend starting by figuring out what size rug you need. Read on to learn all about the most common area rug sizes, how to choose them, and the best ways to display them in your home.

While the rules for individual rooms will vary slightly (see our room guide for specifics), there are some general rules that will apply to your home. First, you should buy a rug that fills as much space as possible, leaving an 18- to 20-inch border.

Don’t just place the rug in the middle of the room. Instead, look at how your furniture is arranged. For example, the living room should be placed according to your living arrangement, and the bedroom will often be placed under the bed. Before you buy, you can get the right size by first marking where the rug will go with painter’s tape or masking tape.

How To Choose The Best Living Room Carpet For Home?

Miniatures may not fill a room, but they are still very versatile. 2′ x 3′ is best used in small spaces or spaces where the functionality of the rug is more important than its visual impact. Entryways, bathrooms, kitchens, and walk-in closets can also benefit from small rugs.

Medium sizes are great for small living rooms, offices, or the foot of a queen-sized bed. It is generally recommended that furniture be placed so that all feet are on the carpet or at least the front feet. With too small a rug, this arrangement can feel cramped, but placing too much furniture can make your rug look like a postage stamp in the middle of the room. A great way to avoid all of this is to place your small rug on top of a large and inexpensive natural fiber rug. This way, you’ll get the feel of your patterned rug and fill the space without breaking the bank.

8′ x 10′ is one of the most popular sizes for the area. They are perfect for filling small to medium-sized living rooms and under most kitchen tables.

How To Choose Rug For Living Room

They can fit perfectly under a queen-sized bed with room for a nightstand on either side.

How To Choose The Right Size Rug For Your Living Room — Park & West Home

Large, 9′ x 12′ and up, are great in living rooms and formal dining rooms with large tables. In this shape, it is very easy to place your furniture perfectly on a rug that provides a border around the arrangement.

The effect is especially dramatic in open floor plans, where a large rug creates a unique space without the need for walls.

While runners are commonly thought of as gangsters, they are much more versatile than that. Runners are perfect for any odd-shaped space in your home that could use a little extra comfort. In the kitchen, they can be placed on counters to provide some support while you work. Likewise, runners can work well in large bathrooms to keep your feet warm and prevent slipping on wet tile floors. It is also very popular to use runners on either side of the bed to give you something soft to wake up in the morning.

Of course, runners are still great in traditional hallways and hallways where they help tie the entire home’s style together and protect the floor in these high-traffic areas.

Reasons To Choose Round Area Rugs For Living Room

Now that you have a good idea of ​​how different sizes fit and how to hold them, it’s time to weigh your options! There are thousands available online in all sizes and styles. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll have a rug to fit your space and your needs. Online shopping for rugs can be overwhelming. With thousands of styles to choose from, varying in color, design, shape, material, pile height and more, how do you know where to start? This guide has everything you need to help you find the perfect rug to complement your room.

Ultimately, it will decide which carpet you choose

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