How Do I Know Which Career Is Right For Me

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We had the opportunity to interview Samar Birwadkar, CEO and co-founder of Good.Co. It’s a career insights platform designed to help millennials explore their ideal career path and provide personalized, insider knowledge to navigate today’s workforce. Recent graduates are coming into the world with many questions about their careers and themselves, and they need help navigating the murky waters of the corporate world.

How Do I Know Which Career Is Right For Me

How Do I Know Which Career Is Right For Me

Good.Co: We are seeing a huge macro trend change in the nature of the workplace, driven largely by the different needs, motivations and attitudes of Generation Y. It is open to an increased audience, ideas and thoughts on the Internet and is operated with a high degree of transparency. Their expectations of the workplace have increased significantly, but the workplace hasn’t really kept up. Unemployment isn’t the fault of millennials and their job-seeking attitudes, it’s the fault of employers for improving the workplace and improving it fast enough.

How To Know If You Are On The Right Career Path

GC: Millennials understand the world around them better than they admit. They look for meaning in their work, not just a place where they have to work 8 hours a day to get paid. Millennials feel like we spend one-third of our lives at work; Shouldn’t we create better things for ourselves?

GC: A true social good idea inspires us to help people understand who they are, how they fit into organizations, and put them on the path to being the best they can be. We felt the need to create a bottom-up tool to help people discover their strengths and personalities and discover what inherent skills they truly possess. When people’s goals and interests are aligned with their employer, they stay longer, happier and more productive at work. We’ve found that decoding and figuring out your strengths and finding your true calling really resonates with the millennial audience.

GC: Universities advertise college career services a fair amount, but we think there is a huge gap in career offerings offered by universities. There is no support after graduation, resulting in 1 in 2 employees (especially millennials) not working for more than 18 months, especially because of cultural fit. As millennials get to know themselves better, their career path discovery becomes more apparent.

GC: By creating an open source culture map based on internal input, we try to understand the core DNA of the company. We initially specialized in finding recent graduates looking for companies and careers in the fields of design, marketing, advertising and technology. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we’ve added components to traditional measurement models like attitudes, motivations and work styles to create a more modern and relevant framework for measuring millennials and helping them assess their workplace fit today.

Job Or Career? How To Decide Which Is Right For You

DC: It’s good to think of Good.Co as the employment “love conduit” between LinkedIn and E-Harmony. It is a professional networking site that is not only for transactions but also based on self-discovery and discovery of those around you. Users can check their fit scores with others, such as their manager or other companies, and add colleagues and friends to their culture chart. Traditional strengths assessments are outdated and fail to provide guidance on what millennials can do next. “So what?” If my personality is like this, how can I use it and make significant progress in the future.

Enjoy your free articles! Want to see more? Sign up for 3 free articles per month. Unsatisfied with your current career and want to make a change? “Which career is best for me?” You may wonder.

If so, you are not alone. According to a recent survey, three-quarters of Americans have changed careers at least once; One-third of workers are currently considering a career change.

How Do I Know Which Career Is Right For Me

If you’re ready for a new career, the following 6 tips from Empire Resume can help you find one you love.

Is This The Right Time To Reinvent Your Career? Let’s Find Out

Career assessment tests may seem like a silly way to figure out what career to pursue, but don’t ignore them completely. There are some great tests that can help inspire career ideas you may have never considered.

This test is specially designed for adults. Analyze your interests and life goals. It also asks questions about your general and work nature. For just 20 minutes of your time, you’ll be rewarded with insights about specific career opportunities and why those jobs are right for you.

My Next Move is the only career assessment tool recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor. What makes this tool unique is that it not only tells you which jobs are best for you based on your education and current experience, but also tells you what additional education and experience you need to get the job you want.

The title of the exam does not leave room for misunderstanding. This is a free and fun 10 minute assessment tool. After graduation, you will find out which career is right for you.

Infographic: What’s Your Relationship Status With Your Job?

Take any or all of these tests. Or Google “career assessment” and you’ll find many other options – many of them free. Go ahead and try.

Take a few minutes to describe your current skills, work experience, education and training, and passion. What you are looking for is an overlap of these categories to help you find the right career path.

Let’s say you work in data analytics for a financial firm, have advanced Excel training and are passionate about cooking and healthy eating. You can look for data analyst positions at organic grocery chains or food delivery services.

How Do I Know Which Career Is Right For Me

Also think about what you liked and disliked about your previous work experience. For example, you may not like working in accounting, but you like the autonomy your boss gives you. You may really love managing a call center, but you don’t love creating detailed reports every week. All these are clues to find the best career path.

How To Decide If Coding Is Right For You

At Empire Resume, we’re big fans of the web. You don’t always need to network to find a new job. Networking is a great way to find out what jobs are available, what skills are needed, and what types of people are best suited for those careers.

Talk to colleagues, friends, former classmates and even family members about their career. They want to know what their daily life is like, what they like about their work and what they don’t like.

These conversations will give you an idea of ​​what career path to pursue. Plus, you’ll get tons of contacts that will play a vital role in landing your next job.

LinkedIn is a great social resource and a great resource for finding out what job opportunities are available and who works for them.

Career Quiz For Right Job Path

Sometimes your friends know better than you. Ask a friend or two, “I’m thinking about changing jobs, what do you think I’m good at?”

The answers will surprise you, because you can see the strengths and talents you take for granted. They may tell you that you are an excellent student and would make an excellent therapist. They probably like your fashion sense and see that you work in the fashion industry.

They may wonder why you never became a teacher because you are naturally good at communicating with children.

How Do I Know Which Career Is Right For Me

For some, a few sessions with a career coach can be very helpful. You may be obsessed with the idea of ​​”finding a new career,” but Koch breaks it down into several steps. Just as a running coach trains a marathon runner to complete a big race step by step, a professional coach pushes you step by step and helps you find a career you love.

Ways To Decide If A Freelance Career Is Right For You

Your coach may ask you to take a career survey one week and document your dream job the next. Your coach might ask you to schedule networking meetings twice a week and find five job descriptions that interest you next week.

Hiring a career coach isn’t cheap, but having someone help you get where you want to go is worth it.

Found a job at your current company that interests you? Talk to your manager about accepting stretch assignments that give you a chance to get some work done.

Stretching is a virtually risk-free way to dip your toes in someone else’s water

How To Find Your Life Purpose And Career By Answering These 7 Questions

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